May 13, 2013 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

Eye of the Storm came out in 2007 with Burning Crusade.  It combined flag capture with node control and there is no debate towers > flags.  Those who go for the flag at the beginning of Eye of The Storm are Midiots or Midtards.  The Alliance are Midiots, even after 6 years, and thats why the blow at Eye of The Storm.

Here’s the Pro Strategy based on experience, especially in random bgs … You go to Fel Reaver tower and wait for it to cap.  Hopefully other non noobs have heeded your solid advice to join you in capping FR then taking Mage Tower for the early 3 base.  I like to watch the Midiots battle for the flag, although when I level my resto shaman, which is what I’m doing after this post and the attached movie are complete and ready for upload, I’m going to go Middle and knock everyone I can into the abyss.  When MT caps, the Alliance Midtards, they’re Midtards at this point because towers > flags, will leave and head for middle.  MT will be ripe for the taking.  I could show you a 10 videos where this happens and 7/10 it results in an early 3 base.

In this video, all goes well with the Mage Tower plan but it quickly goes to shit and its up to the few, the proud, the brave, the true heroes of Azeroth, to rise to the occassion.  The few carry the many and below is the video to prove it.  I hope you enjoy it, its 10 minutes long, i edited out half of the 22 minutes I captured on video.  It speaks for itself.  And, never give up.  Its a quality of the amazingly leet.

If you’re doing a Rated BG in Eye of The Storm, you have to remember its a flag cap game to control the tower, not having more friendly players than enemy players in the circle so to speak, and towers > flags.  If I can give you any advice about rated bgs, its keep your 3 healers together at all times.  In fact, at the beginning, keep all 10 together because winning a rated bg is about winning the first major PvP engagement.  Stay leet all.