Elden Ring How to Buy Smithing Stones

March 16, 2022 | Posted in Elden Ring | By

This post describes the steps necessary to purchase smithing stones level one and level two from the Twin Husks vendor in Round Table Hold. A dungeon walkthrough and boss fight from Astrologer point of view should help players in Elden Ring complete these steps to purchase key items. Players must learn their way around Round Table Hold.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel (There’s a shortcut to the boss)

First, you have to slay the boss. And, the dungeon is fairly immense. The shortcut is clutch when you’re ready to try the boss and be awarded the Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell which, when taken to the Twin Maiden Husks Vendor in Round Table Hold, will allow you to purchase smithing stones to level your weapons and shields to level six. The Crystalian boss was tough until the crystal shell is broken. I downed the boss on the second try after learning the dungeon mobs, gathering the loot, and learning the shortcut to the boss.

Unlocking Smithing Stones with Twin Maiden Husks

First, you have to find them in Round Table Hold. Dialogue with them and offer them the bell and you’ll be able to purchase and buy smithing stones (1) to upgrade weapons to level three (800 runes each) and smithing stones (2) to upgrade weapons to level six. There are other bells to collect and turn into the vendor for various levels of smithing stones and glovewort.

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