February 4, 2021 | Posted in: Publishing

Published for a friend

Five games scheduled

Utah @ Atlanta (+10.5)

Golden State @ Dallas (-4.5)

Portland @ Philadelphia (-10)

Houston @ Memphis (-3.5)

Denver @ Los Angeles Lakers (-5)

Truths to be self evident

First, I can’t write these articles for my friend every night. And, if my friend who is actually the publisher would, you know, publish himself, well, his site would be updated more often.

The publisher contends a single United States Citizen, with a passport establishing United States of America citizenship, capability to publish, if the publisher deemed publishing worthwhile, upholds the core principles of our nation as I too am a United States citizen. We both served and feel our collective ideals on the principles of America are somehow upheld with a single United States Citizen to publish, for example, court documents like transcripts and motions.

The publisher contends he has every right to publish anything deemed Newsworthy. The NBA is Newsworthy.

Contrarian plays

Atlanta is missing their best player, Trae Young, as the Hawks are on a back to back after losing last night to Dallas. Utah is the best team in basketball right now. Of course Atlanta is going to lose by at least 11. The first live betting situation of the evening is presenting itself as Utah is out to a quick ten point lead. If one liked Atlanta at +10.5, there’s an opportunity to take Atlanta +14.5 five minutes into the game.

Portland is also missing their best player, Damian Lillard, have eight players available, and are playing on the road against the best team in the East, the Philadelphia 76ers. Of course the Sixers are going to win by 11. But, Philadelphia is on a back to back and were lazy last night against Charlotte.

Tonight’s predictions

Denver +5, Denver +175 (ML)

Houston +5, +135 (ML)

And finally, the publisher contends he has every right to publish documents relating to a non profit corporation managing the common interest areas of a residential community.