March 27, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes how to obtain one of the best staves players can acquire in Elden Ring for Astrologer Mage class and sorcerer’s in general. Players will have to navigate Sellia, Town of Sorcery lighting three towers to unlock magically sealed doors, and defeat a boss duo.

Sellia, Town of Sorcery

Players will unlock at site of grace near the entrance to the town known as Sellia Under the Stairs. From there, players will run up some stairs and enter the ghost town with the task of lighting three towers to unlock doors to loot and the boss. Defeating the boss gives players access to a chest containing Lusat’s Glintstone Staff.

Lighting the first two towers requires travel on gigantic roots and rooftops with some key jumps without much room for error or players will fall to the ground and have to start over. The town’s mobs, ghosts, including casting mages, will vanish from site, and there’s a few tough melee mobs. Playing Astrologer is limiting in this venue and I had to rely on the sword in most cases.

Lighting the third tower is the easiest and once this is accomplished players will have access to the boss fight.

Nox Sorceress and Nox Priest Duo Boss Fight

I summoned my +6 wolf ashes and spanked the duo from ranged with Glintstone Stars because the boss duo has a tendency to dodge Glinting Pebble. Boss fights from ranged are somehow easier and playing Astrologer Mage is not popular because of the low number of hit points because leveling points are put into Intelligence and Mind. For every three intelligence points, players should invest two in mind creating a 60 intelligence 40 mind split. Also, Astrologer Mage is wearing cloth armor, like the Snow Witch Set, due to low endurance and the importance of keeping the load medium for clutch barrel rolls resulting in poor damage negation.