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Believe it or not, there are things I do and enjoy outside of WoW.  What did you do last summer between 3 Jul and 19 Sep 2013?  I went to Europe.  I love NFL football.  Mostly because of my fantasy football league which is entering it’s 19th season.  We scored our teams from the Newspaper on Monday’s, sites like were forward thinking pioneers.  Here are some out on the limb crazy predictions for the 2013 NFL Season.

1.  The Cleveland Browns make the playoffs with a home game for the first time since 1994 when Bill Belichick was head coach.  In 1995, when the Browns announced they were leaving for Baltimore, Kid Genius had duped some team out of their first round pick (does that sound familiar, the New England Patriots with multiple first round picks?) for the 1996 draft.  The new Baltimore Ravens would use this pick on Ray Lewis (they used their own pick on Jonathan Ogden) and the rest is history.  Talk about the right guy at the wrong time.  The Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland sports in general, are truly cursed.  Please come back next year LeBron.

2.  The Baltimore Ravens miss the playoffs for the first time in the Joe Flacco era.  Flacco got paid, but the Ravens defense that won two Super Bowls, is gone.

3.  Geno Smith is the starting QB for the NY Jets week 5 on Monday Night Football against the Falcons.  He’ll probably win the job outright because Mark “Sanchize” Sanchez is terrible and Rex Ryan’s team is playing for his job.

4.  Tim Tebow has an All-Pro Season at TE.  And the Patriots only have to carry two quarterbacks.  Kid Genius.

5.  Aaron Dobson, Jake Ballard, Danny Amendola, Michael Jenkins, and LaVelle Hawkins will be household names at the end of the season.  Tom Brady will make you famous.

6.  Trent Richardson leads the NFL in rushing.  It will be extremely interesting to see how the new rule affects rushing yards this season.  And, Norv Turner has been coaching 1500 yard running backs for a long time.  Emmitt Smith, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Williams and Trent Richardson.  Coach Turner adds to his collection of 1,800 yard backs.

7.  The Cincinnati Bengals miss the playoffs.  Come on Bungles fans, are you really that excited about Andy Dalton?

8.  The Seattle Seahawks miss the playoffs.  As long as Pete Carroll is at the helm, this team is going nowhere.  The Vikings duped him out of a first round pick for Percy Harvin, who will be out until December.  If he plays at all this year.  And, I never buy into a year of work, I’m all  about a body of work, when it comes to Russell Wilson.

9.  Colin Kaepernick rushes for 1,037 yards.  That would be a record from the QB position.  The guy is like a gazelle and even though the read option is on film for 10 or so games, it will be difficult to stop.  Anyone who lived in Reno, Nevada between 2007 and 2010, isn’t surprised at all by his burst onto the scene.  I told a friend when he got drafted the guy was going to win a Super Bowl.  It happens this year.

10.  LaMichael James leads the 49ers in rushing.  Kaepernick and his starting RB at University of Nevada-Reno, Vai Tua, finished their careers as the all time leading rushing duo in division I college football.  They bested the previous record held by The Pony Craig James and Eric Dickerson at SMU.

11.  CJ2K returns to form.  Running behind Chance Warmack.  And a slew of other upgrades to the offensive line.  Kenny Britt plays, Jake Locker is serviceable, and the guy has something to prove.  This is way under the radar 2nd/3rd round pick in fantasy football.

12.  The Denver Broncos receiving corps breaks all kinds of team receiving records.  Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker create a match-up nightmare for any team.  Peyton Manning starts 16 games, just like he has every year in his career, minus the year he sat out to get healthy to try for another super bowl.  It’s amazing a guy with a career post season record of 9-10 is mentioned as one of the greatest ever.  Denver plays San Francisco for the super bowl, assuming he doesn’t meet Tom Brady in the playoffs.  New England makes the playoffs because of Brady and they play in the AFC Least.

13.  Matt Cassell leads the Vikings to the playoffs.  Teams will dare Christian Ponder to beat them.  He won’t.

14.  NFC Playoff Teams.  San Francisco, Green Bay, Atlanta, New York Giants, New Orleans, Minnesota.  I think it is more interesting to talk about the teams not on this list.  Seattle, read above.  Dallas, bye bye Jason Garrett.  Bye Ron Rivera.

15.  AFC Playoff Teams.  New England, Cleveland, Houston, Denver, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.  Again, the teams NOT on the list.  Bye Rex Ryan.

16.  Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, RGIII win fantasy football leagues for owners who recognize this the new NFL. 

17.  Larry Fitzgerald returns to All Pro Form.  Please be available in the 3rd round at pick 27 in my 1o team fantasy league after I take Trent Richardson at 7 and Matt Forte at Pick 14.   Do we really live in a world where I can get Tom Brady in the fourth round of a fantasy football draft?

18.  Stevie Johnson continues to be a fantasy football stalwart.  The kind of guy who always gets rostered with RGIII, Kaepernick, et. al, and somebody has to catch 70 passes.  Find me an NFL team that didn’t have 1 player who caught at least 70 passes in 2012.  How many did he have?  69?

19.  The healthy St. Louis Rams RB produces more yards from scrimmage than Steven Jackson.  Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson, one of those 2 is going to be a household name by the end of the season.  Steven Jackson will be over valued, based on name, and Atlanta still has Quizz Rodgers who will earn his touches.  The days of the 20+ carry a game back are over, unless your name is Trent Richardson, Maurice Jones Drew, or Adrian Peterson.  Find me more teams that has a true Every Down Back.

20.  Maybe 10 people in the world read these predictions.

Thanks to those who have read the site so far.  I bet you’re better at PvP if you found this site and optimized your interface for World of WarCraft PvP.