June 15, 2024 | Posted in: Video Games

Six years later, I figured out the true game mechanic to at least hook the legendary fish on the first cast. It doesn’t matter where you stand to hook the legendary fish, it doesn’t matter the time of the day, it doesn’t matter where you’re standing or what the weather is. The important part is to “let the game” know you are there to catch a legendary fish.

The trick is to make sure you see Arthur actually place the correct “special lure” onto the rod

Explaining the Mechanic

You absolutely must see Arthur, or Marston, change the lure on your screen even if you already have the correct special lure attached to your fishing pole. Always use bread bait. In fact, one is not utilizing any bait, simply the lure. One must physically watch Arthur/Marston, sorry spoilers are not an issue six years later imho, place the correct special lure onto the fishing pole even if the lure is already attached.

Where to Stand

This only matters in cutting down on the amount of time it takes to reel in the legendary fish. Again, it doesn’t matter the time of day, it doesn’t matter the weather, and it doesn’t matter where you stand to actually hook the legendary fish the first time.

One of the more difficult legendary fish to catch, the legendary bullhead catfish, because one must row a boat into a restricted area

Zero Frustration Actually hooking the legendary fish

One can imagine the frustration of rowing from Saint Denis to Sisika Penitentiary thinking they have to row to a specific location during a specific time of day in specific weather all the while being shot at because you’re in a restricted area. None of this frustration had to occur. Simply make sure you see Arthur or Marston actually attach the correct special lure. And, to be safe, if one has to recast, have your character place the lure on again by switching to a different lure then switching back to the correct special lure.

Learning where to stand makes the difference in the reeling the fish in. You can see some frustration in this 30 minute plus video. But, there was zero frustration in actually hooking the legendary sockeye salmon.
Legendary Redfin Pickerel easy mode


Legendary Fishing, due to my discovery of the true mechanic, made 100% completion and Best in the West one of the easier achievements to complete. Make sure you see your character place the correct special lure onto the fishing pole every time you cast. Especially when arriving for the first time in the area to catch the legendary fish. Six years too late but I know you’re out there on their 9th play through trying for 100% completion and many of the guides from the old days are incorrect in places. I intend to fix a few of those.