Mythic Kilrogg – Visions Phase

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Make the videos.  Write some posts.  Write some posts with videos included.  For Mythic Kilrogg to die, the Vision Phases 1 and 2 have to be executed.  Now, what’s the goal inside Visions?  I kill the adds until I die and come out with the buff.

Screenshot (37)

Orange parsing.  World class?  it isn’t for me to judge … I haven’t been involved in the opportunity to progress on Mythic Kilrogg.  Yet.  I know the encounter.  I’m not going to make the mistakes on deadly throes and heartseeker and the group I join … you’ll already have your Visions Group set.  I know how to do them.

This video is of me killing Mythic Kilrogg and getting out of Deadly Throes … something I’ve been practicing since my first kill on Heroic in September 2015 when I did 35k as iLvl 700.  I started later than the groups who are on Gorefiend.  Mythic Gorefiend is a progression halter … 4 raid weeks, 100 pulls … maybe more … then the first 3 upper bosses die in the next 3 raid weeks and Gorefiend gets skipped.

It’s that group I’d like to join … We’ll start on Mythic Gorefiend where Frost Mage is going be plenty good enough to progress on the encounter.

Screenshot (37)

The logs tell a story.  95th percentile Frost Mage damage = 109k on Heroic Kilrogg.  98th percentile shadow priest damage 166k and I love the healers putting out orange and purple damage … the effort those healers put into to parsing orange on holy paladin DPS.  Now here’s your problem MM hunter 75th percentile class damage is 85k on heroic Kilrogg … both hunters played extremely well as indicated by their bracket percentage yet were crushed on their ego measure …. by a frost mage who’s suppose to be playing arcane for the encounter because 90th percentile arcane mage damage on the encounter is 260k.

Screenshot (38)

It’s mythic … I parsed green on the encounter … my first attempt getting “carried” by a 10/13 (m) guild who progressed to 12/13 (m) while I was on the bench.  Our relationship didn’t work out.  I had a lot of fun … got to see Mythic Kilrogg and Mythic Council for the first time and got the kill achieves.  And some gear.  I had 100% attendance rate for 5 weeks.

90th percentile arcane mage damage, 260k, 95th percentile frost mage damage, Heroic Kilrogg, 109k.  You can’t have that kind of imbalance between class specs.  IMHO, this kind of class spec imbalance has a name … flavor of the month (fotm).  Fire Mage, you were FOTM in BRF, and Arcane Mage you’re FOTM (for a long time … this will be WoW’s longest tier in history) for Hellfire Citadel.

I’m going to play frost mage.  On your BRF mythic team, the 60k I busted on Thogar playing frost mage would have been good enough to progress.  50k playing frost mage on mythic beastlord … would have been good enough to progress.  Blast Furnace … another story.  I have the secondary spec and if team progression is dependent on me playing my off spec … then fine.  I’ll come in there and play it well enough for us to progress.  Rasta had to come play 45th percentile arcane mage so we could progress?  You don’t want to be that group.

Screenshot (39)

There’s a 48th percentile arcane mage doing 57k on Heroic Kilrogg.  I played frost, played it 90th percentile, and beat the arcane mage by 40k.  It’s called evidence me playing arcane mage at 50th percentile … the time I’d have to take to learn the rotation … it’s not worth it at this point in the game.  In this point of progression … mythic Gorefiend …. where are you 5/13 (m) group raiding 9pmish to 1amish EST???

I’m going to be real quiet.  There’s people sleeping in the house.  I’m going to show up and I’m going to put some solid Ranged DPS on whatever encounter … Progression Ranged DPS.  Try to beat me on the damage taken meter.

Screenshot (40)

Damage Taken Mythic Reaver kill … 4 people dead … 15 Dec 2015.  58k dps.  I was alive, second week in a row, we progressed.

Screenshot (41)

Damage Taken Mythic Kormok – 3 dead – 72k.  I was alive.  We progressed.

Screenshot (42)

Damage Taken Mythic Kilrogg … 5 dead … Not me, I was alive and did 66k.  We progressed.  Who’s carrying who here Dub?

Thanks for the inspiration … I can make all these new posts and get rid of all the headlines about this community’s fucked up water system.

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Frost Mage Parses Continued

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Heroic Kormok Rankings

No orange there.  It will be more fun when more logs with people iLvl 727 are parsed because of the valor upgrade 10 iLvls.  The bracket percentages tell a story.  Like the badass 90th percentile elemental shaman who got out dps’d by a frost mage because 95th percentile frost mage damage … roughly, we’ll call it 87k … so you’re going to have to do at least 87k to beat me.  Dub, what happens when I’m another 10 iLvls higher because I was actually able to find a team … you were looking for talented ranged but not too talented … we don’t want anyone, especially the girls, to get their egos hurt …. and more iLvl 727s are parsed?

You discredited by BRF data because, according to you, it didn’t count because “no one was playing the spec”.  There were just as many frost mage parses on heroic beastlord as there are currently on Mythic Hellfire Assault.  Your argument is completely null and void.

Crushing Hand 1

But I don’t want to switch to the Crushing Hand that has you boss, I’d have to build up four new arcane charges on the add.

Crushing Hand 2

I didn’t see the crushing hand because I don’t have enemy nameplates turned on.  I can’t switch to the add with less health because I can’t tell.  I can’t switch the skull target because it’s hard for me to target him.  This is the reason add phases in encounters are crushers.  Wait until blizzard adds a mechanic where the add has to be crowd controlled and if you break the crowd control, it’s a wipe.

The fact it didn’t say “enemy nameplates in the ON position” as the first requirement of your group was strike 1.  Wiping on Mythic Assault was strike 4.   I should have gquit right then, saved us all the trouble …

Crushing Hand 3

Putting DPS in the right place at the right time … progression.  DPS Meter measures egos.  Warcraft Logs … useful data.  Data you can’t debate.  Or Discredit homie.  Such inspiration your question has given me … what makes you think you’re an orange parsing world class raider?

Screenshot (34)

Screenshot (35)

I don’t know boss … what’s the predominant color in the above photos?

Screenshot (36)

Frost DK – 83rd percentile, 65k.  Whatever kind of warlock that is … 82nd percentile 61k.  80th percentile Frost mage on Heroic Council?  78k …. 9th percentile in the bracket because the parses have so many legit 727s opposed to 717s taking advantage of the new valor system.  Give it time.  You’re going to have bust 80k to beat me on heroic council and how many people, friends, get carried through heroics when someone’s putting up 80k?  It almost counts for 2 dps.  Even if someone did 10k on heroic, it would average enough across the group and we  move on and everyone gets the gear and everyone has fun.  While I log parses.  And see ….

And Weak Auras 2?  Lets watch some YouTube video together of me killing bosses … where I can actually see the fight … and I’ll show you where Everything Weak Auras 2 does is already on my screen.  Weak Auras 2 would make me better?  I like it.

Thing is … I don’t know how to use it.  And I like my interface where it’s at … just a little more notice when enchant procs, help managing Incanter’s Flow … I play frost mage, I’ve dedicated World Wide Web Resources to the class.  And yes, I play it well … the data is arrogant.  And my capability to memorize a memorizeable Artificial Intelligence and play frost mage within the confines … problem is I need 19 others who I can play at a high level.

When I came back to WoW, brand new account in February 2011 … I went to Dalaran because I had a couple RL friends there and I got onto a raiding team.  25 man Dragon Soul … killed all 8 of those bosses.  When MoP came out, 10 man in Mogushan Vaults we got the achieve … Dude Throne of Thunder came out and we wiped 105 times on Horridon.  Over weeks.  Plus, the group was running 2 10 mans which got combined into a single 10 man and the combination of people left out and dying 105 times to the second boss …

A group of us joined Ouroboros-Dalaran.  We finished ToT 25 man – normal.  Never got into Heroic because SooG came out.  25 man finished it on normal and we got the first boss on heroic, Immerseus.  I had to quit … I couldn’t handle what I knew was coming for Ourboros-Dalaran on SooG Heroic – you know how long it was out and for 9 months that group banged it out in heroic SooG finishing 10/13 (h).  I got back in with them at the beginning of WoD.  The first night of Highmaul, there were 45 people for 30 slots … they had to keep a separate piece of paper to make sure everyone got DKP.  Dalaran had two other 20 man teams when BRF started.  Their whole server, which is small to begin with, had 3 horde teams trying to progress through end game content.  I server transferred to Thrall .. a huge horde PvE server with 50 such teams … got a team near the end of BRF who quit after 52 attempts on Mythic BeastLord.

We spanked every Heroic fight in there …. here was that group’s issue … they didn’t practice the mythic formation.  I want to be killing Heroic Gruul in the mythic formation … to practice.  You know how good I was on Thogar??? … yeah it’s hard to see on my screen when the door opens and NOT to be standing on the track … and it was hard to memorize the pattern at heroic difficulty … I never got to see the fight.  My group quit after 50 attempts on the first boss and broke up … no HFC.

I took a break man.  Putting up all them orange numbers on those heroic bosses?  Giving up and playing fire mage on mythic beastlord because they made me?  Fire Mage RastaJay got pinned all the time and without Weak Auras 2 telling me when to combust … the spec wasn’t my flow man but I played it and parsed purple on heroic beastlord.

They had to make Frost better in HFC because of the parse disparity between fire spec and frost spec.  You can’t have 99th percentile frost mage damage equal to 40th percentile fire mage damage … its called imbalance.  Fire Mage was fotm.  Yet it the spec puts up top numbers in the world for all the class specs on Iskar and Xhul.  The nerf to Inferno Blast … ouch.

Now you have the same imbalance with arcane single target damage.  Do you think RastaJay scorch weaved in Mogushan Vaults?  I play Frost Mage bro.  And I’ve gotten a lot better since MoP came out … changed the way I move … changed the way I target … using the keyboard to move … sad you have to tell someone you need to be doing it … and unbind you s key … there’s no moving backwards in Azeroth.  It’s illegal.

I’m going to play Frost Mage and I’m going to play it a level that’s plenty good enough for mythic progression.  Just gotta find a team.

5/13 M putting in that work on Gorefiend.



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Frost Mage Parses

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Screenshot (15)

Screenshot (16)

Screenshot (17)

Screenshot (18)

You know how many times I had to switch to the dogs in melee because melee didn’t single target them?  Remember when the dogs would switch?  How many times you wipe on mythic Flamebender because the dogs didn’t die at the same time??

Screenshot (19)

Progression to orange parses.  First I have to learn the encounter.  then I have to get the gear …

Screenshot (20)

Then I have to practice.  first 2 kills on Iron Reaver, I was dead.  We progressed.  Then on my third kill I lived and we progressed because guess who practiced and became really good at dodging barrage?  Attacking the right bomb?  Putting artillery where it needs to go during Air Phase?

Just like everybody else … I’m not immune to mistakes.  I have to learn the encounter.  I need the 25 pulls in a single night.  The 100 pulls to kill mythic gorefiend.  the 125 pulls to kill mythic mannoroth.  The 200 pulls on Mythic Archimonde.

At some point … I’m going to have memorized the encounter and if I make the mistake .. it’s what a battlerez is for.  We don’t save them just in case … we use them because someone made a mistake early, a mistake they know they can’t make, and it simply puts the pressure on others not to make mistakes down because the battlerez is gone because Rasta died on first barrage.

Screenshot (21)

Look how terrible I am on mythic hellfire assault.  Green parses.  I have many of them.  Many gray parses as well.

Progression.  You think the mechanics of Hellfire Assault promotes an orange parse?  Nobody is playing frost mage on mythic assault, there’s only 11,991 parses.

Screenshot (22)

I’m so terribad look at the gray and green parsing.  I completely skipped blue parsing on this encounter.  Since nobody=11,000 … 22,000 … double nobodies.  What color is after purple in these logs?

Screenshot (23)

So many gray parses.  What’s the minimum dps for a heroic kill on Tyrant?  one two and move … one two and move …. stack except when you get debuff … move away, to other side, get knocked into the wall not into the middle of the room don’t stand in the corrupted ground.  Wait, and I have to push 5 buttons????

Screenshot (24)

So many gray parses.  Gray median percentile.  Even at a 33rd percentile, I did over 45k which is the number in heroics.

Progression.  What color comes after blue?  Or am I simply going to skip that color on Mannoroth?

It’s only heroic.  anyone can parse orange on heroic.

Screenshot (25)

That’s a hardly a carry the first and only time I’ve seen the encounter on mythic difficulty.

Screenshot (25)

It’s hardly a carry when it’s the first time I’ve seen the fight on mythic difficulty and there were 5 people dead on the kill.

It certainly becomes problematic not playing arcane mage on this encounter.  I’ll sit.  What’s the minimum dps per person to kill Mythic Kilrogg?  You need me to play arcane to carry you?  Are you going to make the arcane mages play fire on Xhul and Shadow Lord?  You going to make the DKs play unholy?

The second me playing frost mage isn’t good enough to progress, I’ll sit.  I’ll have the appropriate secondary spec and if we progressed only because I played arcane mage, then I’m finding a different team.

Meh attitude?  The 50 temporal crystals, 50 sorcerous fire, 50 sorcerous water, and 50 sorcerous air plus 23,500 goldz I placed in your guild chest is hardly a meh attitude.  The meh attitude comes in when the green parsing arcane mage gets beat in damage by the blue parsing frost mage who’s 10 iLvls lower and the same frost mage beating hunters and rogues.  90th percentile frost mage damage has a way of making people jealous.

You know how many fire mages I destroyed on the DPS meter on heroic thogar?  You think on mythic thogar it would have been any different?  Dodging the trains like a pro plus spell stealing the cauterize before it even ticked once when the interrupt was missed on the cast.  It’s called picking up the slack that allows players more challenged by the jump to mythic to make mistakes.

Screenshot (26)

meh, 87k on heroic gorefiend.  The adds get pwnd inside his stomach, I blink to the person rooted, I put doom far away And overlap it, how pro, I catch an interrupt on the big add, stack during feast, get out of the swirly purple circles forming a ring on the ground, and I make sure the adds are dead before the feast stack … the new mechanic and changes in mythic … well, after we down Kilrogg, let’s see the encounter … let’s see the encounter for 4 raid weeks because that’s about the average for a kill on Mythic Gorefiend, (100 pulls), not to mention a boss you can skip and head onto Upper Floor Progression after the first victory.

Boss, your group has what it takes to finish the tier in Top 1,000 world time.  You’re amazinglyleet … pro … all of you because you stuck it out mostly together.  Those tough nights on Gorefiend, your WoW Progress tells a story I wasn’t part of .. I didn’t participate, I came in at the end when you’re at the final push to actually finish the tier.  On Mythic.  Bro so many of the guilds can’t kill Archmonde on Normal.

I don’t know what your group went through to get where you’re at … the learning phase of Mythic Archimonde.  People are tired, it’s the holidays … World 126th took 229 pulls on Mythic Archimonde, server first on Thrall.  Your group, Amicitia, you’re going to smoke that number, under 150 pulls?

Dub, you should be online writing about what it takes, the time … of everyone involved … the commitment to be at 12/13 (M), World 844.  The changes players have to make to be at that level … Weak Auras 2 is the difference between me parsing first in all the world … and where I parse now.  Plus when I get the trinket off Iskar and I run frost bomb on Iskar, Xhul, Hellfire Assault .. maybe Council and make Icy Veins rewrite their PvE page regarding Frost Mage Talents.

And come on boss, you can’t give me a strike if I didn’t know.  If I did something after I was told then it would be a strike.  And you didn’t have to act all in charge … we know you’re the boss … and the wipe on Mythic Assault was Needed.  Humbling … the way mythic humbles 17 man heroic spank squads who don’t spend any of their time in Heroic Farm Week practicing the mythic formation … the way you did … so pro dude … you know the disasters I see in Group Finder on Heroic Iskar & Soc …. it’s how I was able to live on Council and do encounter appropriate DPS … you taught me the formation and I’ve always been good at Reap, getting it to a good spot, it’s the first thing I had to learn to do well when I learned the encounter at Heroic Difficulty.

Kilrogg, it’s a different formation …. same principles … and come on, you know it was sexy when I caught that interrupt on the Hulking Berserker.  It’s been a long time since Deadly Throes were an issue or I’ve put HeartSeeker in a bad place …. Sure,  I could be arcane mage and do 250k damage … or I can play frost mage, do 70k, catch an interrupt on the big add, put heartseeker in the right place, slow and kill the fixated adds then other adds … do some dps on the run during Deadly Throes and we progress.

We should have talked before I server transferred … I didn’t feel entitled.  I was there to earn a spot, give a tired player a break and help finish the tier spending the rest of the time on my main helping people on their alts.  Running parses.  And oh yeah, making YouTube Videos.  It doesn’t matter, nobody watches …. I don’t get any hits.

Congratulations on finishing the tier.  You picked up some good people from open raid … you’ll have a lot of fun farming those mythic bosses the next 10 months.  Practicing.

LoL … nobody ever reads this far down anything I write so now it’s pretty much like talking to myself.  I an eternal sort of way.   This thing called the internet, it’s probably here to stay.  If it’s on the internet it’s true.  Bro, I have 2 such of these sites.  The YouTube channel.

Nice try discrediting my data to support my claim as a world class orange parsing raider.  People no likey when data does the story telling.  Jealous arguments, crushed by reality.  The reality of data. 

Screenshot (27)

Meh, 78k.  95th percentile.  61st percentile in bracket.  Far from my best of 757 or so ….

Screenshot (28)

Meh, purple parse … 72k.  Can we go in and 1 phase heroic reaver for Parse purposes?  Funzzzz

Oh, most of the people running parses are trying …. whatever excuses you can try to come up with to discredit data.  Anyone can parse purple on heroic.  On Reaver, one phasing Reaver results in an orange parse.

Screenshot (29)

Took that parse while I was on Stormreaver doing what I thought we were suppose to be doing .. server transferring, joining the Guild, then being available during raid times, whether needed or not.  5 weeks I was with you.  Why did it become so problematic in the past 5 days?

Because last week I parsed blue on Reaver and was one of the 13 who lived and progressed.  This week, same on Kilrogg … although my parse was green.  One of the 14 who lived and we progressed.  Whats so hurtful to people’s feelings about getting out dps’d by a frost mage?

Damage Taken tab kills bosses.  DPS Tab measures ego.

Venruki doesn’t have a single AoTC and blizzard gives him the gear for their tournaments he doesn’t win anymore.

Did you extend me the same courtesy as expected?  You read Everything I had to write?  All 1600 easily flowing words about playing World of Warcraft Frost Mage.

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Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming

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Want to make gold in Warlords of Draenor?


Player crafted gear … the iLvl is 685 and on my server, heavily populated Thrall, the gear sells for 11k to 13k gold.  People are purchasing iLvl when they ding 100 for their alts, craft your gear in sets of 3, the maximum allowable player crafted gear a toon can equip.

Patch 6.2 allows player craftable gear up to iLvl 715, however, I’m not farming Fel Blight.  I’m going to operate five level 3 barns for the Savage Blood, 1o professions for sorcerous earth (purchase the rest, it doesn’t eat into profit too bad, I’m paying 300g for a stack of 20).

Blacksmith – craft iLvl 675 weapons.  Craft one handers two at a time … crafted daggers on thrall are selling for 25k – 28k for the pair … people are inpatient and there’s a lot of people with a lot of gold in this game.

You don’t want to be crafting items that are trash drops in the current raid tier, for example, belts and boots.  Attempt to craft pieces available on later bosses, for example, plate pants because for plate wearers, the last boss of Highmaul drops the loot you want.

Inscrpition – the crafted staff sells for 13k – 14k on Thrall.

Reroll properties with your extra materials … no one likes versatility.  Research the class, hunters for mail armor (shaman’s as well), and learn the stat priority and try to make the gear you’re trying to sell match.

Keep your Level 3 barns as full as possible.  Farm those savage bloods.

And do your follower missions.


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Iron Reaver Air Phase

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Barrage always targets a healer meaning your Formation can control the direction of barrage.  Adjust accordingly.  You can learn and share things on this wonderful thing known as the internet.  Mythic Cross Realm is teaching 17-19 person heroic spank teams the difficulty of mythic progression.  They’re able to find the 1-2 PuGs through group finder.  Oh so many of you going to learn how far you have to elevate your personal game to down mythic bosses.

YouTube makes writing easier.  The video is worth so many words.  I desire Mythic Progression, all the way to Archimonde, this tier.  It’s so difficult.  Requires so much excellence.  Ranged DPS.  I’m filling a role.  Visions, Flamethrower, Orbs, Maiden Boat Phase … I’m mobile ranged dps, every bit as good as your beloved hunters and useful for mythic progression.  I want to progress with you, I have to learn the encounters through dying.  My past group downed Mythic Assault within 30 pulls …. Mythic Reaver, we took the expected 50 pulls to win the encounter.  I left that group because mythic cross realm is here and I have the necessary skill set playing Frost Mage in Mythic Hellfire Citadel for the group to progress.  Mythic Kormok showed the weeknesses of a team I joined 8 weeks ago when I personally started this tier.  Mythic Cross Realm is finally here.  There are some talented people, melee dps, healers, tanks, ranged dps, using the Group Finder tab because there aren’t enough teams of 20 to join on their server or the few teams they have with Heroic Progression are full.  We’re looking to be absorbed into mythic progression teams and we don’t have to be on the same server.  Warlords of Draenor has been a true game changer

Mythic Reaver is difficult, you can’t get by barrage, it’s a death.  And the bombs have a priority.  Enemy nameplates in the ON position for mythic progression.  Watch the video. watch the video I have for mythic assault … add priority in mythic progression is all the more important.

Below is a screenshot for the wonderful website Warcraft Logs that collects boss encounter Data.  Love you.  NPC Damage Done for Heroic Iron Reaver during Air Phase … bomb damage … that’s me RastaJay fourth on the list in total damage done.  It’s a measure beyond total DPS.  I’m here to down bosses, not win a DPS contest … you win arcane mage, you’re better than me because 91st percentile arcane damage is virtually triple 91st percentile frost mage on Heroic Kilrogg.  Come on blizzard … spec inbalance.  I saw an arcane mage with glyphs other than mastery.  Come on.  Arcane Mages glyphing Multistrike and Haste?

I digress.  Reaver Air Phase is about positioning, each group takes a quadrant of the room and handles the bombs in their assigned area on mythic difficulty.  You get away with a lot on Heroic and the mythic fights requiring a formation change, splitting the raid combined with Add Priority … you need the 25 wipes to learn the changes on mythic versus heroic regarding Mythic Hellfire Assault.  You can’t get hit by barrage, ever.  You have to be alive going into the Air Phase.  Battle rez is there, people make mistakes, I haven’t been alive during my two mythic reaver kills … I lived long enough and we progressed both weeks.

Screenshot (9)

You should understand the mechanics of Artillery … it takes a long time for it to actually explode even if you get caught in the brown slow you down swirls.  30 yard range …. don’t panic, just make sure there isn’t a lot of people around you and be in the assigned area for the mechanic.

I learned Barrage always targets a healer.  So position your healers accordingly in your Mythic Reaver Formation and you can control the direction of barrage.  Stunning information on the encounter.

Ranged DPS trying out with a 9/13 (m) group through the benefits of Open Raid.  Thank you for those great boss kills on the lower level and look forward to being part of the group for the Upper Bosses tonight at 9pm EST.

I can commit and I wantz the gearz.  Multstrike yummy.  6 BIS pieces iLvl 717 … purple parsing frost mage all over HFC.



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Mythic Hellfire Assault

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Mythic Hellfire Assault, the first boss of Warlord of Draenor’s latest, and last raid of this expansion, is a clinic in the most basic aspect of playing World of Warcraft … turn on enemy nameplates.  I started this website to teach amateurs to play the game with enemy nameplates in the ON position.

Mythic Hellfire Assault is an add priority fight … Hulking Beserker > Warlock, except when Metamorphasis occurs, then the warlock is the priority.  Siege engines need to be downed quickly.

The challenge in Mythic, opposed to Heroic/Normal is a formation change.  Half the raid to the right, half the raid to the left, maintaining add priority.  A transport and crusher will appear after the first raid split, you’ll use Time Warp, and make sure you down the crusher (huge damage on the cannons) and transport (spawns lots of adds).  The mini bosses then appear, watch your feet for the fire … you’ll down the mini bosses, down the adds in the right priority, then split again … rinse and repeat.

We downed this mythic boss in less than 25 pulls.  Maintain your add priority and mythic bosses die a lot faster and easier with enemy nameplates in the ON position.

That is all.

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The PuG Life

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Budapest. An AmazinglyLeet city. Gothic.

Budapest. An AmazinglyLeet city. Gothic.

One must actually write if one desires to be a writer.

Data and photographs.  The internet is a wonderful place to bring them together.  I got my first set of data from Heroic HFC today.  Frost mage parses, iLvl 700.  In my pvp gear (I have iLvl 700 and iLvl 685 trinkets from Heroic Blackrock Foundry).  The past is the past, I’m not trying to be a WoW historian.  It’s all about today.  And the future.

I’m going to be writing about some AmazinglyLeet things in the near future.  I could write a lot about my AmazinglyLeet EuroTrip 3 years ago.  89 days, because on a United States of America passport, you’re good for 90 days every 180 in the Eurozone on a tourist visa.

The data wasn’t pretty.  43k on Heroic Hellfire Assault.  26k on Iron Reaver where our PuG group wiped twice before the kill.  36k on Kormok, a two shot.  I have now killed these 3 bosses in HFC (H) a total of two times.  15th percentile on Kormok.  26th percentile on Hellfire Assault, a green parse, and 15th percentile on Iron Reaver.  These are my DPS numbers.

RastaJay Logs for This Post.

You can go read the data.  My first data set for HFC because for 13 weeks, I’ve been laying low concentrating on getting 1700 conquest points per week.   I’m behind on fight knowledge and gear.  Documenting my progression through HFC.  Goals.

Cross Realm game play.  Another game changer in Warlords of Draenor.  The capability to cross server up to 30 man heroic content.  iLvl 705 gear.  I transferred to Thrall for mythic content.  It’s so difficult.  Do I have what it takes for mythic progression?  I have to find a team on Thrall and it won’t be difficult.  It’s a large horde PvE server in population.  There’s 20 teams with mythic kills already.  Another 2-3 dozen guilds with 12 or 13 (of 13 bosses) on heroic.

I don’t want to be carried.  I want to earn my spot.  Get carried on the 13/13 Heroic spank runs in a single raid night because I’m behind on gear and my personal progression is 4/13 (H).  No normal kills.  The PvP gear got me to the iLvl requirements for heroic and I learn quickly.  I one shotted Heroic Council.  My first time seeing the fight … and we killed the boss with 11/15 alive.  I didn’t run logs last night.  I was there to see as many fights as possible and hopefully get some gear.  2 pieces of iLvl 705 gear and my first Tomes for the legendary quest line for a ring this expansion.  Last expansion it was a cloak.  Oh my how the legendary quest line has changed in 11 years.  Molten Core.  Black Temple.  Access to outstanding gear for the “casual player”.  38 days played at this level as Frost Mage.  I played a little fire in BrF because the guild leader made me … 50th percentile DPS as fire mage equaling roughly 50k in the BrF AoE boss fights compared to 99th percentile frost mage equaling roughly 35k.  Imbalance.  It was too tilted in the different mage specs.

QQ more PvP community.  Frost Mage isn’t getting touched in 6.2.  The buff to ice lance, frost bolt, and frostfire bolt were badly needed …  for balance … Balance between PvE specs for each class.  I’ve seen a lot of Frost Mages on the first 4 bosses of Heroic HFC.  Ice Nova hurts.  I thought if there was a nerf coming in 6.2, it would be to Ice Nova.  a 3 second cooldown each time it’s used.  The back to back Ice Nova’s with Deep Freeze then Pet Freeze … it hurts.  100k with 33k multistrike, back to back because of critical strike RNG?  Your tears are so salty.


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Frost Mage in Warlords of Draenor 6.2

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We’re 5 weeks in Warlords of Draenor PvP Season 2.  Weapon week for the “average” PvPer … we weren’t in the tournament so blizzard didn’t give us our gear.  We had to earn it.  Proper conquest management should have the average PvPer with the Season 2 Wild Gladiator weapon and 2000 saved conquest because you aren’t greedy and did not purchase a second piece this week and will have enough for a 2250 piece next week.  You haven’t earned a single point of extra conquest in rated bgs or Arena 3s …. you’ve made sure you’ve done what you’ve had to do each week to make 1700 conquest including the 200 bonus from Ashran.  Maybe you got some good RNG on the Ashran box with a piece of gear.  You’ve given up 4 piece bonus for now for the extra iLvl and Versatility.  You didn’t sell out the horde because Alliance racials are so OP’d.  You’re an average PvPer.

Frost Mage in Season 2 is excellent.  PvP iLvl 721 … poor box RNG and I haven’t capped 3 rated bg wins for the gear box, the quest was bugged the first week of the season and my 4 rated bg wins didn’t count.  I have little patience for rated bgs.  Too structured.  All the dps on the same target and you’re a 1500 rated team.  Throw in some crowd control and you’re 1750.  Throw in coordinated and timely CC you’re 2k plus.

How is skill judged?  Data?

Heroic Beastlord Frost Mage Rankings.  4th of 15,792 parses.

Heroic Operator Thogar Frost Mage Rankings.  11th of 10,700 parses.  So few because fire mage was BRF fotm and RastaJay never plays flavor of the month.  RastaJay plays Frost Mage.  At a high level.  In PvE.  1750 in 2s 1550 in 3s 1750 in rated bgs (past seasons).

Evidence of Frost Mage talent in Warlords of Draenor.  PvE.

The class is benefiting from the much needed boost in 6.2, more mastery, frostbolt and frostfire bolt hitting harder.  Ice Lance hitting harder.  And Ice Nova, qq more, because Blizzard had to do something to balance the class … mage … because 99th percentile Frost Mage Damage in Heroic Blackrock Furnace was 35k.  50th percentile DPS for fire mage on the AoE fights was 55k.  50th percentile Arcane Mage, single target, was 45k.  You know how much grief I took for playing Frost Mage in Heroic BRF?   36k on Heroic Blackhand.  It was a solid number.  I pugged heroic 9/10, server transferred to Thrall because it’s a high population horde server, found a 10/10 heroic spank squad and wiped on Mythic Beastlord for 4 weeks.  Mythic is difficult.  I never got a true shot at mythic progression where the mobility of the Frost Mage was coveted.  Mobile DPS.  Ranged.  It’s a role.  and 19 others have to be doing things well for mythic progression.

The same hold true for PvP Progression.  In 3s, where you can earn some legitimacy in the PvP community requires three people working together.  Both DPS on the same target is 1550.  Throw in some CC basics, 1750.  Coordinated CC and DPS timing on cooldowns on the same target equals 2k plus.  Team composition is important.  I want to 3s with a shadow priest and a resto druid.  I want to 3s with a disc priest and properly spec’d rogue.

At the end of Warlords of Draenor Season 2, I’ll have a 3s rating.

And maybe some mythic gear.  This PvP season is short.  This tier for the PvE community is going to be very long.

Tier 18, Hellfire Citadel, I passed.  Concentrated on Season 2 to gather more evidence on being the most complete Frost Mage in the world.  Venruki is the best Frost Mage in the world.  At PvP.  A solid resume.  However, he’s lacking PvE data.  My PvE data is solid.  Do Venruki’s PvP achievements when stacked against the PvE Achievements of this writer create some balance?

2k 3s data is the goal.

Frost Mage PvP skill evidence.  Sure, its random bgs.  Where I practice advanced tactics.  Polymorph.  Ring of Frost.  SpellSteal.  CounterSpell.  Crowd Control is the Frost Mage’s primary concern in 3s and rated BGs, not DPS.  Total Damage Done.  An Ice Nova Rated BG Frost Mage is going to use the massive burst PvP damage at the right time and the target is going to be dead … you can’t tick damage on something that isn’t in the game anymore because they are rezzing at the graveyard.  Plus, I’m busy sheeping one of the healers and counterspelling another.  I’m putting down ring of frost where their melee DPS is concentrating on one of our healers.  I come in on the kill target at the right time with deep freeze, ice nova, pet freezing trap, ice nova, ice lance, brain freeze … its hurts and it hurts very quickly.

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Iron Maidens DPS Meter

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As a Frost Mage, I’m challenged by the deftness of fire specialization in the AoE Fights in Blackrock Foundry at the Heroic Difficulty.  It’s almost required one be a fire spec mage for Beastlord Darmac, Blast Furnace, Iron Maidens, and Kromog.  People pay so much attention to a single Tab of either recount or skada … DPS … they forget what mythic progression is really about.  Instance appropriate DPS the entire fight … from the start of the fight to the end of the fight.

Below is the link to a PuG Heroic Maidens kill.

1 person died to bombs.  The fail mechanic on Iron Maidens … meaning you’re going to get kicked out of your PuG if you continuously fail to this mechanic … and and an amazinglyleet number of people died to turrets … five!!!

Now, if you’re skilled in life you can use the new window on your computer and sort through the data … and find Damage Done.

Along with 2 numbers for DPS.  These numbers are what they are … Damage Done …. it’s the number that matters.  Active Time.  And enough DPS being alive …. 9 people did 30k (plus) DPS, the number I believe needed for Heroic BRF Progression.

I played fire on this fight because I had to learn it again.  Bottom line is, this is RastaJay, Frost Mage, its what I play.  And at iLvl 687, frost bomb may be enough to get me by in the AOE fights because there’s no question when I earn Blackhand AOTC, I will be downing him in frost spec.

I play frost mage at a high level.  Mobile Ranged DPS.  Flamethrowers on Brackenspore.  Orbs on Ko’Ragh.  Captain of the Boat Team on Maidens, although I do bombs really well and boat teams are already established for the organizations I’m looking to join.

I server transferred.  US-Dalaran, you don’t have a single organization 1/10 (M) in Blackrock Furnace, horde side, on the entire server … and there are a total of 2 organizations with enough people to even attempt Mythic Content in WoD.   There wasn’t enough opportunity and I wasn’t going to join the other 20 man Mythic Fails squad on the server because mythic progression on US-Dalaran, horde side, doesn’t exist.  And don’t blame server population … there’s a lot more horde evenly split with alliance on the server than you think … blame the fact it’s populated by new players to the game because dalaran pops up first when they create a new account.  Watching another influx on new players trying to put together 10 to 15 man normal progression raid teams made me realize the only answer to attempting mythic progression was a server transfer.

I chose US-Thrall.  A lot of opportunity.  I have an opportunity tonight.  And when you google RastaJay + WoW … maybe to check my armory, I’ve created some things that google gives an opportunity to read.

The kind of ranged dps who switches to the Cinder Wolf with less health after the switch from melee on Flamebender.  I’ll iceblock molten torrent if I can.  Sometimes twice.  I don’t stand in the lava slash and try to be standing in a good place as ranged if selected for this mechanic.  Sadly, amp magic is taken away … too op’d at the pvp level …

The kind of ranged DPS who stopped getting hit by stampers on Hans + Franz after a couple pulls.  Stopped getting hit by trains after a few pulls.  Stopped dying to the bomb phase on Maidens (because fire mage is horrific for boat duty) … mobile, ranged dps … after a few pulls.  I don’t get pinned on Beastlord …  I dodge the rings on Kromog (and put some heavy AOE dps on the hands) …. and I’m DPSing the right add at the right time on Blast Furnace.

The kind of ranged DPS who interrupts and stuns the Furnace Engineer (3rd Bellow Operator at phase anyone??) … spellsteals the man at arms, counterspell the fire mender on a focus target macro … i’ll sheep a trash add like a motherfucker and ring of the frost the rest of ’em …. these are some intangibles of what I bring to a 20 man mythic progression team.

The logs I’ve created this past week aren’t overwhelming.  16th percentile.  25th percentile.

Finally, a look at the Damage Taken for Heroic Maidens kill.  Not a single point of damage from bomb dodging portions of the fight.

Oh yeah, I did 37k DPS on the fight.  The entire fight.  From start to finish … so while 7 of you died … the 20 of us progressed and you have the opportunity to be better next week.

Here’s hoping US-Thrall leads me down the road of Mythic Content.  And here’s to hoping tonight’s raid is being logged by someone because my system really can’t handle it.  The data is what it is … and I have a theory … the more one pays attention to the DPS Tab in Recount/Skada, the fewer mythic bosses they kill.







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The Drama of Dalaran

January 13, 2015 | Posted in World of WarCraft | By

I “tried out” with 6 people from my server trying to put together a 20 man mythic team.  R.I.P needing 20 people from the same server for Mythic Progression.

I did 18k DPS on Heroic Brackenspore with this group.  It was considered “sub-par” and it is … 20k DPS is the minimum for heroic bosses.

I provided some “data” on this thread regarding the Heroic Brackenspore pull in question.

You can read the posts back from the #2 guild on my server and these clowns thinking they have what it takes for Mythic Progression.

1.  18k is what you would expect to see on Normal Brackenspore.  You sir, are correct.

2.  Yes, I had to use my frozen orb on the spore shooters because no one else was on them and I had to ice block because they spawned so far away I wasn’t under the healing green mushroom.  You’re saying, “spin my frozen orb into the boss and add … sure, I would get more DPS, but it’s not on the correct target.  18k on the correct targets > 25k tunneled on the boss.

3.  Comet Storm should never be used as a level 100 talent.   The DPS for this talent, on the run, every 30 seconds, > the dps increase every 90 seconds, having to stand still … this is mythic progression we are discussing … and I sacrifice DPS numbers for mobility.

4.  All my other points are irrelevant?  What about lust NOT being used at the correct time and every single one of my dps hammer abilities on cooldown.  That’s irrelevant?  What about the formation being incorrect and ranged having to take down the mind fungus?  What about the mind fungus not going down quickly enough and standing through 3-4 casts slowed?  That’s irrelevant?

5.  You completely ignore the data provided in the thread.  18k, on the correct target, standing in the correct place, > 25k tunneled on the boss … for this fight.

6.  iLvl 663 … I’m wearing 6 pieces of 660 conquest gear which does NOT scale the same way iLvl 655 PvE gear scales … I passed on all these drops for 6 weeks now because I had 660 gear.  SimDps.  Rofl.  Again I ask, is there a SimDamage Taken?  Because I finished dead last out of your crew of cross server flunkies in damage taken that fight.

Anyone who takes this game seriously enough for Mythic Progression recognizes the truth here … 18k DPS, on the right target, standing in the right place > 25k … which the data shows wasn’t put in the correct place.  Damage Meter whoring is the single point that will prevent Mythic Progression.

The DPS who know where to stand, know the target to attack, can put DPS on the boss while on the run = mythic progression in Warlords of Draenor.

My 22k on heroic bosses, standing in the right place, on the correct target = dead bosses.

Tunneling on the boss, not practicing formation and mechanics on EVERY encounter, regardless of difficulty = mythic frustration opposed to mythic progression.

There isn’t a single organization on Dalaran Horde side who will get Mythic Brackenspore.  Mythic Progression is Kargath, Twins, then Brackenspore.

Keep using your SimDps Meter to evaluate talent.  WoW Progress will inform me about how this goes.

and God Bless Open Raid … where there’s a dozen people putting together Mythic Progression teams, cross server.  I have the discipline to be one of the ranged DPS on these mythic progression teams.  Mobile Ranged DPS.  Sacrificing a little bit on the damage meter because mobility is more important.  I focus on the Damage Taken tab of Recount because mythic DPS is just as much about NOT taking damage as it is doing damage.

Lets recap … you didn’t lust at the right time, you’re flame thrower people were horrible, the mind fungus spawned outside of melee, only 2 of your ranged dps were on the spore shooters, and it was almost a wipe when you factor in all these factors.

The 18k DPS was start to finish on the fight.  on the correct targets.  from the correct position.

But hey, I’m the baddie because my iLvl is 663 and some simulation says that was 7k short.  RoFL.



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