April 20, 2018 | Posted in: Publishing

Currently, 6 days before the draft, as the roster is currently constructed:

  1.  Who’s playing LT?  Shon Coleman?  Spencer Drango? Chris Hubbard?
  2. Who are the 3 starting corners?  Boddie Calhoun, Damarious Randall, and EJ Gaines?  Travis Carrie?
  3.  Who’s playing on the interior defensive line besides Ogunjobi?  Caleb Brantley?  Trevon Coleman?
  4.  Who’s playing Free Safety?  Randall?  He was drafted as a safety, making Howard Wilson next man up at CB
  5.  What happens if Josh Gordon has trouble or Coleman gets hurt (again) Ricardo Louis?  Rashard Higgins?
    • Pretty sure Louis and Higgins had every chance in 2017
  6. How many “edge” defenders in the front 4 of a 4-3 base defense are on the field for a given play?
    • a rotation of Myles Garrett, Emmanuel Ogbah, Carl Nassib, and Chris Smith

These are your team needs.  You’re taking a QB who isn’t going to play this season #1 overall.  And apparently a RB or an “Edge” defender with the #4 overall because trading down and acquiring draft picks is too analytical for a guy like John Dorsey and it makes perfect sense to address Need 6 with the #4 pick overall.  Or draft a RB at pick 4 overall and be paying $45MM+ to the RB position over the next 3 seasons after signing Carlos Hyde in the off season.

Three selections in the second round to address the remaining 5 needs.  The prognosticators like OT, CB, and WR, maybe John Dorsey and his crew pick pro bowlers with every second round pick.

After the initial 5 selections, you’re going 4th round and beyond to find impact starters on the defensive interior and secondary because you’re drafting under a flawed, ancient, vague principle … drafting the best player available … what?  Cleveland needs corners, a safety, defensive interior and a legitimate LT prospect (none of this Shon might be able to play it or maybe Hubbard can play LT and Stephenson can play RT) way more than they need a RB or an “edge” defender.  Do you, as a Browns fan, recognize these names as your new Tackles on the right and left side of the offensive line?  Joe Thomas retired and I haven’t heard one legitimate conversation on how the Browns are going to address the loss in the 2018 NFL Draft.