June 28, 2013 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

It was Strand of the Ancients Call to Arms during the week, Tuesday – Friday, one of the subtle changes I noticed is there are 2 Call To Arms battlegrounds per server week (Tuesday – Friday, Friday – Monday).  If Blizzard allowed you to block 3 battlegrounds from being chosen, I’m not sure I would select Strand of the Ancients because there is no BG more entertaining than starting on defense and farming Noobs at Yellow Gate for 10 minutes, racking up 100 honorable kills as they foolishly send wave after wave of their own men and demolishers.

One of the keys to farming Noobs at Yellow Gate for 10 minutes is preventing their initial surge from 3 demoing either Green Gate or Blue Gate.  Solid Players will sit middle beach then assist the side needing the most help.  Once their initial surge is defeated, defend the graveyard for as long as you can.  However, you have to be wary of the other side of the map, once a graveyard goes on either side, graveyard defense should be over and you need to assemble at yellow gate to commence 10 minute farming.

Another key is using the portals.  That’s why they are there, they transport you behind the gate if it still stands, and to the next gate if it is knocked down.  This applies to either side, meaning if green gate and purple gate are standing, while blue and purple are down, then you can take the portal all the way from Green gate to Yellow Gate.  It’s quite fabulous.  I laugh every time I see people chasing demo’s on foot when they can easily use the portals.  I bet half the people who play Strands don’t even know there are portals to assist you in farming Noobs at Yellow Gate for 10 minutes.

When you’re on Offense, drive the demo’s like a pro and make sure you get the graveyards on both sides.