Elden Ring Best Class – Mage

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This post shares 180+ hours of experience playing pure mage in Elden Ring. The Astrologer starting class is the clear choice for those wishing to play pure mage and at level 225, Faith remains seven and Arcane remains nine, the starting values for Astrologer, because a mage neither casts healing spells or concerns themselves with bleed damage. Journey 2 experiences are being shared.

Elden Ring Best Spell – Comet

What is the best spell in Elden Ring? For the Astrologer Mage, with 80 intellect and 60 mind, and Azur’s Glintstone Armor, the clear choice is Comet. Players can obtain the Comet Spell in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. The zone’s legacy dungeon will always be significant in the game because the boss encounter with Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is often the second Great Rune obtained by players to unlock Leyndell, Royal Capital and progress in the game. Players are tasked with obtaining Godrick the Grafted’s Great Rune and here’s astrologer mage defeating Margit and Godrick in Stormveil Castle in Journey 2. The melt with Comet is real.

Elden Ring Best Weapon

The best weapon for the astrologer mage is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff. Hours of gaming time were spent comparing Lusat’s Staff with Azur’s Glintstone Staff with Lusat’s Staff emerging as better. However, Azur’s Staff will continue to scale beyond intelligence third soft cap of 80. A choice was made to leave Intelligence at 80 to increase other stats like Endurance and Dexterity. Eventually, Intelligence will reach 99 and further comparisons can be made on these two mage weapons of choice. Journey 2 Comet with Lusat’s Glintstone Staff against the bosses in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Again, the melt is real.

Elden Ring Best Armor

For the Elden Ring Mage utilizing Comet, Azur’s Glintstone Armor increases damage by 15% but the spell also costs 15% more mana to cast. You can see the melt on Journey 2 game progression legacy dungeons. A personal preference was developed for the Preceptor’s Set increasing Mind by 3 based on aesthetics and weight because Azur’s amor cannot be altered. The Preceptor’s set can be greatly altered to reduce weight as a pure mage carries no melee weapon and has a light load. Sometimes the shield is shed because mages don’t use shields. However, there are boss encounters where the shield must be utilized like in Volcano Manor and against the Fire Giant required to progress in the game. Journey 2 Fire Giant was low key melted utilizing the Preceptor’s Set.

Elden Ring Best Talismans

For the Astrologer Mage, the four best talismans are Viridian Amber Medallion +2 increasing Stamina, Cerulean Amber Medallion +2 increasing mana, Radagon Icon increasing casting speed, and the Graven Mass Talisman increasing spell damage. At level 225, with 55 vigor, the Crimson Amber Medallion +2 increasing health is also viable instead of the Radagon Icon. The author read a blog post about the twin gargoyles in Sofria Aqueduct, a encounter missed in Journey one. Here’s the astrologer mage utilizing comet in this duo boss encounter.

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Elden Ring End Game

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This post shares information regarding Elden Ring’s end game, specifically, player actions after Leyndell, Royal Capital and gamers defeating Morgott, The Omen.

Mountaintops of the Giants

Players will access this area of the Elden Ring utilizing the Grand Lift of Rold via a medallion provided by Melina after defeating all the bosses in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Players must make their way to the forge where Melina will sacrifice herself to burn the erdtree defeating The Fire Giant along the way. The boss encounter has two phases and his ankle is particularly vulnerable during phase one. Playing astrologer mage presented challenges on this boss due to low vigor. However, looting the crimson amber medallion +2 and moving points from endurance to vigor via a respec with Rennala solved the Fire Giant encounter after a solid 20+ deaths.

Crumbling Farum Azula

After defeating the fire giant and touching the site of grace on the forge rim and the Melina cut scene, players will be transported to Crumbling Farum Azula where two bosses await. Navigating the last major dungeon of the game and reaching the various save points seemed intuitive in a way players may be able to actually play a major dungeon without looking up how to get to the next site of grace. The first boss encounter is against the God Skin Duo

Maliketh, the Black Blade

How many times does the average Elden Ring player have to die fighting a boss before finally defeating the encounter? You can watch the astrologer mage absolutely MELT phase one of the encounter and then pillar hump the boss in phase two like playing frost mage in arena 2s when I would pillar hump my opponents trying to let my cool downs recharge. Players utilizing terrain, particularly the pillars in this encounter, will lead to success. The author of this post was having trouble when Maliketh would emerge in phase 2, however, utilizing the pillar saved a lot of pain. Comet hit so hard the author was able to carry more healing potions. Player learning curve on the encounter and learning from other players, their experiences, the class they played, how they downed bosses are key to this Elden Ring adventure. Stars of Ruin was clutch finishing Maliketh.

Leyndell, Ashen Capital

Players will be returned to Leyndell, now in ruins. There aren’t a lot of things to do other than find the bosses and complete Brother Coryn’s quest. Players must first defeat Sir Gideon Onfir.

Players will then move to Godfrey, First Elden Lord and Hoarah Loux, Warrior in Phase 2 of the encounter.

Finally, players will fight the last boss of the game. Radagon of the Golden Order in Phase One and the Elden Beast in Phase 2

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Elden Ring Miquella’s Haligtree Legacy Dungeon

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This post shares information about the legacy dungeon located in the Consecrated Snowfields to assist players navigating a difficult mob dungeon to each site of grace saving dungeon progress. Players will eventually fight Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree to gain access to the second part of the dungeon where Malenia awaits as the dungeon’s true boss.

Consecrated Snowfields

This is a “secret area” of Elden Ring accessible via the Grand Lift of Rold with players utilizing the Secret Medallion of the Haligtree. Once players enter the Consecrated Snowfields, the zone’s legacy dungeon, Miquella’s Haligtree, lies to the north. The snow storm upon entering the zone can be difficult, however, the path is lit and if players keep in a northern direction they’ll emerge from snow storm and find a site of grace.

Haligtree Canopy

Players begin the dungeon at the Haligtree Canopy site of grace and must navigate branches to the dungeon’s first save point, the Town Plaza site of grace. The trumpeting snowmen mobs shooting gold globes at players are far more powerful in this dungeon than they were in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Players will, at some point, fall to their death from the branches of the haligtree from a mistimed jump or being hit by a mob. One mob’s placement, a super shooting trumpeter with a plethora of damaging golden globes, requires skillful navigation to eliminate ensuring terrain use to line of site the mob. Large Ants patrol the branches as well with high damaging toxic spray. The navigation of the dungeon from the Haligtree Canopy site of grace to the Haligtree Town site of grace is the most difficult in the game having reached the boss in every dungeon with exception of end game legacy dungeon.

Haligtree Town Site of Grace

Once players have navigated the Haligtree Canopy and reached the first save point in the dungeon gamers will be asked to make their way to the Haligtree Town Plaza site of grace. The path to the second save point of the dungeon is far easier than navigating the canopy.

Haligtree Town Plaza Site of Grace

After reach the dungeon’s second save point, players will need to navigate some rooftops with annoying crystalline mobs. Players will need to find the summoning snails in three locations to easily eliminate the three crystallines. After, players will face a horde of slow moving mobs who will mount a charge difficult for the astrologer mage to survive. After clearing the roof, the rest of the navigation is intuitive.

Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree

Once players reach the third site dungeon save point, at the Town Plaza Site of Grace, it’s a fairly short run to the dungeon’s boss encounter who, when defeated, will unlock the path to Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree where Malenia, apparently the games most difficult boss encounter, is waiting. Loretta has some magical attacks easily dodged and learning her lunging melee attacks will take a few deaths but hey, this is Elden Ring and dying is second nature.

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Elden Ring Latenna’s Quest (Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone)

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This post explains Latenna’s NPC quest line in Elden Ring rewarding players a smithing stone allowing gamers to upgrade their unique weapon the final tier to +10. There are eight known somber ancient dragon smithing stones in the game and Latenna’s Quest offers the path of least resistance for players to obtain this precious item.

Finding Latenna

Players must defeat the boss of Lakeside Crystal Cave in Lakes of Liurnia. Upon defeating the Bloodhound Knight, players can access a “rear entrance” to the cave where Latenna will be sitting with her wolf, Lobo. It’s important players realize they must first have collected the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) from Albus in Albinaurics Village in Lakes of Liurnia. Without this item, Latenna will not begin her quest line and, apparently, if players have collected both halves of the medallion, Latenna’s quest will not activate at all and players are only able to obtain Latenna’s Spirit Ash.

Lakeside Crystal Cave Dungeon

Here’s six minutes of video of the astrologer mage shredding this dungeon, slaying the boss, and beginning the quest. The mage sacrifices armor for mobility and hit points for ranged spell damage. The mage sacrifices strength and dexterity for a large mana pool. And a mage has no faith or arcane.

Beginning Latenna’s Quest

Players must exhaust dialogue with Latenna outside the rear entrance of Lakeside Cave. Latenna will become a spirit ash in players’ inventory and gamers will have instructions to take Latenna to the Consecrated Snowfields, a “secret area” only accessible when players have both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Haligtree Secret Medallion

Players already possess the right half of the medallion triggering the quest. Players must next obtain the left half of the medallion from Castle Sol in the Mountaintop of Giants after defeating the dungeon boss, Commander Niall.

After defeating the boss, players will run a short distance utilizing a lift and looting a body for the left half of the secret medallion to access Consecrated Snowfields where Latenna must be summoned at the Apostate Derelict Site of Grace to complete the quest.

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Elden Ring Astrologer Mage Best Gear

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This post share information regarding the astrologer mage class, the best gear to find and equip, ideal attributes, and the best spell combinations for an Elden Ring mage. The mage is driven by high intellect for spell damage and mind for a hefty mana pool. Players driving points into Faith, Arcane, Strength beyond 18, Dexterity beyond 15, are playing a hybrid class not a mage.

Mage Attribute Points

At level 147, these are the attribute stats for the toon I’m playing

Vigor (25), Mind (50, 280 fp/mana), Endurance (25), Strength (20), Dexterity (15), Intelligence (75), Faith (7), Arcane (9).

Not a single attribute point has been spent on Faith or Arcane because the toon is a Mage trying to maximize ranged damage. Strength (18) and Dexterity (15) are required for the Uchigatana, perhaps the best mage melee weapon, due to it’s speed and bleed damage proc. Two additional attribute points have been placed in Strength because there is some scaling with casting staves.

Astrologer is the ideal starting class for mage because of the starting Intellect of 16. There’s nothing preventing other classes from playing mage because the class is focused on high intellect and mind.

Mage Best Weapons

The mage is all about casting spells and casting spells quickly. The clear choice for the best staff for players primarily utilizing sorceries is Azur’s Glintstone Staff found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria legacy dungeon in Lake of Liurnia. The weapon scales primarily with Intelligence and some with Strength. As long as the weapon is continuing to scale, additional points are going to be placed in Intelligence to maximize spell damage. Another choice for the best staff in the game is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, however, Azur’s staff stacks with the Radagon Icon further increasing casting speed. Here’s the Elden Ring mage against Morgott the Omen in Leyndell, Royal Capital with the boss being absolute Melted on the encounter’s first look.

Mage Best Armor Set

The mage class wears what amounts to cloth armor. Players wearing any armor set besides cloth are not playing a mage, they are playing a hybrid. The mage wears cloth armor for weight reasons because Endurance is the fourth stat of priority in building an ideal Elden Ring mage. The Snow Witch Armor awarded part way through Ranni’s Quest can get players through the end game and is a highly desirable armor set for aestics reasons. The quest line requires players to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Redmane Castle and you can watch the mage class handling this fight after less than ten looks at the fight.

Another choice for mages regarding armor is Alberich’s Armor Set found in Leyndell, Royal Capital. When the garment set is altered at a site of grace, players drop 1.6 weight, making clutch mage barrel rolls slightly quicker.

Mage Best Talisman Slot Equipment

Players will eventually be able to equip four items in this slot. For the mage, the gear is simple. Stargazer Heirloom raising intelligence by 5 (giving this toon 80 Intelligence), Crimson Amber Medallion +1 (raising health by 56 points), Graven-School Talisman increasing spell damage, and Radagon’s Icon increasing casting time and stacking with Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

Best Mage Spells

Glintstone Pebble serves the mage well during all phases of the game and is a starting spell for the Astrologer. The Astrologer becomes a mage when Intelligence and Mind are selected as the two primary attributes to level mercilessly. The tertiary attribute is Vigor and the final attribute of some focus is Endurance. Comet, a sorcery obtained in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, is Glintstone Pebble on steroids. With 50 Mind and 28 Endurance, I can cast Comet six times before using a mana potion and waiting for Stamina to recharge. Comet Azur, obtained by finding Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Altus Plateau, when combined with Terra Magica, and a physick preventing spells from costing mana offer the mage boss melting capabilities. However, the setup and stationary nature of the spell combination of Comet Azur, give the mage a disadvantage. There’s also a wind up on Comet Azur before the spell casts and if the boss moves, players will have to stop casting, reacquire the target, and wind the spell up again.

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Elden Ring Leyndell Royal Capital Legacy Dungeon

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This post discusses the legacy dungeon players access after obtaining Godrick’s Great Rune plus one other for a total of two to gain access to East Castle Rampart site of grace and begin the dungeon. The dungeon features many twists turns all designed to confuse players and get them lost against tough mobs as they attempt to obtain key loot items. Many players will be looking to run this dungeon as quickly as possible and unlock the next part of the map known as Mountain of Giants.

East Castle Rampart

Accessing East Castle Rampart requires two great runes to unlock the gate. From the East Castle Rampart, players will need to make their way to avenue balcony. Players will be blocked by tough mobs that will not respawn upon defeat.

Avenue Balcony

Once players reach the first save point in the dungeon, they will be asked to find another site of grace known as West Capital Rampart. There are other save points in the dungeon, however, this information shares the quickest path to Godfrey, the first boss of the legacy dungeon. The Leyndell Knights and Soldiers present problems for the astrologer mage combing heavily armored mobs with shields and low hit points as the mage is sacrificing Vigor and Endurance for Intelligence and Mind. The direct path to West Capital Rampart is actually quick and fairly easy. The dungeon presents many other options to travel for loot and various dungeon mobs dropping key loot.


After West Capital Ramparts, again, the path to the first boss encounter with Godfrey is quite easy and quick to reach. All other routes are designed to confuse players are they obsess over loot but this information is focused on players who want to move through Leyndell Royal Capital as quickly as possible, defeat both bosses, and progress to Mountain Top of Giants.

After finding the Queens Bedchamber site of grace, players can make their way fairly quickly to legacy dungeon boss encounter with Morgott the Omen. Playing Astrologer Mage, the boss was melted on the first try utilizing Terra Magica and Comet. Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and his God-Devouring Serpent in Volcano Manor are far more difficult than Godfrey playing mage.

Morgott the Omen

After defeating Godfrey and opening the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace as a dungeon save point, players can make their way fairly quickly and directly to the main boss encounter with Morgott. The Queens Chamber site of grace will lead to the boss encounter for a Great Rune.

The boss fight was easy melt mode for the astrologer mage class.

Leyndell Catacombs

There is a dungeon within a dungeon in the Royal Capital called the Leyndell Catacombs and is a challenging path to navigate. First, players must find the Underground Roadside site of grace. This is easily accomplished utilizing the Avenue Balcony site of grace.

Underground Roadside

From the subterranean shunning grounds, players can make their way to the Leyndell Catacombs site of grace.

Esgar, Priest of Blood

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Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen Quest

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This post describes the steps necessary to complete Sellen’s Quest and be awarded an ancient dragon smithing stone, among other loot. Players will receive two sorceries along the way in the quest including Azur’s Comet and Stars of Ruin.

Unlocking Sellen’s Quest

Sellen is “unlocked” through a field boss fight in the Waypoint Ruins basement in Limgrave. Players can buy a few sorceries from her and after players have spoken to Primeval Sorcerer Azur, players have a dialogue box involving the sorcery Azur provided, Azur’s Comet. Players should ensure they exhaust all dialogue with Sellen before proceeding to the next steps. In this case, starting the quest, Sellen will ask players to find Lusat and provide players a glint stone key used to unlock the barrier guarding Lusat in Sellia Hideaway.

Finding Sellia Hideaway

Lusat can be found in Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. The entrance to the dungeon is disguised by an illusionary wall. Players can utilize the site of grace located at Church of the Plague, ride a short distance, and find a battle mage who is a tough mob. The headstone he is standing in front of is not the illusionary entrance to the dungeon. Instead, the hideaway is straight towards the cliffs and players can melee the wall to reveal the entrance. Other walls are disguised by illusions and eliminated by player melee hits.

Finding Lusat

The best advice I can give is drop to the bottom of the cave and players will find Lusat. And, I’m unsure how to exit the dungeon except by defeating the boss or dying and being resurrected at the dungeon’s starting site of grace. Upon finding Lusat, who is seemingly dead, players will be awarded the Stars of Ruin sorcery. Players will return to Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins and begin the Redmane Castle multiverse involving Starscourge Radahn.

The Elden Ring Multiverse

The Redmane Castle multiverse exists because players can slay this boss and obtain his Great Rune via Ranni’s quest. The Redmane Castle multiverse layers deepen depending on whether or not players slayed Radahn prior to using the Grand Lift of Dectus into Altus Plateau. What happens if players have activated Radahn as the boss of Redmane Castle by using the Grand Lift of Dectus? Players will have to ensure they talk to Jerren after defeating Radahn. I did not have to do this step because Radahn was already slain when I began Sellen’s Quest and is example of quest lines colliding.

Three Sisters Hidden Basement

After players find Sellen easily in Witchbane Ruins and taking her “essence” in the form of a Primal Glintstone. Players must then find Sellen and transplant her essence thereby saving her life. The secret basement is hidden by an illusionary floor in some ruins between Ranni’s Rise and Renna’s Rise. Players will have to know the area of the ruins to hit with their melee weapon to reveal the hidden basement.

Jarren might not be at Witchbane Ruins

There’s a rare section of the Elden Ring multiverse where realities change based on players choices and WHEN action and in what ORDER actions are completed. What if a player slayed Radahn prior to using the Grand Lift of Dectus? The choice on killing Jerren or killing Sellen could be the next step because players, like me, slayed Radahn as part of Ranni’s quest and Jerren was never in Redmane Castle for me to speak to him in order to get him to “move” to Witchbane Ruins. Players can proceed to the Grand Library in Academy of Raya Lucaria and run outside locating two markers and make their choice.

Help Jerren defeat Sellen

I felt dirty helping Jerren, but I wanted the dragon smithing stone. I thought this would upgrade my staff to level 10, however, I will need this smithing stone to complete my melee weapon upgrade to level 25. She had quick mage moves (the same I make involving barrel rolls) but she was no trouble. An entire multiverse has been opened because I made this choice to side with Jerren.

Help Sellen Defeat Jerren

Playing mage almost obligates one to help Sellen defeat Jerren because Azur’s Glintstone Armor Set is a reward and this set increases Comet damage by 15% but also costs 15% more mana to cast. Journey 2 bosses are being melted by Comet to this point without the set bonus. After achieving the set bonus, the author of this post was amazed by the damage against Morgott the Omen in Leyndell, Royal Capital, especially considering it was the Journey 2 encounter.

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Elden Ring Phase 1 (Gathering Two Great Runes)

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This post shares 100+ hours playing Astrologer Mage in Phase 1 of Elden Ring where players are required to slay two of four legacy bosses and acquire their great rune to gain access to Leyndell, Royal Capital and begin Phase 2 of the game. Godrick’s Great Rune must be activated in the Divine Tower of Limgrave and Rennala’s Great Rune is activated automatically upon defeat allowing players to respec their stats and reallocate their points as players see fit.

Adventures in Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula

Players will find the Dragon Burnt Ruins and Gate Front Ruins early in their exploration of Limgrave. Players will find optional dungeons like Groveside Cave and Tombsward Catacombs and while the dungeons are not required to advance in the game, there is probably gear players desire making the progress towards phase two. The recommended level for Leyndell Royal Capital is level 90-110 with weapons upgraded +15 to +20. However, if players are utilizing a weapon requiring somber smithing stones, the maximum upgrade is +10.

Players will be running “optional dungeons” like Limgrave Tunnels and Morne Tunnel to acquire smithing stones to upgrade weapons. Progressing through Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula should have players at level 30-40 to begin their assault on Stormveil Castle and attempt to acquire Godrick’s Great Rune.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Players can bypass Stormveil Castle and proceed into Liurnia of the Lakes via a secret path. The legacy dungeon Academy of Raya Lucaria is the centerpiece of the zone, however, Caria Manor requires clearing to access Ranni and her quest line. There are more dungeons to run, like the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel for smithing stones to upgrade weapons and Road’s End Catacombs to run for glovewort to upgrade Spirit Ashes. Players also have access to Ainsel River in Eastern Liurnia Lakes as one of two access points for the “underground” dungeons. Players will progress through Lake of Rot, Sofria River, and Ainsel River for Ranni’s quest.

Four Bosses Drop Great Runes

Godrick the Grafted is the boss of the legacy dungeon Stormveil Castle located in Limgrave. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is the boss Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy is the boss of Volcano Manor located in Mt. Gelmir, a sub zone of Altus Plateau. Starscourge Radahn is the boss of Redmane Castle located in Caelid.

Players are definitely choosing Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon as one of the two bosses to slay for great runes because the boss fight is considered “easy”. Godrick the Grafted is somewhat mandatory because his Great Rune is required to be activated in the Divine Tower of Limgrave for access to the royal capital.

Starscourge Radahn is considered one of the most difficult fights in the game but, if players want the Snow Witch Armor Set, Radahn must be slain as part of Ranni’s quest line. Personally, I didn’t find the fight overly difficult.

Academy of Raya Lucaria

The encounter against the dungeon’s boss Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is one of the best boss fights I’ve seen with the creepy children on the ground singing the lullaby. Rennala’s quip when she kills you “Thy faith lieth under my moon” is solid. Rennala will slay you as player learn the “mechanics” of the two phase fight. As Astrologer Mage, I had to learn to melee the boss opposed to casting spells in the first phase when she became vulnerable after shattering three shields on her children. There were also mechanics in the second phase involving boss spirit summons and times she reflects damage causing a failed attempt. However, Rennala is the clear choice for the second great rune because players require Godrick’s because, in the end, the encounter is fairly easy when compared to Radahn or Rykard in Volcano Manor.

The academy also harbors clutch Astrologer Mage gear including the Comet Sorcery (Glintstone Pebble on Steroids) and the Graven-School Talisman increasing spell damage. Players specializing in a caster build, most likely based on the Astrologer class because of the starting Intellect (16).

Volcano Manor

I find the boss of the dungeon, Rykard Lord of Blasphemy extremely difficult. Like Rennala, this is a two phase fight where players must first defeat a God-Devouring Serpent and advance to face Rykard in phase two. I have a solid hour and a half of video dying during the first phase but, as I’m learning, this is Elden Ring and dying is commonplace. I’ve acquired three great runes and, in my opinion, we’re going to start learning about the Elden Ring “multiverse”. For Example, what happens if I “win the game” with three great runes opposed to two? What happens, for example, if I defeat Starscourge Radahn as part of Ranni’s Quest prior to using The Grand Lift of Dectus?

One of the most difficult parts for me playing Elden Ring is learning the layout of the dungeons and making it to the progression save points (sites of grace). Volcano Manor is full of secret passages and there’s something about killing tarnished I don’t full understand. There was a mini boss plus a Magma Wyrm and stingy mobs. I want to learn the most direct route to the boss, defeat the dungeon, then go back for any loot I missed and do some rune gathering in a dungeon I’ve defeated and have understanding of where the mobs are located.

The Starscourge Radahn Multiverse

As players “finish” the game, we are learning there is more than one ending depending on what transpired during the game. Apparently, finishing Ranni’s quest gives an alternate ending. And, other “secrets” are being uncovered impacting just exactly How the game “ends”. How many possibilities are there for a multiverse in Elden Ring? An example of a potential multiverse lies with Radahn.

Apparently, Radahn becomes “available” in Redmane Castle after players use the Grand Lift of Dectus. But, Radahn also becomes available during Ranni’s quest line by completing a series of actions. In the multiverse of Elden Ring, what happens if I slay Radahn as part of Ranni’s quest prior to utilizing the Grand Lift of Dectus? what happens if I use the Grand Lift of Dectus, then clear Caria Manor, start Ranni’s Quest, then beat Radahn? what happens if I clear Caria Manor, use the Grand Lift of Dectus, then start Ranni’s quest? Is there any difference? Elden Ring will have players starting over to do some things differently to, in theory, get a different ending.

I returned to Redmane Castle where I low key abused Radahn playing Astrologer Mage looking for a NPC as part of another quest line and was greeted by a boss fight. There were some mobs but Redmane Castle was definitely very “strange” compared to what I remembered when I defeated Radahn for his Great Rune. Where else does this multiverse lie in Elden Ring? Only time will tell as players progress through different routes to “winning the game”. This multiverse has already shown itself with Ranni’s quest and an alternate ending but how many twists and branches into other multiverses could be contained in this one example of Ranni’s quest and how Redmane Castle was “different” because I slayed Radahn prior to using the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Stormveil Castle

Players must defeat Margit the Fell to begin the legacy dungeon making their way to Godrick the Grafted. Once again, players navigating the dungeon and reaching the various save points along the way combined with exploring nooks and crannies for gear and loot will have players frustrated as they almost reach the next site of grace in the dungeon only to die, again, and have to start over

Godrick the Grafted

Players will find the fight with Godrick easier than the encounter with Margit the Fell. I personally downed Godrick on the first try.

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Elden Ring Volcano Manor

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This post shares information about Volcano Manor containing a boss dropping one of two Great Runes required to enter the capital city and begin the second phase of the game. Players are offered three choices of getting to the Manor either on foot or via two different quest lines.

On Foot and Horse

Players can make their way through fairly intuitive to find sites of grace in Altus Plateau until the Bridge of Inquity site of grace informs players they’ve now entered Mt. Gelmir. Getting to volcano manor via horse and foot requires ladder climbing and finding two sites of grace along the way. The first site of grace is known as the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite. As players move into a hostile campsite with fearsome carts, the left wall can be hugged through the second set of broken fences where players will find a ladder to ascend. The first site of grace on the path to Volcano Manor is to the left when players are finished climbing the ladder

Second Site of Grace (Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite)

After touching the site of grace at the first campsite, players will have to navigate their way to the second site of grace on the path via horse and foot to Volcano Manor. There are more ladders to climb and players should expect some combat along the way. Players should keep looking for ladders and a bridge to cross with the next site of grace, the ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite on the other side.

Final Step to Volcano Manor Site of Grace

Players will utilize the spirit spring with Torrent to jump to a plateau where a field boss awaits. The Full Grown Fallingstar Beast will charge players as they utilize an escape route to the right involving a short jump on Torrent to continue towards the manor and getting inside to the site of grace players will use to begin the dungeon.

Field Boss Fight

The full grown falling star beast drops smithing stones you’ll need for weapon upgrades. While combat can be avoided, he could be a nuisance as players learn the outreach to ride and jump in order to avoid the fight.

Rya’s Quest (Find Her Necklace)

This is the easiest path to Volcano Manor. Rya is found in Liurnia of the Lakes and the necklace is purchased from a npc at the boil prawn shack for 1,000 runes. Apparently, you can kill the NPC and purchase the necklace for 1,000 runes from the Twin Husks in Round Table Hold. After obtaining the necklace, Rya can be found in the Lux Ruins in Altus Plateau. There’s information about finding her atop the Grand Lift of Dectus but she’s not there she’s in Lux Ruins.

Inside Volcano Manor Dungeon

Once players access the starting dungeon site of grace, a key must be obtained from a NPC sitting in the chair. Players will take the drawing room key and make their way through dimly lit passages to the dungeon’s first save point located at Prison Church. There’s a side corridor with loot and an illusionary wall disappearing after players strike the wall with their melee weapon.

Guest Hall Site of Grace

After saving dungeon progression at Prison Church site of grace, players will want to make their way to the next save point known as the Guest Hall site of grace. There’s a shortcut involving roofs and ledges avoiding a lot of combat and players will make their way inside a structure with the next save point downstairs.

Getting to the Mini Boss

The Godskin Noble unlocks the site of grace known as Temple of Eiglay and allows continuation through to the boss of the dungeon. There’s a shortcut skipping a lot of mobs involving rooftops and some ledges. There’s a few mobs on the way not to be taken lightly by players wishing to progress in Volcano Manor.

Godskin Noble

I failed a few times on the mini boss but eventually got him with relative ease.

Volcano Manor Magma Wyrm

The magma wyrm is located down in a lift where players are given choices to take the lift up to the Godskin Noble mini boss or descent and fight a magma wyrm. The wyrm drops a dragon heart upon death.

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Elden Ring Zone Altus Plateau

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This post discusses Altus Plateau and getting to Volcano Manor. Players have two options to enter the zone either through a secret path or utilizing the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Secret Path

Players can forego finding the medallion to operate the lift and enter the zone via a secret path involving caves, ladders, mobs, and a boss fight. Players will want to utilize the Ravine-Veiled Village site of grace and climb the nearby ladder to begin the journey to Altus Plateau via the secret path.

There is also a boss fight at the end of the alternative entrance to Altus Plateau with a magma wyrm. After defeating the boss, players can make their way to the Abandoned Coffin site of grace inside the zone.

Grand Lift of Dectus

The lift is the “main entrance” to the zone and is operated by a medallion. Players must collect the left half and the right half of the medallion at two different locations. The left medallion is located at the fort by the West Fort Haight site of grace in southern Limgrave. Players should be aware of the arrows firing from the roof as they make their way to the tower via a ladder to collect the medallion half from a chest.

The right half of the medallion is located in a fort at the Fort Faroth site of grace. Players will have to make their way through a nasty, dark, place with several bats who poison and hit hard. Luckily, spirit ashes are available and playing Astrologer Mage allows for maximum ranged damage. The medallion half is located in a chest up a ladder after players defeat the room of bats.

Rya’s Quest

Volcano Manor contains one of the four bosses players can slay for one of two Great Runes required to unlock the second part of the game in Leyendell, Royal Capital. Rya’s quest begins in Liurnia of the Lakes near the Layskar Ruins site of grace. There is a short quest involving obtaining a necklace from someone located near the Boilprawn Shack (there is also a site of grace here). Dialogue with the “thief” and agreeing to pay him 1,000 runes allows players to obtain the necklace and return to Rya whom you will meet later in Altus Plateau.

After returning the necklace, players can make their way to the Grand Lift of Dectus where Rya is supposedly waiting. But, Rya is not at the Grand Lift of Dectus, she’s at the Lux Ruins near the Erdtree-Gazing Hill site of grace. Engage in dialogue and Rya will ask you to take her hand transporting players to the Volcano Manor site of grace.

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