August 5, 2013 | Posted in: Sports

It’s not a matter if the Cleveland Indians are going to the playoffs, its a matter if they’re going as a wild card or a division winner.  And really their season hinges on this guy.

The Indians lost tonight to the Detroit Tigers 4-2 in the first of a crucial 4 game set, at home.  Entering tonight, the Indians were 3 games back of the AL Central Leading Tigers.  With the loss, they are now 4 games back in the division and a three way tie for basically what amounts to a 1 game playoff to go to the playoffs.  This is the second year of the 1 game playoff to decide the true wildcard representative for the American League.  A 1 game playoff would be huge for the city of Cleveland and northern Ohio as a whole.  Chris Perez blew his 3rd save of the season giving up a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning to some scrub catcher.  Closer by committee is where this team is heading.  But it doesn’t matter because the Cleveland Indians are going to the playoffs.

I think of the 2010 Giants when I think of the 2013 Indians.  One can always dream and if the Indians do go to the playoffs, maybe you read it here first.  And this is the reason I don’t write about sports, you actually have to watch the game to write about it intelligently.   I caught the end of this game while playing trivia at a local bar, I do go out every once in a while and socialize amongst the people.

Please come back to Cleveland next year Lebron.  I know it will be a shitty thing to do to Miami after winning a 3rd straight championship.  This is about 7 rings.  You need to go to the place that gives you the best chance to win.  The Cavs drafted Anthony Bennett to be everything Chris Bosh isn’t and present another 3 year championship run.  Maybe this will be a lot easier when a Derrick Rose led Chicago Bulls oust you in the playoffs when Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, your old buddy LeBron, expose how Chris Bosh is no Horace Grant or Dennis Rodman.  Bring a championship home LeBron.  It’s your destiny.