June 20, 2013 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

Can you do this fire mage?

Of course not, Frozen Orb, Fingers of Frost/Ice Lance are not part of the fire school.

Here’s what you’re all about Fire Mage:  Every 1.5 minutes, with skill as you claim, you can get 4 PoM Pyros.  What is a PoM Pyro?  Its a vanilla term for activating Presence of Mind followed by Pyroblast … that’s basically what happens now with Fire Mages … get as many instant PyroBlasts in a row as possible.  You’ll LoS and dance around casting Scorch (ROFL, what’s that hit for?  5k?) hoping for a crit so you can use fire blast and get an instant pyroblast because Fire Blast is a 100% crit guarantee.  Mix in PoM and Time Warp and I’ve heard about 4 Instant Pyroblasts in a row.

Apparently spamming the scorch key, then hitting the fire blast key, then hitting the Pyroblast key takes some “special” skill I don’t possess because I play Frost Mage.  I’ve heard numerous Fire Mages talk about the “skill” required to play that specializtion.  I have 35 videos showing various levels of “skill” in playing Frost Mage.  Are you saying I can’t learn your 3 button rotation?  Combined with Time Warp and Presence of Mind?  Add fireball, which you never cast because it requires you to stand still, and we are at a 6 button rotation.  Living Bomb, that’s 7.  Whatever shield you’re using, that’s 8, but really SHOULD be 7 because if you’re not playing with FlameGlow, I think you’re playing wrong.  Of course, I am talking about Fire Mage in World of WarCraft, Patch 5.3, PvP, so we are already way down the road of wrong.  Lets see how many buttons a “skilled” Frost Mage uses – Living Bomb, Frostbolt, Ice Lance, FrostFire Bolt (this is instant cast as well Fire Mages on a proc, just like Pyroblast), Pet Freeze Spell, Pet Attack (your pet needs to be on passive to avoid breaking cc), set focus target, sheep focus target, ring of frost, deep freeze, time warp, illusion spell, icy veins, frost nova, ice block, pet follow, cold snap, lock cookie, spellsteal, counterspell, incanter’s ward, an aoe spell, frozen orb, plus you gotta move that’s 4 more keys.  That’s a total of 27 keys you gotta push in various order to play a frost mage, and I probably missed a couple.  I think you get the idea.  I would consider this an average number of keys for a rotation and no matter what fire mages, your rotation is 4 buttons less because you don’t have a pet to control.  And this is why fire mages play fire mages or arcane mages … they were never any good in PvE until now and no one wants to have to control a pet.  It adds a level of skill you don’t possess fire mage.   And in my upcoming series called can you do this fire mage?  we’re gonna have video to prove skill for frost mage > skill for fire mage.  And its funny because we’re talking about skill in WoW.  Its all about your gear.

Note to Fire Mages in Mists of Pandaria:  Fingers of Frost/Ice Lance > Instant Pyroblasts, regardless of how many you get in a row.