January 13, 2015 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

I “tried out” with 6 people from my server trying to put together a 20 man mythic team.  R.I.P needing 20 people from the same server for Mythic Progression.

I did 18k DPS on Heroic Brackenspore with this group.  It was considered “sub-par” and it is … 20k DPS is the minimum for heroic bosses.

I provided some “data” on this thread regarding the Heroic Brackenspore pull in question.

You can read the posts back from the #2 guild on my server and these clowns thinking they have what it takes for Mythic Progression.


1.  18k is what you would expect to see on Normal Brackenspore.  You sir, are correct.

2.  Yes, I had to use my frozen orb on the spore shooters because no one else was on them and I had to ice block because they spawned so far away I wasn’t under the healing green mushroom.  You’re saying, “spin my frozen orb into the boss and add … sure, I would get more DPS, but it’s not on the correct target.  18k on the correct targets > 25k tunneled on the boss.

3.  Comet Storm should never be used as a level 100 talent.   The DPS for this talent, on the run, every 30 seconds, > the dps increase every 90 seconds, having to stand still … this is mythic progression we are discussing … and I sacrifice DPS numbers for mobility.

4.  All my other points are irrelevant?  What about lust NOT being used at the correct time and every single one of my dps hammer abilities on cooldown.  That’s irrelevant?  What about the formation being incorrect and ranged having to take down the mind fungus?  What about the mind fungus not going down quickly enough and standing through 3-4 casts slowed?  That’s irrelevant?

5.  You completely ignore the data provided in the thread.  18k, on the correct target, standing in the correct place, > 25k tunneled on the boss … for this fight.

6.  iLvl 663 … I’m wearing 6 pieces of 660 conquest gear which does NOT scale the same way iLvl 655 PvE gear scales … I passed on all these drops for 6 weeks now because I had 660 gear.  SimDps.  Rofl.  Again I ask, is there a SimDamage Taken?  Because I finished dead last out of your crew of cross server flunkies in damage taken that fight.

Anyone who takes this game seriously enough for Mythic Progression recognizes the truth here … 18k DPS, on the right target, standing in the right place > 25k … which the data shows wasn’t put in the correct place.  Damage Meter whoring is the single point that will prevent Mythic Progression.

The DPS who know where to stand, know the target to attack, can put DPS on the boss while on the run = mythic progression in Warlords of Draenor.

My 22k on heroic bosses, standing in the right place, on the correct target = dead bosses.

Tunneling on the boss, not practicing formation and mechanics on EVERY encounter, regardless of difficulty = mythic frustration opposed to mythic progression.

There isn’t a single organization on Dalaran Horde side who will get Mythic Brackenspore.  Mythic Progression is Kargath, Twins, then Brackenspore.

Keep using your SimDps Meter to evaluate talent.  WoW Progress will inform me about how this goes.

and God Bless Open Raid … where there’s a dozen people putting together Mythic Progression teams, cross server.  I have the discipline to be one of the ranged DPS on these mythic progression teams.  Mobile Ranged DPS.  Sacrificing a little bit on the damage meter because mobility is more important.  I focus on the Damage Taken tab of Recount because mythic DPS is just as much about NOT taking damage as it is doing damage.

Lets recap … you didn’t lust at the right time, you’re flame thrower people were horrible, the mind fungus spawned outside of melee, only 2 of your ranged dps were on the spore shooters, and it was almost a wipe when you factor in all these factors.

The 18k DPS was start to finish on the fight.  on the correct targets.  from the correct position.

But hey, I’m the baddie because my iLvl is 663 and some simulation says that was 7k short.  RoFL.