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Dude, google this post subject.  See what comes up.  I write all these posts to my 2s partner Brahda, he’s probably the only one who ever reads them.  I’ve done enough PvP as Frost DK decently geared that when I start trying it as 2H, which will probably be in like 5 minutes when I finish this post, I will be able to provide an objective opinion on both 2H and DW Frost DK PvP in World of WarCraft Mists of Pandaria.  Page ranking bro.  And who are we picking up for MJD?  My minor league team will have some priority in pickups.  Bernard Giowho?

Frost DK DW (dual-wield) PvP is fun but bottom line is my Frost DK, aptly named RastaKaye, you see, I have RastaJay the mage, and Rastakaye the DK, and RastaElle the monk.  It’s all about how you name your toons.  Some of you have awful gamer tags.  I need to start keeping a list because the content here bro is solid.  No ads.  Not yet.  And I’ve done so many random bgs in the past year, this site, in an extremely sarcastic manner, would I make people better at pvp.  I would be doing PvE servers a favor by posting check out and ********* … you fill in the blank.  Because posting this as many places as possible is your job.  That’s what being Vice President is about.  And I’ll update the website everyday with video.  Starting tomorrow, 18 Sep 13, at around 2pm server time, is Season 14 arenas/rated battlegrounds.  I’ll be shooting a lot of video titled Patch 5.4 PvP changes.

And dude, you’re amazing holy paladin.  I’ve done plenty of solo random bgs where I’m like fuck that holy paladin.  You sell yourself short when you say you can’t be good at ret.  Or Demo Lock.  Or Boomkin Druid.  You almost geared 3 toons with a full time job, you can handle being dps.  We’ll have a lot of comps over the next 6 months, you gotta remember we can decide to try all this in February, 200o rated in rbgs, 2s, and 3s and just make sure we conquest cap with the rbg points week 1 so in 4 weeks all our toons get the new weapons, ahead of the curve.  That’s what early season is about, being ahead of the curve when it comes to gear.  The 1600 curve.  I know we can make it with the right comp.  Stable of toons.  Don’t be fucking Tim Tebow and refuse a position change.  You can handle it, you’re good.

One of the comps will be with 2H Frost DK because DW isn’t viable in Patch 5.4 PvP.  It doesn’t hit hard enough.  I know 2H hits harder.  More info to follow.

Love ya man, you’re like a brother to me.




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