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You know how many times I had to switch to the dogs in melee because melee didn’t single target them?  Remember when the dogs would switch?  How many times you wipe on mythic Flamebender because the dogs didn’t die at the same time??

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Progression to orange parses.  First I have to learn the encounter.  then I have to get the gear …

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Then I have to practice.  first 2 kills on Iron Reaver, I was dead.  We progressed.  Then on my third kill I lived and we progressed because guess who practiced and became really good at dodging barrage?  Attacking the right bomb?  Putting artillery where it needs to go during Air Phase?

Just like everybody else … I’m not immune to mistakes.  I have to learn the encounter.  I need the 25 pulls in a single night.  The 100 pulls to kill mythic gorefiend.  the 125 pulls to kill mythic mannoroth.  The 200 pulls on Mythic Archimonde.

At some point … I’m going to have memorized the encounter and if I make the mistake .. it’s what a battlerez is for.  We don’t save them just in case … we use them because someone made a mistake early, a mistake they know they can’t make, and it simply puts the pressure on others not to make mistakes down because the battlerez is gone because Rasta died on first barrage.

Screenshot (21)

Look how terrible I am on mythic hellfire assault.  Green parses.  I have many of them.  Many gray parses as well.

Progression.  You think the mechanics of Hellfire Assault promotes an orange parse?  Nobody is playing frost mage on mythic assault, there’s only 11,991 parses.

Screenshot (22)

I’m so terribad look at the gray and green parsing.  I completely skipped blue parsing on this encounter.  Since nobody=11,000 … 22,000 … double nobodies.  What color is after purple in these logs?

Screenshot (23)

So many gray parses.  What’s the minimum dps for a heroic kill on Tyrant?  one two and move … one two and move …. stack except when you get debuff … move away, to other side, get knocked into the wall not into the middle of the room don’t stand in the corrupted ground.  Wait, and I have to push 5 buttons????

Screenshot (24)

So many gray parses.  Gray median percentile.  Even at a 33rd percentile, I did over 45k which is the number in heroics.

Progression.  What color comes after blue?  Or am I simply going to skip that color on Mannoroth?

It’s only heroic.  anyone can parse orange on heroic.

Screenshot (25)

That’s a hardly a carry the first and only time I’ve seen the encounter on mythic difficulty.

Screenshot (25)

It’s hardly a carry when it’s the first time I’ve seen the fight on mythic difficulty and there were 5 people dead on the kill.

It certainly becomes problematic not playing arcane mage on this encounter.  I’ll sit.  What’s the minimum dps per person to kill Mythic Kilrogg?  You need me to play arcane to carry you?  Are you going to make the arcane mages play fire on Xhul and Shadow Lord?  You going to make the DKs play unholy?

The second me playing frost mage isn’t good enough to progress, I’ll sit.  I’ll have the appropriate secondary spec and if we progressed only because I played arcane mage, then I’m finding a different team.

Meh attitude?  The 50 temporal crystals, 50 sorcerous fire, 50 sorcerous water, and 50 sorcerous air plus 23,500 goldz I placed in your guild chest is hardly a meh attitude.  The meh attitude comes in when the green parsing arcane mage gets beat in damage by the blue parsing frost mage who’s 10 iLvls lower and the same frost mage beating hunters and rogues.  90th percentile frost mage damage has a way of making people jealous.

You know how many fire mages I destroyed on the DPS meter on heroic thogar?  You think on mythic thogar it would have been any different?  Dodging the trains like a pro plus spell stealing the cauterize before it even ticked once when the interrupt was missed on the cast.  It’s called picking up the slack that allows players more challenged by the jump to mythic to make mistakes.

Screenshot (26)

meh, 87k on heroic gorefiend.  The adds get pwnd inside his stomach, I blink to the person rooted, I put doom far away And overlap it, how pro, I catch an interrupt on the big add, stack during feast, get out of the swirly purple circles forming a ring on the ground, and I make sure the adds are dead before the feast stack … the new mechanic and changes in mythic … well, after we down Kilrogg, let’s see the encounter … let’s see the encounter for 4 raid weeks because that’s about the average for a kill on Mythic Gorefiend, (100 pulls), not to mention a boss you can skip and head onto Upper Floor Progression after the first victory.

Boss, your group has what it takes to finish the tier in Top 1,000 world time.  You’re amazinglyleet … pro … all of you because you stuck it out mostly together.  Those tough nights on Gorefiend, your WoW Progress tells a story I wasn’t part of .. I didn’t participate, I came in at the end when you’re at the final push to actually finish the tier.  On Mythic.  Bro so many of the guilds can’t kill Archmonde on Normal.

I don’t know what your group went through to get where you’re at … the learning phase of Mythic Archimonde.  People are tired, it’s the holidays … World 126th took 229 pulls on Mythic Archimonde, server first on Thrall.  Your group, Amicitia, you’re going to smoke that number, under 150 pulls?

Dub, you should be online writing about what it takes, the time … of everyone involved … the commitment to be at 12/13 (M), World 844.  The changes players have to make to be at that level … Weak Auras 2 is the difference between me parsing first in all the world … and where I parse now.  Plus when I get the trinket off Iskar and I run frost bomb on Iskar, Xhul, Hellfire Assault .. maybe Council and make Icy Veins rewrite their PvE page regarding Frost Mage Talents.

And come on boss, you can’t give me a strike if I didn’t know.  If I did something after I was told then it would be a strike.  And you didn’t have to act all in charge … we know you’re the boss … and the wipe on Mythic Assault was Needed.  Humbling … the way mythic humbles 17 man heroic spank squads who don’t spend any of their time in Heroic Farm Week practicing the mythic formation … the way you did … so pro dude … you know the disasters I see in Group Finder on Heroic Iskar & Soc …. it’s how I was able to live on Council and do encounter appropriate DPS … you taught me the formation and I’ve always been good at Reap, getting it to a good spot, it’s the first thing I had to learn to do well when I learned the encounter at Heroic Difficulty.

Kilrogg, it’s a different formation …. same principles … and come on, you know it was sexy when I caught that interrupt on the Hulking Berserker.  It’s been a long time since Deadly Throes were an issue or I’ve put HeartSeeker in a bad place …. Sure,  I could be arcane mage and do 250k damage … or I can play frost mage, do 70k, catch an interrupt on the big add, put heartseeker in the right place, slow and kill the fixated adds then other adds … do some dps on the run during Deadly Throes and we progress.

We should have talked before I server transferred … I didn’t feel entitled.  I was there to earn a spot, give a tired player a break and help finish the tier spending the rest of the time on my main helping people on their alts.  Running parses.  And oh yeah, making YouTube Videos.  It doesn’t matter, nobody watches …. I don’t get any hits.

Congratulations on finishing the tier.  You picked up some good people from open raid … you’ll have a lot of fun farming those mythic bosses the next 10 months.  Practicing.

LoL … nobody ever reads this far down anything I write so now it’s pretty much like talking to myself.  I an eternal sort of way.   This thing called the internet, it’s probably here to stay.  If it’s on the internet it’s true.  Bro, I have 2 such of these sites.  The YouTube channel.

Nice try discrediting my data to support my claim as a world class orange parsing raider.  People no likey when data does the story telling.  Jealous arguments, crushed by reality.  The reality of data. 

Screenshot (27)

Meh, 78k.  95th percentile.  61st percentile in bracket.  Far from my best of 757 or so ….

Screenshot (28)

Meh, purple parse … 72k.  Can we go in and 1 phase heroic reaver for Parse purposes?  Funzzzz

Oh, most of the people running parses are trying …. whatever excuses you can try to come up with to discredit data.  Anyone can parse purple on heroic.  On Reaver, one phasing Reaver results in an orange parse.

Screenshot (29)

Took that parse while I was on Stormreaver doing what I thought we were suppose to be doing .. server transferring, joining the Guild, then being available during raid times, whether needed or not.  5 weeks I was with you.  Why did it become so problematic in the past 5 days?

Because last week I parsed blue on Reaver and was one of the 13 who lived and progressed.  This week, same on Kilrogg … although my parse was green.  One of the 14 who lived and we progressed.  Whats so hurtful to people’s feelings about getting out dps’d by a frost mage?

Damage Taken tab kills bosses.  DPS Tab measures ego.

Venruki doesn’t have a single AoTC and blizzard gives him the gear for their tournaments he doesn’t win anymore.

Did you extend me the same courtesy as expected?  You read Everything I had to write?  All 1600 easily flowing words about playing World of Warcraft Frost Mage.

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