How much can I make driving Door Dash

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Publisher’s note … I bare no liability for this clown’s opinion on door dash I’m simply publishing his opinion. You can read his previous opinions on Door Dash I published for context.

How much can you make driving Door Dash?

Well, how many hours are you willing to drive? How many deliveries per day are you willing to make? One, these opinions are not for people driving Door Dash in major cities where it’s always busy on how much you can make driving door dash and how much, per hour, door dash actually pays.

If you’re willing to drive 40 hours and you’re bumping and deliver four orders per hour, for 160 deliveries for the month, you’ll make between $500 and $800. One, especially if you’re delivering in a major city and the suburbs, you won’t make four deliveries an hour. Traffic, tall buildings, and parking cost you a lot of time, and, in turn, money. Over 40 hours, at the top end, you won’t make much more than $800. $12 an hour to $16 an hour is a realistic expectation. All my statements have already been established as opinion.

Do I have to be top dasher?

Yes, you have to be top dasher especially if you live in a smaller market. This allows you to dash whenever you want and receive order priority. Cracking the algorithm is always a goal. When six orders are passed out to available dashers, within two miles of the Vendor, Completion rate rules all. If you have a 100% completion rate, congratulations, you take priority over a dasher with a 98% completion rate. Second is Acceptance Rate. As top dasher, your Acceptance Rate must be greater than 70%. If there’s a dasher with a 73% acceptance rate and a dasher with a 47% acceptance rate, the order is going to be pushed to the top dasher. Logic dictates the algorithm will select a dasher with a 47% acceptance rate over a dasher with a 23% acceptance rate.

Should I drive door dash?

I don’t know, should you? In my market, there’s a lot of people dashing because they heard how you can make $25 an hour. Naw. $16 an hour at the top end is more realistic and cut the number in half because every mile you drive the IRS states costs you .575 cents. $16 an hour x .575 cents over head comes out to $9.20 which you subtract from the $16 an hour and retrieve a number of $6.80 per hour. And, you have to pay taxes on your delivery company’s profit, namely social security tax and medicare tax, plus federal, state, and local tax where you will be taxed, again, for social security and medicare. You should drive door dash if you’re looking to supplement your regular income with a few hundred dollars per week. You should not drive door dash, in my opinion, to pay all your bills and feed your family as the sole source of income foregoing a job paying $15 an hour with benefits and, most importantly, the employer is paying half social security and medicare tax.

Driving door dash, you will be taxed as 12.4% of your company’s profit for social security and 2.9% of your company’s profit and then taxed again at 6.2% and 1.45%. Working for an employer, at $15 an hour, with benefits, is a better choice to feed your family than door dash. And, it’s getting easier and easier to catch people who do not file their taxes. The “data banks” understand a 1099-NEC has been issued under your social security number and I highly recommend the “data banks” receive a document reporting the information on the 1099-NEC under your social security number, signed by you or a tax preparer, because it’s too easy for the “databanks” to check and generate an automated letter to the address on file stating something along the lines … the IRS got a 1099-NEC from Door Dash but the IRS did not receive a 1040 Form from you …

The food is your customer

Treat the food as your customer in addition to be super nice to the person who ordered the food as well as the vendor who prepared the food. Some of these stories across the country of dashers losing their cool because of the pressure to do as many deliveries as quickly as possible because the dashers who cause problems, in my opinion, are the dasher’s trying to do this full time to pay all their bills. If you lose your cool because there’s a long line at McDonald’s and they could care less about your door dash order because they have drive-thru metrics to meet, this job IS NOT FOR YOU.

Buy these bags from Amazon you get two for $15. The space between the driver’s seat and rear passenger seat is a good place to keep your customer for it’s ride to the person who bought the food. Cup holder works great for one drink and the vendor will give you a carrier if there are more than two drinks. Again, for a drink carrier with two, three, even four drinks, behind the driver’s seat on the floor with the food bag helping to keep everything steady is going to help your ratings. I’ve had customer’s yell thank you from their door “it’s so hot” because the bag Door Dash gives you sucks and scores low on the sexy meter. The zipper on my bag broke within two weeks. Don’t buy another one from Door Dash buy these from Amazon, you get two for $16.

Dasher Pro Tips

Wait until you get your customer secured in the car inside the bag for it’s ride to the person who bought the food, get into your vehicle, put the seat belt on, check the delivery address, THEN confirm pickup of the order. I see so many dashers confirm pick up on the app inside the restaurant as soon as they grab the order. Wasted minutes because third determinator in the algorithm on which dasher gets the order is On time or early. Wow, this dasher accepts 72% of the orders, completes 100% of them, and 95% of them are on time or early AND, this dasher has a 4.93 customer rating over his last one hundred deliveries.

I don’t go to Wal Mart and maintain greater than 70% acceptance rate. However, to never go to Wal Mart, I have to deliver food for as little as $2.25. Sometimes. It’s all about dollars per mile and time taken to complete the delivery so you can receive the next order. A $2.25 order driven three miles is profitable, especially when factoring in how little time it takes to drive the three miles. You’ll learn the vendors in where you dash, which ones are good, which ones are terrible, and which ones are to be avoided at all costs. A $3.75 order driven less than three miles is profitable. A $7 order because the customer tipped five bucks driven 5 miles is Highly Profitable. A $10 order driven 12 miles and you have to drive 10 miles back to your delivery zone is not a profitable order. $2 per mile is a sexy number. $1 per mile works. And there will be times where you’re driving for less than $1 a mile and there will be plenty of orders where, technically, especially after taxes, your delivery company lost money on the order.

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Door Dash is an $8 an hour job

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Published for a friend. I bare no liability for this clown’s opinion on driving door dash.

Should I drive door dash?

I don’t know should you? Why are you looking to drive door dash? Extra money? By no means should Door Dash be considered a replacement for a $15 per hour job with benefits. Why? Because, in the end, Door Dash is an $8 an hour job with nutty taxes because, as a door dash driver, you’re an independent contractor running your own business. You owe 15.3% of your company’s profit delivering door dash to Social Security and Medicare. Then pay federal, state, and local tax.

Do I have to be Top Dasher?

Yes, you have to be Top Dasher, especially if you drive door dash in a smaller community, say 75,000 potential door dash customers. When you first start door dashing, the algorithm will make you feel like you’re making $20 to $25 an hour. However, there will be orders you turn down because asking someone to drive 14 miles for $3 is ridiculous. Keep your acceptance rate above 70% because you cannot become a Top Dasher again, after you start, unless you have 200 deliveries. And when you reach that threshold of 200 lifetime deliveries, acceptance rate of 70%, completion rate (delivering the food and completing the task in the app) of 95%, customer rating of at least 4.7, and 100 deliveries for the month. This means you can drop five orders a week and there will be various reasons you drop orders beyond your control.

Pro Tip. Plan to start on the first day of the month. They give you Top Dasher status so the algorithm can favor you as a new driver. Corporate wants you to “think” it’s a $20 to $25 per hour job. However, at the end of the month at 1159pm local time, as a new driver, you’re going to lose Top Dasher status unless you did 200 deliveries for the month. And, if you worked 11pm-2pm, and 430pm to 730pm, you could maybe make 200 deliveries in 30 days if you worked everyday. Four orders an hour is banging in my experience and I live in a small market where traffic problems aren’t huge issues.

Why become a Dasher?

Well, l have a comfortable monthly income and free medical benefits for life from military service. But, some extra money sounded nice. I don’t want to be hassled by a boss or told what time to come to work and told what time I’m allowed to leave like I’m five years old and in kindergarten. I signed up and was “Dashing” within two days because I’m an upstanding American citizen. The job was literally $25 an hour, I made what I wanted each week, and was content. However, I lost Top Dasher status because it took me two months to reach 200 deliveries and another month to get my acceptance rate above 70% because I spent those two months making my company delivering food as profitable as possible. Yes, you have to be Top Dasher.

Pro Tips for New Dashers

First, ditch the lame red bag with a D on it and get two black bags from Eventually there will be a link showing the bags I purchased, a set of two. They’re sleek. I’m not saying be a total loser and take the bag in the restaurant but, when you get the food to you car, put them in the bags and secure them on the floor boards between the front seat and the rear seats. The bags make ALL the difference for the quality of the delivery. Not the door dash bag though that one SUCKS. The ones I bought from Amazon. Plus, there’s times you’re going to be tasked with two orders. One bag. Top Dasher requires a customer rating of 4.7 and I can let you know, in your first 200 deliveries, 30 customers will actually take the time to give you a rating. Customers are finicky. I can say the customer Should see you bring the food to their door in a food delivery bag. In those 30 customer ratings you, in 200 deliveries, if you’re fortunate, if one customer rated you a “1”, and the other 29 gave you a “5”, your rating is 4.86.

Second, time is your friend, not your enemy. The longer the merchant takes, the better. Stand quietly in the back of the restaurant. The merchant knows you’re there. Should it get past 10 minutes of the pick up time, call customer support and let them know what’s going on and text your customer. It can get stressful when you’re tasked with a second order and the first order is running ten minutes late because the drive-thru line is long. If you’re losing your cool and getting irritated, which is impossible when the merchant is ten minutes late ….

Let’s write about the Merchant

They are making absolute BANK on door dash orders. It’s created a third drive thru. Walk in, the drive thru created in the 1960s, and the new digital drive thru door dash and others created. When the 1960s drive thru is busy, the merchant prioritizes their 1960s metrics over door dash orders. This is especially frustrating when the merchant is servicing three lines through the 1960s drive thru because their lobby is closed because “they can’t get any workers” because of “all the government benefits”. The lobby is closed because the restaurant saves a lot of money in cleaning time and supplies etc. Don’t get frustrated and don’t lose your cool because yeah, door dash is a job.

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NBA Slate – February 4, 2021

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Published for a friend

Five games scheduled

Utah @ Atlanta (+10.5)

Golden State @ Dallas (-4.5)

Portland @ Philadelphia (-10)

Houston @ Memphis (-3.5)

Denver @ Los Angeles Lakers (-5)

Truths to be self evident

First, I can’t write these articles for my friend every night. And, if my friend who is actually the publisher would, you know, publish himself, well, his site would be updated more often.

The publisher contends a single United States Citizen, with a passport establishing United States of America citizenship, capability to publish, if the publisher deemed publishing worthwhile, upholds the core principles of our nation as I too am a United States citizen. We both served and feel our collective ideals on the principles of America are somehow upheld with a single United States Citizen to publish, for example, court documents like transcripts and motions.

The publisher contends he has every right to publish anything deemed Newsworthy. The NBA is Newsworthy.

Contrarian plays

Atlanta is missing their best player, Trae Young, as the Hawks are on a back to back after losing last night to Dallas. Utah is the best team in basketball right now. Of course Atlanta is going to lose by at least 11. The first live betting situation of the evening is presenting itself as Utah is out to a quick ten point lead. If one liked Atlanta at +10.5, there’s an opportunity to take Atlanta +14.5 five minutes into the game.

Portland is also missing their best player, Damian Lillard, have eight players available, and are playing on the road against the best team in the East, the Philadelphia 76ers. Of course the Sixers are going to win by 11. But, Philadelphia is on a back to back and were lazy last night against Charlotte.

Tonight’s predictions

Denver +5, Denver +175 (ML)

Houston +5, +135 (ML)

And finally, the publisher contends he has every right to publish documents relating to a non profit corporation managing the common interest areas of a residential community.

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NBA Slate – January 18, 2021

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Published for a friend

Nine games scheduled

Orlando @ New York Knicks (+2)

Minnesota @ Atlanta (-8)

San Antonio @ Portland (+1.5)

Detroit @ Miami (-6)

Phoenix @ Memphis (+5.5)

Dallas @ Toronto (-5)

Milwaukee @ Brooklyn (+4)

Houston @ Chicago (+2.5)

Golden State @ Los Angeles Lakers (-8.5)

Truths to be self evident

The Orlando Magic should not be favored over anyone.

Bet Slip Knicks/Magic

I used an image because it makes the publisher’s website more legitimate. He’s the clown, not me.

Won on the Knicks yesterday too. Why? Contrarian. The Knicks were on a five game losing streak and lost to the lowly Cavaliers. The Celtics haven’t been playing, just one game since January 8th, where Boston prevailed by 27 over the Magic without Jayson Tatum.

Minnesota seemed a contrarian selection, however, they are terrible and Atlanta is currently undervalued because Rajon Rondo has not been available to run the second team. The Hawks made you sweat a bit but won by a comfortable 11 even with Trae Young just 3/8 from the field, 2/5 from three point range, twenty points, and having to sit with foul trouble.

Portland seemed a contrarian play … of course Portland will struggle without Nurkic and McCollum … and they did, losing by 19. Sometimes, exactly what is expected happens.

Nobody wins all their wagers.

Dallas/Toronto seems the weirdest spread of the night. Toronto shouldn’t be favored over anyone. Everyone likes Phoenix all the way to -5.5 sometimes there’s no reason to fade that action.

The heavy weight of the night, Milwaukee against Brooklyn, sees the spread moving in Milwaukee’s favor. No need to fade that action.

Detroit v. Miami is in jeopardy, still on as of this publishing. Houston faces Chicago in a team continuing to get no respect. Does Houston, a team who just dealt their best player and has a mountain of draft picks seem like a team suddenly winning all kinds of game on the road?

Finally, Steph Curry and company travel to Los Angeles to face the defending champion Lakers and LeBron James. The Lakers have been covering any number. When does this streak end?

The Computer

Over the past few days, the computer has crushed against the spread, going a ridiculous 13-5 and break even on over/unders. Perhaps a point has been reached where it is unwise to fade the computer but no one makes bets because the computer says. We use the data as a guide.

Today, the computer likes the underdog Knicks, Pistons, Dallas, Chicago, and Golden State to all cover with Chicago and the Knicks winning outright. The computer is already 3-0 on the day, correctly predicting the Knicks outright, and has hit on eight straight against the spread predictions and twelve of the last 14.

Was this a good opportunity to fade the computer in the Phoenix v. Memphis game?

Tonight’s predictions

Dallas +5, Dallas outright

Milwaukee -4

Chicago +2.5, Chicago outright

Los Angeles Lakers -8

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NBA Slate – January 14, 2021

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Published for a friend

Tonight’s games

The Sixers defeated the Miami Heat soundly, by 17, causing us to wonder why the spread dropped so rapidly in Miami’s favor going from -10 to as low as -7.5 right before tip off.

Charlotte lost by 3, easily covering, and the Rockets, 7.5 dogs to the San Antonio Spurs, won outright.

Why was this bet made? Contrarian principles are prevailing in COVID NBA basketball. Games are being canceled at a somewhat alarming rate. Of course Houston is going to lose by at least 8, they only have nine players available. Of Course the New York Knicks are a good bet, Brooklyn is on a back to back with eight available players because of the James Harden trade.

One is never correct all the time in this endeavor but Charlotte had every chance to win outright tonight against Toronto They got Killed on the offensive boards late in the game but they covered ten points. Why was this wager placed? Umm, I watch NBA basketball games. Toronto has two wins and they’re the worst closing team in the NBA. Of course Charlotte is going to lose by at least 11, Gordon Hayward is out and they’re still missing Cody Zeller. They’re on a back to back. the wager slip pictured above is contrarian and the Charlotte grouping produced a profit because less was wagered on the Moneyline.

And, my friend who let’s me go over to his house and watch NBA games and lets me publish on his site nobody reads, thank you. It’s nice to have friends like you and my words help make your site more legitimate especially when media is added and the post has at least 500 words.

Contrarian results

Read this post and scroll to the bottom for the predictions. overall, the picks went 3-3, with Miami and San Antonio being contrarian. This is the night eight Miami players took the Sixers to overtime and lost by three. The sharps loved Oklahoma City against San Antonio (no DeMar DeRozen.)

Read this post and scroll to the bottom for the predictions. The predictions went 0-3 that day as all the favorites covered. the sharps absolutely loved these teams and sometimes I don’t have a lot of reasons to fade the sharps when publishing a prediction.

Portland has cut Indiana’s once 25 point lead to 12 near the end of the third quarter. Could we see another COVID 30 point swing game and Portland cover three? How much exposure do these online sports books receive on a live bet for Portland which would have been sizable when they were down 25?

Can you really trust your sports book? What would you do if your sports book suddenly closed their doors and went out of business? I used these folks for years and never had a problem and they paid me my winnings every time. What more can you ask for from an online sports book?

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NBA Slate – January 13, 2021

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Published for a friend

Seven games scheduled

Three games canceled due to COVID protocols.

Milwaukee @ Detroit (+11)

Dallas @ Charlotte (+4)

Brooklyn @ New York (+6)

Los Angeles Lakers @ Oklahoma City (+8)

Memphis @ Minnesota (-2.5)

Portland @ Sacramento (+3.5)

New Orleans @ Los Angeles Clippers (-7)

Truths to be self evident

Last night, the Miami Heat continued to show there is no such thing as easy money in Vegas nearly winning outright with the league minimum eight players dressed.

Milwaukee plays in Detroit as double digit favorites and the spread continuing to grow. The Dallas Mavericks face the Charlotte Hornets who’ve won four straight and the Mavericks returning Kristaps Porzingis.

Brooklyn, on a back to back after winning outright against Denver last night, face the Knicks in a classic sell low buy high spot for the Knicks. Kevin Durant is not listed on the injury report but there is still no Kyrie Irving and this team misses Spencer Dinwiddie.

The Lakers are on a back to back in Oklahoma City with Anthony Davis questionable and Al Horford sitting as the Thunder are also on a back to back. Two of the worst teams in the NBA face off in Minnesota as Memphis eagerly awaits the return of Ja Morant with Karl Anthony-Townes questionable.

Portland travels to Sacramento in a game with high scoring expectations. Finally, the New Orleans Pelicans are in Los Angeles to face the Clippers in a game seeing Ivica Zubac and Eric Bledsoe questionable.

The computer

Last night, the computer went a paltry 1-5 against the spread and a meager 3-3 on over/unders. Tonight, the computer likes underdogs Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans, and Sacramento to cover with Charlotte and Memphis winning outright.

The easiest money of the night appears to be Brooklyn -6 against the hapless Knicks mired in a scoring funk and the Lakers -8, even without Anthony Davis, against Oklahoma City without Al Horford. Oklahoma City is too dependent on Lu Dort scoring and LeBron James seems to will his team to victory night in and night out.

Tonight’s predictions

Charlotte +4

New York Knicks +6

Oklahoma City +8

There is too much excitement around Porzingis returning and he will most likely be limited in his minutes. Dallas is also missing some key players like Maxi Kleber, Jalen Brunson, Josh Richardson, and Dwight Powell.

The Knicks are in a buy low spot as we contend spreads are a popularity contest and Oklahoma City’s spread could grow depending on the status of Anthony Davis.

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