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Do you want to be more pro at Apex Legends? Read this post. Watch the embedded twitch video. The author of this post is level 226 at Apex Legends, Gold IV in ranked. He’s not “good”, definitely not “pro”, he’s simply a guy who has played the game a lot, especially on King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Quit dropping new maps, do you notice how your daily players Decrease when you drop a new map?

Dropping from the Airship

If you’ve never played the game before, drop Immediately. The more reps one Practices in what amounts to Extremely Quick Combat, the better one, in theory, will get in the Combat Dynamics of Apex Legends.

Lifeline’s rez you with her healing drone With a Shield is OP’d. She’s mandatory in ranked matches and, apparently, Watson. If becoming Apex Predator is which team of three hides in a building with Caustic, Watson, and Bloodhound the Best, well, I’m never going to be Apex Predator. That, and I’m not good enough to progress past Gold.

Learn the jump step. I’m not trying to show you how pro I am in these embedded Twitter videos, I’m trying to show you how quickly the Combat Mechanics operate. As a new player, the best thing you can do for yourself is drop immediately. Use your game time practicing picking up gear and engaging in Combat. Once you have a gun and a shield, start looking for the enemy. A second gun is nice. Look for the enemy, don’t loot boxes, unless it’s for the shield. Pick up all the ammo even if you don’t have the gun, leaving less ammunition for your opponents.

The Jump – Ranked

When jumping in ranked matches, rotate your view 360 degrees and watch the teams drop. The strategy is different, you’re trying to finish in the Top 10. This post isn’t for competitive gamers, the post is for people who enjoy playing the game and desire to be better. Watching Ninja being pro at Apex Legends doesn’t help me become better. Reps in the game help me become better.

Look to jump 180 degrees (to the “sides”) opposed to along the drop ship flight path. Be patient. After watching the teams jump, because you rotated your view 360 degrees, and observing 180 degrees, you’ll find “space” in the map on either “sides” of the drop ship. Drop in that “space” and work your way to a Top 10 finish.

Don’t be a loot whore

On a “hot drop”, meaning you’re jumping Immediately, or jumping the “blue circle”, finding the enemy is more important than gear once you have a gun and a shield. Being a loot whore leads to poor team spacing. The simplest way to gear in Apex Legends is wining the Combat Mechanics and eliminating enemy squads. On a “hot drop”, two extra magazines of ammunition is enough. Share with your teammates. Three stacks of ammunition is enough until you get purple backpack and are one of the last three teams.

When Lifeline rezzes you after eliminating an enemy squad, fix your shield and health, then Loot the boxes. Lifeline is in the rear with the gear in squad spacing.

Ranked Ideal Comp

Bloodhound, Lifeline, Caustic. Don’t @ me.

Bloodhound leads the charge, Caustic throws gas and traps, Lifeline is in the rear with the gear in case someone gets dropped. Combat occurring inside structures can be easily identified with the enemy easily marked every six seconds during beast of the hunt in the fog of Caustic Haze.

Five ways to be better at Apex Legends

  1. Learn the jump step
  2. Learn the map and use the Environment
  3. Be on top of things. Buildings, boxes, vehicles, walls, etc., etc.
  4. Be mildly thirsty for the kill
  5. Don’t be a Loot Whore

New England v New York Jets

Week 9 of the 2020 NFL Season (COVID edition) concludes with the New England Patriots visiting the hapless New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

We like to publish about the NFL Draft and NFL Predictions.

This week, the spread is double digits and had we followed our adage of laying action on a NFL spread because it is double digits, always taking the points, we would have gone 2-0 in those games instead of 0-1.

Instead of wagering on the spread, we wagered on Under 42. New England 27, New York Jets 10.