March 18, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes a location in Elden Ring essential for player progression. There are many tasks to accomplish and loot to turn into various vendors to receive crucial items for things like weapon upgrades. Players have to learn their way around the hold and accomplish various tasks to unlock various vendors full potential.

Round Table Hold

This is a low key important place in Elden Ring. Here’s how you get to Round Table Hold. Basically, you’ll automatically go to Round Table Hold most likely after visiting a certain number of sites of grace or a particular site of grace. The movie sending me to Round Table Hold the first time happened automatically and kind of surprised me. Once there, I didn’t know what to do and basically left until I learned about the Twin Husks Vendor and Spirit Ash upgrades.

Variety of Tasks in Round Table Hold

One of the most important tasks is unlocking the purchase of smithing stones level one and smithing stones level 2. One has to beat the boss in Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. The dungeon is rather large but there’s a shortcut. You’ll want to run the entire dungeon to get all the smithing stones and other loot but when you’re ready for the boss, take the shortcut. Upon defeating the Crystalian boss of the Tunnel, you’ll be awarded a smithing miner’s bell which you take to the Twin Husks vendor in Round Table Hold. There’s a video below how to get to the Twin Husks once you enter Round Table Hold.

Twin Husks Vendor Location

Here’s how to find the Twin Husks in Round Table Hold. Engage in dialogue with the Twin Husks and there’s a tab to offer them smithing miner bells. There are also glove wort pickers bells to collect. Purchasing smithing stones and glovewort for gear upgrades will have you learning your way around the hold quickly.