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Elden Ring Pro Leveling Tip

Clear the dungeon mobs multiple times. Earn runes. Level. Run back to the site of grace at the dungeon entrance, rest, and defeat the dungeon mobs again. This process will help you run the dungeon mobs most efficiently when you’re ready to clear the dungeon boss. And, make sure you don’t have a lot of runes. The best time to try and clear an Elden Ring dungeon is after you’ve leveled at the dungeon site of grace.

Earthbore Cave mob walkthrough

first, when you enter the dungeon, there’s a treasure chest. If you run at the treasure chest you fall through the floor into a room with five rat mobs. They all add you die. But, it’s fairly easy to recover your runes. The mobs in the cavern are rats and I have no problem taking them down as mid 20s Astrologer utilizing Glinting Pebble.

Earthbore Cave Boss – Runebear

You’ll pass a point of no return when you fight the rune bear the first time. The boss is asleep. You can safely jump off to a ledge then jump down again and you’re in the room with the Earthbore Cave boss, Runebear. However, if you lose your runes, the only way you can get them back is by defeating the boss. The best time to clear a dungeon and try to defeat the dungeon boss is just after you’ve leveled up. You shouldn’t have many runes left to lose because if you die, the runes become less and less until they’re are not any runes left to recover. I finally got the Runebear at level 59