March 26, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post shares a walkthrough of an important dungeon in Elden Ring players will need to defeat as part of Ranni’s quest unlocking a secret ending to the game. Also, this is THE early game dungeon for astrologer mages to complete. Azur’s Glintstone Staff, Comet (Sorcery for Casters), Radagon’s Icon, and Graven School Talisman make your character geared in the fairly early going.

Key Required to Enter

Players will find two gates locked with a magical spell and need the Academy Glintstone key found in two locations. One behind a sleeping dragon (players do not need to fight the dragon) and on a chandelier during Elden Ring rooftop, ledge, and beam adventures inside the academy when players try to get Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

Mini Boss Guide

Upon entering the academy through South Raya Lucaria gate, players have to make their way to the Church of Cuckoo site of grace and Debate Hall site of grace. Debate Hall will be the site of grace unlocked by defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon. There’s a couple of spots where the mages are tricky, however, players will learn their “ambuses” and find the process of getting to the second site of grace, the debate hall, fairly easy.

Azur’s Glintstone Staff

Playing Astrologer Mage, with high intellect and mind, Azur’s Glintstone staff is sexy because the weapon stacks with an heirloom called Radagon Icon looted after defeating the dungeon’s mini boss increasing casting speed. Academy of Raya Lucaria, and it’s loot, are something Astrologer Mages and sorcerer’s in general want as early as possible in the game. The path to the Glintstone Staff was challenging, for me, because it involves a lot of rooftop jumping and hand to hand combat with two difficult mobs.

Rannala, Queen of the Full Moon

There are two paths two the boss including mobs. Dodging the moving ball is easier and unlocking the second path requires more treacherous perils in the academy beyond grabbing Azur’s Glintstone Staff. Learn to dodge the giant ball and you’ll have the best path to the boss fight and yes, you have to pull the lever and wait for the lift.

Comet (Sorcery, Glintstone) and Graven School Talisman

Clutch astrologer mage gear. I should have had these two items earlier in the game but I did not know about the secret entrance to where the gear is located. After the site of grace at church of the cuckoo, as players make their way to the debate hall site of grace (facing a mini boss) players will come up some stairs facing a melee mage with three casting mages waiting in the wings. After eliminating these four mobs, climb the left staircase, an immediate left at the top, and a hack with your melee weapon at the wall to reveal a secret tunnel. How many of these have I missed? The sorcery is in a chest then players must jump a railing and fall through two floors where the Graven School Talisman, increasing spell damage, will be laying on some crystals. There are annoying little “pots” who attack.