April 17, 2018 | Posted in: NFL

In the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns and their 5 selections in the first 64 overall make all the headlines.  The Buffalo Bills also have 5 selections in the first 65 after the Tyrod Taylor Trade but the only news they’re making is how they are going to trade up into the Top 5 and select their “franchise QB”.  New England has 5 in the first 96 from the Garopollo and Cooks trades.  The New York Giants have 4 in the first 69.  The Cleveland Browns are not alone when it comes to acquiring draft capital.

On the Bills, here’s a decent opinion on the Bills Hanging Onto Their 2018 Draft Picks.

Also, an opinion piece on the on the New York Giants Trading Down to acquire More Draft Capital.

So, who are 5 teams lacking in draft capital with these teams listed above and their “massive amount

  •  The Houston Texans.  Outside of the trade with Kansas City to draft DeShaun Watson, in the hands of the Cleveland Browns (4th overall), 2018s second round selection (35 overall) was sent to the Browns, part of the deal for Osweiler in 2017.  Houston’s first selection in the 2018 NFL Draft?  68 overall.  There’s another pick at 80, acquired from Seattle as part of the Duane Brown trade (Houston owns Seattle’s 2019 second round pick, no fifth round selection this year, it went back to Seattle as part of the deal).  There’s a compensatory pick at 98 overall (AJ Bouye), a pick in the fourth, 103 overall, three 6th round picks (two compensatory) and a 7th rounder.  8 picks total … the same amount as the Browns, but it’s where the picks fall and their value.  Three 3rd round selections between picks 68 and 98 overall puts pressure on the Houston front office.  Who’s playing LT in 2018?  Who are the three starting CBs?  Do we agree there’s a need at TE?  What about depth on the DL?  The Texans can find help on the defensive line, help at corner, a backup for DeShaun Watson?, are the Texans Really going with Brandon Weeden because Nobody wants to rush Watson back in to service, Game 1 of the 2018 NFL Season? with these 3rd round selection, the Texans could find contributors to help make the team Better, nice and ready for Watson to return fully healthy, and in 2019 we’ll really have a chance to add what the Texans need through the draft and free agency ($62MM in projected cap space).  Don’t rush your Hall of Fame QB back into service #TexansNation
  •  The Los Angeles Rams.  They start their 2018 NFL Draft at pick 87 overall.  No first rounder this year, part of acquiring Brandin Cooks from the Patriots.  The Bills own their second round pick this year thanks to the trade for Sammy Watkins.  There’s a fourth rounder at 111 overall, acquired from Miami as part of the Robert Quinn trade, the Rams personal fourth round selection in 2018 was sent to Kansas City as part of the Marcus Peters trade (KC owns the Rams’ second round selection in 2019).  There’s no 5th round selection this year, sent to Denver for Aqib Talib.  Then there’s the sixth round for #RamsNation.  5 selections between 176 overall and 196 overall, including three draft picks in a row.  Let’s see what kind of prospect evaluation skills Sean McVay demonstrates in 2018 and have two seasons of data regarding McVay’s draft picks.  5 of his 8 draft picks in 2017 played in 16 games while Cooper Kupp (drafted by McVay in the third round) … do you have any doubt who’s running the show in Los Angeles?  Oh that’s right, the front office makes all the decisions on exactly Who gets drafted … played in 14 games.  The Rams are all in this year, they’ve been said to be having “the best off season”, but it comes at a price.  3rd round and beyond talent in 2018.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs.  They begin their draft on day two at pick 54 overall, their first round selection belongs to Buffalo as part of the trade to acquire Patrick Mahomes in 2017.  KC liked Mahomes better than DeShaun Watson.  There’s pick 78 overall in the third round, acquired as part of the Alex Smith trade, pick 86 overall, also in the third round.  Picks 122 and 124 (Peters trade) in the fourth.  Two 7th round picks, 233 and 243, both acquired in trades … and i can tell you right now the theme of the 2018 draft will be all the trading?  7 Draft Picks total for the Chiefs.
  • The Washington Redskins.  Despite holding onto their own first and second rounders in 2018, 13 and 44 overall, the Redskins only have four draft picks remaining after these selections are made.  No third round pick, part of the Alex Smith deal.  The next two slections at 109 and 142 overall are place swaps with Denver as part of the Su’a Cravens deal … an interesting note on this trade, a “clause” was written stating Washington will get Denver’s 2020 fifth round selection if Cravens appears in a playoff a game in the next two seasons … perhaps we’ll start seeing more creative trade clauses in the future.  Another 5th rounder, 163 overall, comes from Atlanta, exchanged for OT Ty Sambrailo.  There’s pick 206 overall in the sixth round, a considerable move down was made to acquire Kevin Hogan (18 slots).  Two selections in the 7th round.  8 selections total.
  • The Seattle Seahawks.  They own the 16th pick overall in the first round, there’s no second rounder this year because of the trade for Sheldon Richardson.  There’s no third round pick from the Duane Brown trade.  Seattle’s second pick is scheduled for Day 3 at 120 overall.  Two selections in the fifth round relatively close together at 141 (Brown trade) and 146 (the Marshawn Lynch pick), and another 5th round selection at 168 overall, acquired from New England for DE Cassius Marsh.  Three selections in the 7th round, including Mr. Irrelevant, the last Scheduled draft pick, i.e., not counting compensatory picks.

What do four of these 5 teams have in common?  They all made moves for “franchise QBs) over the past three seasons.  If I had to add a 6th team to this list, it would be the Philadelphia Eagles, they have 6 draft picks overall, a first rounder, two fourth rounders, plus one in the fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds.

Teams have traded away their draft capital and when you can’t add first or second round talent in a draft year, well, it can start to show down the road.  Great Houston, you have DeShaun Watson.  Well, this year, you can’t add any of the talent Needed around him, especially on defense and can you ever really have too many offensive lineman on the roster capable of starting?

And a final note … there is no player in the 2018 NFL Draft that can be selected at Number 4 worth more than three first round draft picks (two this year) and the first pick of the third round in 2018.  You’re foolish not to pick up 5 future draft picks for the #4 overall because I’m standing by my prediction the first 5 selections in the 2018 NFL Draft will be Quarterbacks.  Make sure we get in on the crazy trade action and acquire More Draft Capital because we already took our guy at QB #1 overall.

Draft Capital wins championships.