August 3, 2015 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

We’re 5 weeks in Warlords of Draenor PvP Season 2.  Weapon week for the “average” PvPer … we weren’t in the tournament so blizzard didn’t give us our gear.  We had to earn it.  Proper conquest management should have the average PvPer with the Season 2 Wild Gladiator weapon and 2000 saved conquest because you aren’t greedy and did not purchase a second piece this week and will have enough for a 2250 piece next week.  You haven’t earned a single point of extra conquest in rated bgs or Arena 3s …. you’ve made sure you’ve done what you’ve had to do each week to make 1700 conquest including the 200 bonus from Ashran.  Maybe you got some good RNG on the Ashran box with a piece of gear.  You’ve given up 4 piece bonus for now for the extra iLvl and Versatility.  You didn’t sell out the horde because Alliance racials are so OP’d.  You’re an average PvPer.

Frost Mage in Season 2 is excellent.  PvP iLvl 721 … poor box RNG and I haven’t capped 3 rated bg wins for the gear box, the quest was bugged the first week of the season and my 4 rated bg wins didn’t count.  I have little patience for rated bgs.  Too structured.  All the dps on the same target and you’re a 1500 rated team.  Throw in some crowd control and you’re 1750.  Throw in coordinated and timely CC you’re 2k plus.

How is skill judged?  Data?

Heroic Beastlord Frost Mage Rankings.  4th of 15,792 parses.

Heroic Operator Thogar Frost Mage Rankings.  11th of 10,700 parses.  So few because fire mage was BRF fotm and RastaJay never plays flavor of the month.  RastaJay plays Frost Mage.  At a high level.  In PvE.  1750 in 2s 1550 in 3s 1750 in rated bgs (past seasons).

Evidence of Frost Mage talent in Warlords of Draenor.  PvE.

The class is benefiting from the much needed boost in 6.2, more mastery, frostbolt and frostfire bolt hitting harder.  Ice Lance hitting harder.  And Ice Nova, qq more, because Blizzard had to do something to balance the class … mage … because 99th percentile Frost Mage Damage in Heroic Blackrock Furnace was 35k.  50th percentile DPS for fire mage on the AoE fights was 55k.  50th percentile Arcane Mage, single target, was 45k.  You know how much grief I took for playing Frost Mage in Heroic BRF?   36k on Heroic Blackhand.  It was a solid number.  I pugged heroic 9/10, server transferred to Thrall because it’s a high population horde server, found a 10/10 heroic spank squad and wiped on Mythic Beastlord for 4 weeks.  Mythic is difficult.  I never got a true shot at mythic progression where the mobility of the Frost Mage was coveted.  Mobile DPS.  Ranged.  It’s a role.  and 19 others have to be doing things well for mythic progression.

The same hold true for PvP Progression.  In 3s, where you can earn some legitimacy in the PvP community requires three people working together.  Both DPS on the same target is 1550.  Throw in some CC basics, 1750.  Coordinated CC and DPS timing on cooldowns on the same target equals 2k plus.  Team composition is important.  I want to 3s with a shadow priest and a resto druid.  I want to 3s with a disc priest and properly spec’d rogue.

At the end of Warlords of Draenor Season 2, I’ll have a 3s rating.

And maybe some mythic gear.  This PvP season is short.  This tier for the PvE community is going to be very long.

Tier 18, Hellfire Citadel, I passed.  Concentrated on Season 2 to gather more evidence on being the most complete Frost Mage in the world.  Venruki is the best Frost Mage in the world.  At PvP.  A solid resume.  However, he’s lacking PvE data.  My PvE data is solid.  Do Venruki’s PvP achievements when stacked against the PvE Achievements of this writer create some balance?

2k 3s data is the goal.

Frost Mage PvP skill evidence.  Sure, its random bgs.  Where I practice advanced tactics.  Polymorph.  Ring of Frost.  SpellSteal.  CounterSpell.  Crowd Control is the Frost Mage’s primary concern in 3s and rated BGs, not DPS.  Total Damage Done.  An Ice Nova Rated BG Frost Mage is going to use the massive burst PvP damage at the right time and the target is going to be dead … you can’t tick damage on something that isn’t in the game anymore because they are rezzing at the graveyard.  Plus, I’m busy sheeping one of the healers and counterspelling another.  I’m putting down ring of frost where their melee DPS is concentrating on one of our healers.  I come in on the kill target at the right time with deep freeze, ice nova, pet freezing trap, ice nova, ice lance, brain freeze … its hurts and it hurts very quickly.