Matthew the Doubter

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Published on behalf of a friend

Hello Brother, some time ago you were told history shall know you as Matthew the Doubter. We, being a collective of intellectuals led by me, Brother Nehemiah, contend this blog post fulfills a prophecy because given an appropriate amount of time with the proper tags when someone uses google with the search term Matthew the Doubter, this blog post will appear before thine eyes to read if they so choose. For art Brother Nehemiah a prophet?

The book, the Gospels, the cross, the son, Him … these are all important aspects of our movement, however, humans on earth have been searching for answers through Him for the past two thousand years and here we are today. The truth of one God was never meant to be so decisive. The splintering of Christianity into a thousand thousand thousand sects over disagreements about the New Testament is a tragic outcome in trying to help humans on earth worship one God. The time for searching for answers through Him must be put aside in an attempt to find answers through Her.

Mother. The Church has a problem because they propagated the unnatural. How is there a Son with no Mother? Mother, the Mother of planets suitable for human life, was Excluded from the history books. What, you don’t think God took a wife? You don’t think God took many wives, metaphorically speaking, because planets with the right “atmosphere” for human life to procreate are Scarce in the universe He created with the snap of his fingers.

God snapped his fingers and created the entire Universe. However, the Creator was then bound by the laws He created with the snap of his fingers. Sure, God can intervene because he’s the creator, and he has, with the story told in the second book of Moses. However, God’s mantra is He would rather you, as humans on earth, figure things out for yourselves.

Her time. Mother Earth. Her creatures. Her trees. Her mountains, rivers, and lakes. Her oceans. Her deserts. Her forests. All with a star at the right proximity to the planet for human life to flourish. Perhaps humans on earth forgot to worship their star.

During the day, on your island, when you’re standing in the starlight warming your body, mind, spirit, and soul, worship Her. Worship our star because humans basking in warm starlight is a rarity in our universe.

A blog post, for legitimacy, should be 500 words. You’re to preach a new gospel. Her gospel. Your expertise on the original gospels and the son, perhaps the book in it’s entirety, makes you the lynch pin of the disciples. We worship God, appreciate the teachings of the son but Salvation is an inside job. One can find Salvation through God and his wife, the Mother of Planets suitable or human life. 473 words.

The pandemic broke mother’s fever. And relax, population control through pestilence has been done time and time again throughout the universe for it is Her time. Our mother wages war against an invasive species worshipping false idols.

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