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Heroic Kormok Rankings

No orange there.  It will be more fun when more logs with people iLvl 727 are parsed because of the valor upgrade 10 iLvls.  The bracket percentages tell a story.  Like the badass 90th percentile elemental shaman who got out dps’d by a frost mage because 95th percentile frost mage damage … roughly, we’ll call it 87k … so you’re going to have to do at least 87k to beat me.  Dub, what happens when I’m another 10 iLvls higher because I was actually able to find a team … you were looking for talented ranged but not too talented … we don’t want anyone, especially the girls, to get their egos hurt …. and more iLvl 727s are parsed?

You discredited by BRF data because, according to you, it didn’t count because “no one was playing the spec”.  There were just as many frost mage parses on heroic beastlord as there are currently on Mythic Hellfire Assault.  Your argument is completely null and void.

Crushing Hand 1

But I don’t want to switch to the Crushing Hand that has you boss, I’d have to build up four new arcane charges on the add.

Crushing Hand 2

I didn’t see the crushing hand because I don’t have enemy nameplates turned on.  I can’t switch to the add with less health because I can’t tell.  I can’t switch the skull target because it’s hard for me to target him.  This is the reason add phases in encounters are crushers.  Wait until blizzard adds a mechanic where the add has to be crowd controlled and if you break the crowd control, it’s a wipe.

The fact it didn’t say “enemy nameplates in the ON position” as the first requirement of your group was strike 1.  Wiping on Mythic Assault was strike 4.   I should have gquit right then, saved us all the trouble …

Crushing Hand 3

Putting DPS in the right place at the right time … progression.  DPS Meter measures egos.  Warcraft Logs … useful data.  Data you can’t debate.  Or Discredit homie.  Such inspiration your question has given me … what makes you think you’re an orange parsing world class raider?

Screenshot (34)

Screenshot (35)

I don’t know boss … what’s the predominant color in the above photos?

Screenshot (36)

Frost DK – 83rd percentile, 65k.  Whatever kind of warlock that is … 82nd percentile 61k.  80th percentile Frost mage on Heroic Council?  78k …. 9th percentile in the bracket because the parses have so many legit 727s opposed to 717s taking advantage of the new valor system.  Give it time.  You’re going to have bust 80k to beat me on heroic council and how many people, friends, get carried through heroics when someone’s putting up 80k?  It almost counts for 2 dps.  Even if someone did 10k on heroic, it would average enough across the group and we  move on and everyone gets the gear and everyone has fun.  While I log parses.  And see ….

And Weak Auras 2?  Lets watch some YouTube video together of me killing bosses … where I can actually see the fight … and I’ll show you where Everything Weak Auras 2 does is already on my screen.  Weak Auras 2 would make me better?  I like it.

Thing is … I don’t know how to use it.  And I like my interface where it’s at … just a little more notice when enchant procs, help managing Incanter’s Flow … I play frost mage, I’ve dedicated World Wide Web Resources to the class.  And yes, I play it well … the data is arrogant.  And my capability to memorize a memorizeable Artificial Intelligence and play frost mage within the confines … problem is I need 19 others who I can play at a high level.

When I came back to WoW, brand new account in February 2011 … I went to Dalaran because I had a couple RL friends there and I got onto a raiding team.  25 man Dragon Soul … killed all 8 of those bosses.  When MoP came out, 10 man in Mogushan Vaults we got the achieve … Dude Throne of Thunder came out and we wiped 105 times on Horridon.  Over weeks.  Plus, the group was running 2 10 mans which got combined into a single 10 man and the combination of people left out and dying 105 times to the second boss …

A group of us joined Ouroboros-Dalaran.  We finished ToT 25 man – normal.  Never got into Heroic because SooG came out.  25 man finished it on normal and we got the first boss on heroic, Immerseus.  I had to quit … I couldn’t handle what I knew was coming for Ourboros-Dalaran on SooG Heroic – you know how long it was out and for 9 months that group banged it out in heroic SooG finishing 10/13 (h).  I got back in with them at the beginning of WoD.  The first night of Highmaul, there were 45 people for 30 slots … they had to keep a separate piece of paper to make sure everyone got DKP.  Dalaran had two other 20 man teams when BRF started.  Their whole server, which is small to begin with, had 3 horde teams trying to progress through end game content.  I server transferred to Thrall .. a huge horde PvE server with 50 such teams … got a team near the end of BRF who quit after 52 attempts on Mythic BeastLord.

We spanked every Heroic fight in there …. here was that group’s issue … they didn’t practice the mythic formation.  I want to be killing Heroic Gruul in the mythic formation … to practice.  You know how good I was on Thogar??? … yeah it’s hard to see on my screen when the door opens and NOT to be standing on the track … and it was hard to memorize the pattern at heroic difficulty … I never got to see the fight.  My group quit after 50 attempts on the first boss and broke up … no HFC.

I took a break man.  Putting up all them orange numbers on those heroic bosses?  Giving up and playing fire mage on mythic beastlord because they made me?  Fire Mage RastaJay got pinned all the time and without Weak Auras 2 telling me when to combust … the spec wasn’t my flow man but I played it and parsed purple on heroic beastlord.

They had to make Frost better in HFC because of the parse disparity between fire spec and frost spec.  You can’t have 99th percentile frost mage damage equal to 40th percentile fire mage damage … its called imbalance.  Fire Mage was fotm.  Yet it the spec puts up top numbers in the world for all the class specs on Iskar and Xhul.  The nerf to Inferno Blast … ouch.

Now you have the same imbalance with arcane single target damage.  Do you think RastaJay scorch weaved in Mogushan Vaults?  I play Frost Mage bro.  And I’ve gotten a lot better since MoP came out … changed the way I move … changed the way I target … using the keyboard to move … sad you have to tell someone you need to be doing it … and unbind you s key … there’s no moving backwards in Azeroth.  It’s illegal.

I’m going to play Frost Mage and I’m going to play it a level that’s plenty good enough for mythic progression.  Just gotta find a team.

5/13 M putting in that work on Gorefiend.