March 19, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes Memory Stones and places to find these items crucial to players with an Astrologer build in Elden Ring. Boss fights, solving of puzzles for dungeon access, merchant, and dungeon walkthroughs are essential to help players navigate an extremely difficult and challenging game and be awarded the item increasing number of spells used in combat.

Increase Number of Spells with Memory Stones

Memory Stones increase the number of spell slots on your instant use bar. With a sorcerer’s staff equipped, each Memory Stone increases the number of spells you can “carry” and cycle during a fight. This is the first Memory Stone I found, increasing my number of spell “slots” to three. I could have found this Memory Stone when I first entered Weeping Peninsula during levels 20-25 but, instead, I found my first Memory Stone past Level 70. Giggle. Don’t be like me.

Oridys’s Rise Memory Stone

I came to this “dungeon” but couldn’t find wise beasts two and three so I went onto other things in Elden Ring, like dying. You die so much in this game. After some googling, I figured out the three wise beasts and was disappointed there was no actual dungeon with a boss and felt silly I found my first Memory Stone at Level 70. The Oridys’s Rise three wise beast puzzle is actually pretty easy once you know where to look and what to look for.

Where to find the Oridys’s Rise Memory Stone

The memory stone is located in a chest at the top of the tower.

Raya Lucaria Academy

Raya Lucaria Academy is a good place to farm mages for the sorcerer’s armor set. Also, when you defeat the boss, the Red Wolf of Ragadon, a Memory Stone will drop. You can also purchase a Memory Stone from the Twin Husks vendor in Round Table Hold. This encompasses the three Memory Stones I’ve found increasing my usable spells in combat to five.

Lenni’s Rise

There’s a memory stone at the top of Lenni’s rise located in Caelid. I can’t remember how to get to the location’s site of grace but it probably involved a lot of running away from mobs. There’s a spirit spring jump to an open balcony taking me a few times to figure out. The video below shows how to make the jump and get your memory stone like a pro.

Tetsu’s Rise

A memory stone lies at the top of Tetsu’s Rise in Lakes of Liurnia using the Sorcerer’s Isle site of grace. Similar to Oridys’s Rise in Weeping Peninsula, there’s a “find three wise beasts” puzzle to unlock the tower. The video below shows you where the three glowing turtles are located and I remember them being pretty easy to find when you knew where to look.