February 15, 2023 | Posted in: Publishing

Rosalie A. “Rose” Morrison, age 72, of McComb, died at her residence at 2:50am on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. She was born on July 13, 1950, in Findlay, Ohio to the late Harold “Hash” and Marguerite “Hank” Rader Harshberger.

Rose was a 1968 graduate of McComb High School and owned a 7-11 Store in California before returning to Ohio spending the past 33 years as the Director of Loss Prevention for the Bon-Ton Corporation.

Rosie served on the Board of Blanchard Valley Residential Services Incorporated where she was instrumental in fiercely advocating and ensuring her son with autism, Scott Denton Morrison II, was treated as an equal member of society and lived the best life Scott could possible live. Rosie’s motherly love for her son with autism was the defining and single most influential aspect of her life.

Scott Denton Morrison II

He was your life’s work Rosie. There is understanding your wishes regarding just how influential being a mother to Scott truly was to you. Your love for Scotty Defined your soul. Scotty was born in 1976 and is now 46 years old. A world without you, as Scott’s mother, was truly unimaginable and yet, here we sit in the early morning hours forty eight hours after your passing existing in a world where Scott no longer has his mother with him yet Scotty is still surrounded by your love and the love of so many others who’ve spent the last 25 years caring for Scott’s day to day needs.

In 1995, Scott required the courts to declare him an incompetent adult (publisher wishes the legal system would use a different designation and different wording) and the courts further required the appointing of a Guardian, our best guess, this was required by Blanchard Valley Center. Rest easy Rosie, the people at The Center who’ve been caring for Scotty the past 25+ years Love Scotty. They love you. The number of people’s lives you touched over the past 25 years is immeasurable. We could get a good idea of just how many lives you touched advocating for your son with autism tomorrow between 11am and 2pm. Sheesh Rosie, how many people should we expect coming to pay their respects?

Advocating for Scotty was your life’s mission. Motherly love advocation is irreplaceable. No one is going to be able advocate for Scotty in the same manner because your motherly love is completely unique in the universe. However, your son Scott can now be advocated with big brotherly love.

Rosie’s eldest child never had to advocate for his little brother because Scott was being advocated by his mother. Your eldest child, Rosie, is old enough to remember Lokrantz in Southern California and Brady’s earliest memories of your advocation of Scott centered on one word: Inclusion. Scotty was no different than anyone else.

Rest easy Rosie. Blanchard Valley Residential Services Incorporated is the greatest provider in this history of providers. The outpouring of emotion over your passing from Scotty’s care giving organization has been absolutely Astounding. People are floored by just how many people’s lives you touched spending the last 25 years advocating for Scotty and how much they all love you and Scott. Rest easy Rosie. Peacefully.

Rose was also a Volunteer and Past President of the Hancock County Master Gardners and a member of the McComb VFW auxiliary.

She is survived by three sons: Scott Denton Morrison II of Findlay, Brady Morrison of Findlay, and Matthew Morrison of Grants Pass, Oregon, a daughter Hethyre (Patrick) Tesnow of Arcadia, a sister, Pat (Paul) Sudlow of McComb, four grandchildren including devoted Isabella Morrison and Bailey Benner as well as three great grandchildren. Grandchildren also included Kelsey Morrison and Joey Rider, both of Findlay.

Visitation will be held at Coldren-Crates Funeral Home, 205 West Sandusky Street, Findlay, Ohio on Friday, February 17, 2023 from 11am to 1pm. Funeral services will be held at the conclusion of the visitation at 1pm. Jeremy Herr has been entrusted by Rosie to officiate the funeral services.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Scott Morrison Special Needs Trust in her memory. The family would like to express their thanks to the Bridge Hospice for their compassionate care of Rosie.

The publisher wonders how much time will audience will spend listening about the photo selected for the courier and the obituary available from Colden Crates and masks and photoshopping.