December 22, 2014 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

Dear Raid Leader,

It was raid night and I was left out.  It’s okay.  I’ve just returned from an 11 month absence from raiding in your guild … 5/7 (H), 30 person, max difficulty and max people for normal and heroic raid progression in World of WarCraft’s newest expansion Warlords of Draenor which is entering roughly it’s 8th week of release.  It’s excellent.  I’ve been there for some of the kills and I’ve missed some of the kills.  As a guild, we’re 7/7 (N), roughly 30 person difficulty because at some point the people who make too many of the easy mistakes to avoid … this is called taking unnecessary raid damage … too often had to sit and Imperator Mar’gok is difficult.

And hey boss, I’m here to help.

And, you’re trying to shave the raid to 20 person for Mythic Progression.  Blizzard really mixed it up with their latest release.  So people have to sit.

And we’re a good group.  We can get this and elevate ourselves to the next level with less frustration.  Our 20 man team wiping on Heroic Ko’Ragh for 15 attempts was difficult to hear.

Ko’Ragh, is a difficult encounter when you take into account the types of mechanics represented in the fight  Spread out at least XXXX number of another person … with 20 people at the Mythic Difficulty level … there’s specialized ranged responsibilities, don’t stand in the circle and move together as a group combined, and an add phase.  At the Heroic level, the add phase has the aggro table reduced.  During Ko’Ragh, regardless of diffulty, during the add phase, ranged DPS stay on the boss until the adds are closer to the boss.  Melee stays on the boss, however, a few good aoe melee should join the tank inside the suppression circle for the final kill on several adds to make sure said tank doesn’t stand in there too long.

Will this work on Heroic?  Time will tell but it’s how we handled Normal Ko’ragh on our 3rd kill as a guild, a one shot, yet we were sloppy on the stack during the Trampling phase of the fight.  Ko’ragh at normal difficulty doesn’t require the same discipline as Heroic or Mythic.  But hey boss, let’s practice like we’re going to play.  At heroic and mythic level, the adds need to go down quicker.

The adds have to go down inside the circle regardless of difficulty.  There can’t be any aoe DPS going out at Heroic or above because you’re going to aggro the adds toward you instead of where they’re suppose to go.

Ranged stack on the add tank, keep DPS on the boss, then help with add stragglers … bring them to the add tank.  Melee find a way to get some dps on the adds … stack with ranged at the Add Tank so if you aggro one they move to where they need to be.  This stack is going to be key in Mythic success for this boss.  I think.


I made this video of our normal attempt success … it helped our organization.  Maybe slower than I wanted and maybe it helped others out there because I picked up one of the key mechanics on Ko’ragh … placement of the suppression fields.  And you don’t want the boss running all over the room.  After the Expel Magic:Fire portion, ranged needs to stack close to melee so the boss turns around takes a step at the most and places a suppression field.  Ranged and melee moving as a group to the right and you have to remember to spread out for the fire phase.

Then his shield drops and Ko’Ragh’s add phase begins.  All dps stays on the boss while the adds come in 3 waves … the Add Tank needs to round up then take them into the suppression for an aoe burn by as much dps as possible, ranged and melee.  At Heroic and Mythic difficulty, you gotta find a way to get more melee DPS on the adds.

Shield recharges, spread out of the fire, then stack again … ranged and melee fairly close together.  Place the suppression field, watch out for the frozen orb, and this boss is going down for you.  Normal Ko’ragh.

IF KO’RAGH IS RUNNING ALL OVER THE ROOM to place the suppression field THEN YOU’RE NOT READY FOR HEROIC.  He turns, takes a step at the most, places the suppression zone, and you move to the right.  This boss has been a stopper at Normal and Heroic Difficulty … he doesn’t have to be.

And hey boss, I’m real excited about storming through 6/7 (n) … people got rid of blues and more importantly we learned.

Now the real question is, what’s his new mechanic at the mythic level?  No clue.  I have yet to personally see a Ko’ragh fight at the Heroic level … find me someone else with a better understanding of Ko’ragh’s mechanics … and I haven’t personally seen the fight.  And it doesn’t matter … normal you can get away without the stack during Trample.  No way at mythic.

And hey boss, we can down this boss at the Mythic Level ahead of the curve if we utilize all the resources the internet has to offer.