November 30, 2017 | Posted in: Cleveland Browns

A writer has to write.

Hey Paul, if you hired me last month, I would have been texting saying let’s get a hold of New England and see if they’ll take one of our second round picks for Garoppolo.  It would have been an idea … now, after the Completely Reactionary Decision to the Garrapolo trade making news, the AJ McCarron fiasco happened an nobody is sure who is keeping their job.

You’re safe bruh.  Other teams have “analytical” departments now and Fail in Comparison to your work.  You’ll survive the hiring of Peyton Manning, but, when he tries to sell you on his brother coming over on a FA deal to be the 2018 QB behind the rookie Rosen

And come on bruh, how much are they analytics absolutely eating Rosen up like they did Trubisky last year?  When you tweet acknowledging you wanted the QB … yeah, you wanted the QB at #1 instead of the DE.

One can only speculate about the new regime, including coaching … the NFL is a young man’s game.  Coaching needs to catch up and of course, just like in the movie, everyone is rebelling against the analytics because they’re afraid they’re going to be replaced.  It’s ridiculous, analytics are a tool working in conjunction with scouting to make the best choice.

You’ll survive boss.  You’re building a model, i’ve seen the movie, any team not tearing down their team and doing what you’re  doing will be watching the Cleveland Browns win multiple titles.  And all the other teams are behind because of you, Peyton Manning isn’t sending you anywhere.

I’ll be like you, I’ll work from home, You Hire Me as Your Employee, previously discussed wages still apply.  I wouldn’t cost that much and I can help you.

The scouts and the analytics will agree.  The best move … barring injury …. come on boss, it makes everything We Are Doing … if you really loved me, you would give me the PFF login and password … invalid.  If Rosen gets injured between now and draft, then all bets are off because there’s virtually no difference between the next 5 QBs being selected in the first round come 2018.

We need new coaches.  We should be 2-9 this year.

We need to switch back to a 3-4 … where did PFF rank Shelton 2015-2017 at NT compared to 2017 at DT in a 4-3?  Peppers will be a stud in the front 7 and after all the QB trading frenzy in the Spring of 2018, after we take our guy Rosen, we have a chance to add someone like Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick (as a corner) to our secondary with Houston’s pick which is going to be Top 10.

Coaching.  It’s what makes the difference in the league.  Manning will want his own coach, maybe his brother … wouldn’t that be something?  surrounded by seasoned young coordinators.  Current QB/WR coach level as potential offensive coordinators.  Young DL/LB coaches for defense.  It’s a young man’s game and Hue is an old school guy, I think deep down he’s glad because the analytics are being blamed instead of him.

We’re winless because of coaching.

500 words.  it’s like a single spaced single page if printed.

Probably a good place to stop but come on you can read a second page.

3 more picks in the second round and Rosen is going to be rated higher than Wentz and Watson … we have a chance to look like geniuses … if we have the right coaches ….

plus our third rounder makes 6 picks from the first 65 players available.  And. shit, maybe we don’t have as big of a problem at WR, I am so hopeful for this kid Gordon … next to Coleman … so excited to watch the game … how many Browns fans say they’re excited to watch the game this weekend?  Can’t wait to watch Cleveland in Los Angeles this Sunday … works out nice for you, no flight, one of the things making you perhaps an evil genius is “working” from home in So Cal.  You don’t get caught up in the day to day and the office politics, you’re behind the scenes like the wizard of oz developing analytical models.  It’s so sexy, I Desire to be part of the equation.

Coaching.  At the end of the half against Cincinnati, watch how many seconds tick off the clock before our final timeout is used.  Those extra seconds could have resulted in another end zone attempt.  Coaching.  We’re not winning because of Coaching and if we lose this week and fall to 0-12, coaching is out and we’re promoting the youngest guy with the least amount of connections to the “old school” NFL to head coach and a corporate style promotion amongst the coordinators to fill the vacancies … Anyone that’s been with Jackson or Williams more than the 2 seasons in Cleveland are out …

It’s the New NFL Paul.  A passing first QB driven league with these athletes who get bigger, stronger and faster every year.  It’s a young man’s game and you know how much I like rookie contracts.

I’m running out of words … thoughts … one never wants to ramble.

If we pressure to Rivers, McCourty keeps Allen in check … we don’t surrender the middle of the field to Hunter Henry, come on Julius Peppers, all eyes are on you … Melvin Gordon doesn’t beat us in space … we  can win.

And, with everyone on the field together and finally healthy with the Gordon Wild Card … we can Evaluate this team.  If the 3 receiver set isn’t Britt and Gordon on the ends with Coleman in the slot, it’s another piece of evidence the Browns have a coaching problem.

If there’s not 5 designed plays for Njoku to exploit the middle of the field with his size and speed, it’s another piece of evidence the Browns have a coaching problem.

Hire meh … or subscribe to my YouTube channel or something.

Love ya