February 1, 2021 | Posted in: The Randomness of Publishing

Published for a friend

Marriage has no sanctity anymore

I have this friend. She’s a fairly phenomenal woman but has a weakness for her high school boyfriend, who is married, and over the past thirty or so years since he got married, this wonderful woman and her high school boyfriend have been having an affair, off and on, so to speak.

The liar and cheater lives the perfect life with four children and two grand children yet is always looking to take advantage of my friend’s soft spot for him.

She grew up watching her grandmother be the other woman in somebody’s marriage and her grandmother, for the most part, was happy. My friend too has found some happiness and joy over the years in the affair, most recently in 2013 when the high school boyfriend quit paying the mortgage and was going to leave his family for “a second chance at true love”.

In 2013, after some months of the affair, and getting caught by his wife, he decided “now was not a good time to break up his family” and my friend was absolutely devastated and heart broken. The cheater ended things with my friend via email in the winter of 2014.

COVID is no time for an affair

With a pandemic wreaking havoc upon the globe, this liar and cheater decided now would be a good time to take advantage of my friend again. Seriously? In a time when your family circle is suppose to be tighter than ever, this married dude is hitting up my friend because she is once again between relationships, and risking his entire family for an hour of fun “for old times sake”. Not to mention her family.

You see, this has been his M/O for years. He hits her up when she’s between relationships, taking further advantage of her vulnerability, then casts her aside like yesterday’s garbage when he’s had his fun. He simply shows up, knocks on her door, and my friend is swept away by the “old memories”.

HIs wife thinks 2013 was the only time. It’s been going on, off and on, for nearly thirty years. He had a job in the same town where she lived and, at times convenient for him, would knock on her window at 430am, have his fun for a reportedly “30 seconds at the most” and be on his merry way.

A promise was made to this fellow to let as many people know about his thirty year affair if he ever came sniffing around again as a married man. Now, if this cheater divorces his wife, and pursues “his one true love”, well, so be it. But, continuing to lead my friend on because the power of first love overwhelms her constantly is Wrong and so I am keeping a promise by asking a friend of mine to publish this little story of deceit on the World Wide Web.

Affairs are considered Newsworthy

Especially affairs by supposed “upstanding members of the community”. My friend has every right to publish this story. No names though. Except in the tags where hopefully google will do it’s job and let others know this little story of deceit.

But, for now, we will leave the tags and names aside and give this dude one more chance to do the right thing for everyone involved and leave my friend alone because if he continues to hit her up, especially during COVID, I will tweet this little story of deceit to his wife and children and his employer who would, in my opinion, not take this little story of Infidelity lightly.

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