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Part of being amazinglyleet is having enough gold to get the things you both need and want.  For example, I want this mount.

I have 3 max level characters and have 125,000 gold.  That’s not a lot, but it’s always enough for gems, potions, food, inscriptions, belt sockets, enchants, basically anything I cannot make myself and one of the sure paths to having a lot of gold are your profession choices.  What are the best Professions for making a lot of Gold in Mists of Pandaria?  Well, I believe to have a lot of gold in WoW, you need to have 3 max level characters giving you a total of 6 professions.  The Professions have a synergy when it comes to profiteering. Tailoring / Enchanting.  Blacksmith/Mining,  Alchemy/Herbalism.  There’s a lot of gold in the crafted iLvl 384 “starter gear” sets and if you can work these making and trying to sell 3 sets per week, you’re gonna make a lot of gold.  You’ll be crafting a helmet, shoulders, chest, bracers, gloves, belt, leggings, belts and boots.  Of course, you probably don’t have time to play 3 max level characters, maybe you only have time to play one and the thought of leveling another toon drives you mad.  Be a gatherer, mining and herbalism.  If you don’t want to be a gatherer, be a tailor/enchanter because you are not dependent on farmed materials.  This website is excellent to help you through the professions, I must complement the person who actually registered the domain name and started entering the first information.

You can pay for a gold farming guide, this girl named Hayden Hawke advertises herself and the richest player in WoW and you can buy her guide.  Curiosity, and I think she’s WoW hot, would be the only reason I would pay for it.  Because let me tell you, Auctioneer Fails.  I loved it when I had it for a few minutes, the way it figured the best price for things was awesome, but it caused some kind of error where gear I would craft would disappear from my inventory.   The materials would be gone and so would the gear, although it has been mysteriously returned to me, weeks later.  Auctioneer FAILs and I bet a lot of her guide is about how to farm the AH for profit.

Farm old materials like cloth, herbs, ore, and enchanting materials.  I sell a few stacks of Frostweave and Embersilk Cloth Bolts per week for a few thousand gold.  The Lich King and Cataclysm mobs die really fast.  Need to know where to go to farm the mats?  The website mentioned above already has that covered.

And finally, when it comes to making gold, nothing beats farming greens.  My favorite spot farming greens, and bunch of other useful things like Motes of Harmony, cooking ingredients, and coin, is just on the other side of the mountain from Shrine of Two Moons called Chen Farmstead.     I’m a tailor on this tune so I get extra cloth drops.  Unless you’re one of the gathering professions, you have to use your Profession Daily Cooldown everyday.  This takes materials.  8 bolts (2 stacks of Windwool Cloth) for tailoring, 10 Ghost Iron Ore for blacksmith, and 6 trillium for Alchemist.  I recently decided to have a 3rd max level character, you can’t write about stuff without the knowledge that comes from personal experience, causing a reshuffle of professions.  I chose Transmutation Master, it’s awesome when it procs (it makes 1 day = 2 days), it’s rather rare, maybe i get 1 proc per server week.  The trillium adds up.

So, why did I go the extra step with a 3rd max level character besides the fact I’m going to make a lot more gold because I have the perfect synergy of professions.  And, our season 14 2200 Rated Battleground Team, I pretty much need to the be the DK.  Although I don’t see how me and my buddies are gonna make 2200 rated without me playing Frost Mage.  And, I really want this mount.  And I want it more than the.   grand expedition mount and until I actually see the materials, I have to make sure I have 120,000 gold because that’s probably what it is going to cost.  Because Leetness is a way of life and honestly I don’t have anything better to do.  And, it’s Sunday.  And, surprise, surprise, I don’t have a girlfriend.  🙁





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