Being Pro at Apex Legends

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Do you want to be more pro at Apex Legends? Read this post. Watch the embedded twitch video. The author of this post is level 226 at Apex Legends, Gold IV in ranked. He’s not “good”, definitely not “pro”, he’s simply a guy who has played the game a lot, especially on King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Quit dropping new maps, do you notice how your daily players Decrease when you drop a new map?

Dropping from the Airship

If you’ve never played the game before, drop Immediately. The more reps one Practices in what amounts to Extremely Quick Combat, the better one, in theory, will get in the Combat Dynamics of Apex Legends.

Lifeline’s rez you with her healing drone With a Shield is OP’d. She’s mandatory in ranked matches and, apparently, Watson. If becoming Apex Predator is which team of three hides in a building with Caustic, Watson, and Bloodhound the Best, well, I’m never going to be Apex Predator. That, and I’m not good enough to progress past Gold.

Learn the jump step. I’m not trying to show you how pro I am in these embedded Twitter videos, I’m trying to show you how quickly the Combat Mechanics operate. As a new player, the best thing you can do for yourself is drop immediately. Use your game time practicing picking up gear and engaging in Combat. Once you have a gun and a shield, start looking for the enemy. A second gun is nice. Look for the enemy, don’t loot boxes, unless it’s for the shield. Pick up all the ammo even if you don’t have the gun, leaving less ammunition for your opponents.

The Jump – Ranked

When jumping in ranked matches, rotate your view 360 degrees and watch the teams drop. The strategy is different, you’re trying to finish in the Top 10. This post isn’t for competitive gamers, the post is for people who enjoy playing the game and desire to be better. Watching Ninja being pro at Apex Legends doesn’t help me become better. Reps in the game help me become better.

Look to jump 180 degrees (to the “sides”) opposed to along the drop ship flight path. Be patient. After watching the teams jump, because you rotated your view 360 degrees, and observing 180 degrees, you’ll find “space” in the map on either “sides” of the drop ship. Drop in that “space” and work your way to a Top 10 finish.

Don’t be a loot whore

On a “hot drop”, meaning you’re jumping Immediately, or jumping the “blue circle”, finding the enemy is more important than gear once you have a gun and a shield. Being a loot whore leads to poor team spacing. The simplest way to gear in Apex Legends is wining the Combat Mechanics and eliminating enemy squads. On a “hot drop”, two extra magazines of ammunition is enough. Share with your teammates. Three stacks of ammunition is enough until you get purple backpack and are one of the last three teams.

When Lifeline rezzes you after eliminating an enemy squad, fix your shield and health, then Loot the boxes. Lifeline is in the rear with the gear in squad spacing.

Ranked Ideal Comp

Bloodhound, Lifeline, Caustic. Don’t @ me.

Bloodhound leads the charge, Caustic throws gas and traps, Lifeline is in the rear with the gear in case someone gets dropped. Combat occurring inside structures can be easily identified with the enemy easily marked every six seconds during beast of the hunt in the fog of Caustic Haze.

Five ways to be better at Apex Legends

  1. Learn the jump step
  2. Learn the map and use the Environment
  3. Be on top of things. Buildings, boxes, vehicles, walls, etc., etc.
  4. Be mildly thirsty for the kill
  5. Don’t be a Loot Whore

New England v New York Jets

Week 9 of the 2020 NFL Season (COVID edition) concludes with the New England Patriots visiting the hapless New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

We like to publish about the NFL Draft and NFL Predictions.

This week, the spread is double digits and had we followed our adage of laying action on a NFL spread because it is double digits, always taking the points, we would have gone 2-0 in those games instead of 0-1.

Instead of wagering on the spread, we wagered on Under 42. New England 27, New York Jets 10.

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K/D Means Little in Call of Duty

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26 Kills, 22 Deaths 5720 Score, Loss, 520 SPM
45 Kills, 15 Deaths, 5365 Score, Win, 490 SPM

Examine the two photos above. Game Mode Hardpoint. Now, make a judgment on the better player, i.e., who is better at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Surely you’re making your judgment on K/D because YOU think K/D is what makes YOU good at Call of Duty. 5720 score (RastaJay57) compared to 5365 score (scrub who Thinks he’s good because his K/D was 3.0. Bruh, you got outscored by nearly 400 points. How are you going to make a logical argument, in this particular game, you’re better than RastaJay57 when you were OutScored by 400 points? Call of Duty is about Score Per Minute and Win/Loss Ratio while K/D is what it is.

33 Kils, 24 Deaths, 5285 Score, Loss, 500 SPM
46 Kills, 15 Deaths, 4620 Score, 440 SPM

Examine these two photos above and ask yourself, “Which player is better at Call of Duty in this particular match?” The second photo is a good example of some kid playing an OBJ game and not playing the OBJ because he Thinks the 3.066 K/D is what makes him good at Call of Duty. Dude, you got outscored by 600 points, how in the world can you possibly, logically, think you’re better at Call of Duty based on this one particular match.

These two examples have my team losing which could be the deciding factor. However, 3.0666 K/D guy, your 22 seconds on the hill did Nothing to help your team win and you were outscored by a player with 12 less kills.

K/D means little, I contend K/D means Nothing. In this example, it means you, with your 3.066 K/D were never near the objective, you were simply playing an OBJ game because it’s easier to get a lot of kills.

I have literally hundreds of examples of how a superior K/D was outscored because RastaJay57 plays the OBJ and plays to win.

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Amazinglyleet Hardpoint Strategies

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I’m Prestige 8, I’ve played approximately 1,100 games of Hardpoint, my SPM is 376 and my W/L is 1.42, all pug.

Someone on your ladder team has to run anchor in this game mode

I’m providing several videos of the different maps where I perform all three functions of winning a Hardpoint ladder match … anchoring, capturing and defending, and spawn control (slaying). You’re trying to climb the ladders as a rated player and you have to win this game mode.

The best class set up? I like the SG12 with Extended Magazines I and II plus Max Load with the Strobe Light operator mod. Pre-nerf, so fun to play for four prestige levels and post-nerf, it’s still OP’d. Ghosts, Black Ops 3, and WWII, I made master prestige playing shotgun, for the most part, mixed in with SMGs because of my hyper-erratic rushing play style.

Wut, you don’t have diamond?

Your Hardpoint team must effectively perform the three functions, especially anchor. There are times you’re anchoring and want to go capture the hardpoint but you have to wait until your team starts spawning in the desired location, preferably two teammates spawning.

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EMP 44 Bubbling Brew, New CoD WWII SMG

October 3, 2018 | Posted in Video Games | By

Here’s some video on the new SMG, the EMP 44 Bubbling Brew.  I purchased the new weapon with my 100,000+ armory points because I’m master prestige 517.  353 SPM, 1.64 W/L, 1.16 K/D.  Yep, I’m terrible at CoD WWII.

I need to use a weapon for 1,000 kills before deciding if the weapon is good or not.  I don’t start making judgments until I’ve unlocked Advanced Rifling, Weapon Level 8 so I can run Quickdraw, Grip, and Advanced Rifling as attachments.  This video is the first time I used the EMP 44 with those three attachments.

A note on Hardpoint for you competitive players out there.  Your anchor should be watching this video for a clinic on running Hardpoint anchor on Sandbox,  Your team’s hardpoint bitch?  Expeditionary with two satchel charges to cover the pinch.  You’ll win more games.

I don’t play CoD WWII competitively because I’d rather make levels and win games.  I’ve played some 5,000 games of Hardpoint, I probably know more than you about the game mode.  This video and post are designed to both entertain and enlighten.

A note on making YouTube videos.  I could care less if you subscribe.  I care about hits.  My little channel you’ve never heard of has a 14,000 hit video and a 7,200 hit video plus several 1,500+ videos.  I care about hits because hits are legitimate.  I don’t really focus on editing; I merely upload ten minutes or so of gameplay.  Do you want to be a better Hardpoint anchor for your rated team?  Watch all ten minutes and how I flow the map for each hill.

The blog post is important because it adds legitimacy and I’m a writer who has to self-publish every once in a while.  I write for this dumb news outlet because it’s easy and I’m not as ashamed to share my work on their site because they’ve been working hard to improve their legitimacy.   You’re welcome.  Here are a couple of links to my work.

Links on my website make my website more legitimate and the tagged website more legitimate.  Hello Mr. Manfredi, you do a good job cleaning up USA site.  And you help me be a better writer.

I need about another 150 words.  500-word website posts with a video add legitimacy and Google is cracking down because we can’t have foreign agents using the world wide web subverting world governments.  Mr. Zuckerberg, your website is propagating divisive ideas, stereotypes, lies, the list goes on and on.  You have a higher standard to uphold on your website Mr. Zuckerberg.  You need to be more accountable.

422 words.  I’ve decided to play Red Dead Redemption II and make videos.  I’m gonna most likely sit Black Ops IIII out, at least until Red Dead bores me.  450 words, I’ve surpassed 2,000 characters, a video, and two links to other sites.

It’s about as legitimate as one can be on-line.

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CoD WWII Best Shotguns Ranked

April 22, 2018 | Posted in Video Games | By

I recently completed the diamond camouflage Multiplayer challenge for shotguns, unlocking diamond for all of them.  I thought I would offer an expert opinion, beyond that of a Master Prestige (currently) level 270, and the massive amount of time I’ve spent since November playing the most recent version of Call of Duty, on what I think are the best shotguns currently in the game.

Here’s my rank order of the best shotguns in CoD WWII.

#4 – Sawed Off Shotgun

The double barrell shotguns rank at the bottom for me because you get two shots and it’s pistol time because they load mighty slow.  Recommended attachments:  Steady Aim/Advanced Rifling/Incendiary Shells, the huge changes in the most recent patch included making the flaming OP’d shells an attachment rather than an Expeditionary Division ability.  I’ve been really enjoying Saboteur as Basic Training choice, been in love with throwing satchel charges, stun grenades, getting two of each and most importantly being able to resupply the equipment.

Click below to see game play utilizing the Sawed Off Shotgun.

#3 – Luftwaffe Drilling – I rank the Luftwaffe Drilling ahead of the sawed off shotgun because of range and an easier one shot one kill.  Both double barrel shotguns have the disadvantage of two shots before reload and although the sawed off shotgun loads faster, the Luftwaffe Drilling has incredible range, especially when married with advanced rifling as an attachment.  Recommended Attachments:  Steady Aim/Advanced Rifling/Incendiary Shells.

Click below to see game play with the Luftwaffe Drilling

#2 Toggle Action – An easy choice for second place and strong competition for first overall, especially with the April 17th huge patch change giving a default of three attachments.  It’s really fun to empty an entire 8 round clip into opponents comprising of incendiary shells, especially on a map like Shipment 1944 … if you can take the time to load them … The semiautomatic Toggle Action offers good range and accuracy and with Advanced Rifling as an attachment can offer two hit kills.  Recommended Attachments:  Steady Aim/Rapid Fire/Incendiary Shells

#1 – Combat Shotgun – An easy choice for me as the one shot one kills at devastating range when coupled with Advanced Rifling, Saboteur (satchel charge kills) is the #1 rage quitting class in the game.  It’s often my goal when I play against another Master Prestige player to make them rage quit.  It’s often my goal when playing against an organized team of 3, 4, even 5 opponents to make them rage quit.  This is the gun … when used with Saboteur and absolutely #Pro satchel charge that makes them quit.  Recommended Attachments:  Advanced Rifling/Steady Aim/Rapid Fire.

I hope you found this information useful and interesting.  I spend a lot of time playing this game, the retired life … and let’s face, a 45 year old Master Prestige (sometimes) wrecking kids with Shotgun, Expeditionary, Saboteur, and Satchel Charges should always be high value entertainment.


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My AmazinglyLeet Resident Evil 7 Video

April 13, 2018 | Posted in Video Games | By

Okay here’s the video.  I’m hoping you found it through the website opposed to YouTube … Somehow, this video Helped.  I’m not sure why, maybe to find the D Series Head located in the Doll House … there’s a button to push.

When playing the birthday party as Ethan, you only need the wheel from the locked bedroom with the passcode “Loser”. You won’t be able to progress if you grab the Winder from the barrel, spilling the flammable fluid. In short, you don’t have to repeat the steps from the Happy Birthday Video. It seemed intuitive but after 5 deaths of not figuring out why I couldn’t pick up the time bomb and create the escape route frustrated me to the point i made this video.


The video is going to reach 5,000 hits soon, maybe this week.  They say in the YouTube Space, a 5,000 hit video is legit.  I now have two … A video I made about World of WarCraft may pass 14,000 hits soon.  Sure not a lot, but nobody is getting paid from YouTube anymore.

When you have a message to share, build a website.  And monetize it.  And somehow hope Google makes the webpage the avenue to watch the Video.





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