My AmazinglyLeet Resident Evil 7 Video

April 13, 2018 | Posted in Video Games | By

Okay here’s the video.  I’m hoping you found it through the website opposed to YouTube … Somehow, this video Helped.  I’m not sure why, maybe to find the D Series Head located in the Doll House … there’s a button to push.

When playing the birthday party as Ethan, you only need the wheel from the locked bedroom with the passcode “Loser”. You won’t be able to progress if you grab the Winder from the barrel, spilling the flammable fluid. In short, you don’t have to repeat the steps from the Happy Birthday Video. It seemed intuitive but after 5 deaths of not figuring out why I couldn’t pick up the time bomb and create the escape route frustrated me to the point i made this video.


The video is going to reach 5,000 hits soon, maybe this week.  They say in the YouTube Space, a 5,000 hit video is legit.  I now have two … A video I made about World of WarCraft may pass 14,000 hits soon.  Sure not a lot, but nobody is getting paid from YouTube anymore.

When you have a message to share, build a website.  And monetize it.  And somehow hope Google makes the webpage the avenue to watch the Video.





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