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Published for a friend

Publisher’s Note: The author of this post is by far my coolest friend.


“Every single disease comes down to toxicity. Every single one. Mold, fungus, parasites, metals, glyphosate, fluoride. Remove the toxins (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) and you’ll heal. It sounds simple but it’s not. But it is simple”

A friend of mine wrote the words above. I met her on a Sunday. God’s Day. Every day is Her Day. Look, Earth been doing things in His Name some 7,000 years. Here’s where we are today. Pestilence and War predominate our planet. The Horseman are here and the time is nigh Angel. But, we don’t sit around and expound on the book of Revelation, we try to keep in light in life. The way our star lights our planet.

My friend the Angel

She’s special. Unique … angelic for sure. She’s not one of God’s Angels, no, my friend is one of Her Angels. The native Americans viewed things like this … Mother Earth, Father God. Mother, in my opinion, has been omitted from the history books and we live in a patriarchal society slowly changing to become more centric between Patriarchal and Matriarchal. Earth needs a Heavy Dose of the Matriarchal to create balance as the entire Universe is predicated on Balance.

Toxic Romantic Relationships

My toxic romantic relationship with a woman for seven years, living with her six years. Any toxic romantic relationship has to the be the first thing to Go to start healing. Other toxic relationships (friendships, family, etc.) will reveal themselves once the pathways to healing have “unblocked” by first removing that which could be the most toxic … a romantic relationship.

Baby Dad is your #1 blockage. And you’re dealing with the entire situation with Grace, as an Angel should. The blockage is slowly being unclogged and lol let him do everything he can to make your life easier to get some stuff done during the week on Monday’s n Wednesday’s and lol just like I feel you’ve been doing, nope, none of us are going to be at your place when you get home from work.

Gotta Pray Angel – To the Trinity of Human Life and Intelligence

The Father, the Mother, and the Star. The conversation kinda goes like this.

Father God: So, uh, your planet, Mother, is pretty solid for one of my creations as the Father, the one True God. You good, madam, with me making intelligent life on your wonderful planet?

Mother Earth: wut

Father God: ya, you’re sexy mother fucken planet Lit by the sexy mother fucken sexy G2V main sequence yellow dwarf … not too hot, not too cold … is low key Unique in the Universe I created, which took a long time to form, and there aren’t so many places like this in the Universe.

Mother Earth: There’s Other Places like this?

Father God: Yes. YOUR planet, Mother, is quite unique, but there are other places like your’s in the Universe with naturally occurring running fresh water. As the Father, I was bound by what I created. I couldn’t just go pushing planets around to create ideal ecosystems for Life. I have some Life I’m putting here to see what happens. The life is called Fauna. Minute amounts of multiple species of fauna around your planet to see if they become Life. In order for something to become Life, the life must be able to propagate and reproduce on it’s own.

Mother Earth: I see this fauna you work quick.

Father God: Yes. Some of the fauna you now see on your planet swims well in your liquid. Some of the fauna does well in heavily forested areas. Some of the fauna does well in your mountains. Some of your fauna does well in the cold.

Mother Earth: I’m not sure how I feel about all this sudden change.

Father God: Relax. It’s only for a moment. I feel the fauna will entertain you. Imma check back with you and let you take all the time you need for these changes on your planet because there is other life I want to talk to you about someday with the capability to Reason. However, the species could be considered Invasive. However, these creatures, because they can Reason, recognize they are surviving off your ecosystem as the mother of the planet and, despite being considered invasive, we can all cohabitate together provided the species, with Reason, honor us.

Mother Earth: so wut, you can just create life with the snap of your fingers?

Father God: ya. But, only together Mother. I could not have created the fauna you now see on your planet without you. We are now obligated by spiritual law and we define the parameters together. I call these beasts Dinosaurs and I think they’re fun to watch but they don’t always last because, again, Mother, there are not so many places like your planet in the Universe which I created to watch my dinosaurs play.

Mother Earth: This is deep.

Father God: ya. The laws we create together are important. Where I hang, I have a flock of angels and my first promise is you will a flock of your own angels to call upon.

Mother Earth: wut

Father God: Guides. And, if you need me, summon one my archangels.

Mother Earth: How will I know how to summon one of your archangels?

Father God: Find the ovaries of your planet.

Mother Earth: wut

Father God: giggle. Watch your fauna propagate. OUR fauna, OUR dinosaurs, I’m confident they will propagate on their own. Not all will make it to Life, propagating on it’s own, but some will and you’ll learn more about the process of what’s called Naturally Occurring Life based on your planet’s ecosystem a delicate balance between You, Your Yellow Dwarf, and, well, me. And, you’ll learn more about finding the ovaries of your planet.

Mother Earth: k?

Father God: all right I gotta jet. imma check back though. I want to see how the dinosaurs do here with you and check on some of other life with other Mothers.

Mother Earth: player

Father God: naw. Spiritual Law governs.

Mother Earth: ur so humble.

Father God: naw. It’s easy to get bored being all seeing and all knowing. I need some entertainment though the angels are quite entertaining.

Mother Earth: I get my own angels?

Father God: yes, someday. There’s no fauna to reason with on your planet so you don’t need Angels yet.

Mother Earth: Will there be fauna here someday can reason with?

Father God: maybe. Gotta wait and see how these dinosaurs do though the conditions aren’t right on your planet for fauna that can reason. But, as you can feel, we now vibrate together with fauna we have created together.

Mother Earth: ya I gotta admit I was low key lonely because there’s nobody to reason with.

Father God: You learned a great deal today.

Pray to the Trinity of Intelligent Life Equally

imho, there’s a little too much focus on the Father (complicating matters by apparently throwing His Son into mix), and no focus on Mother or the star. Try to pray to the three somewhat equally. The Universe is predicated on balance. In the little village, where my earthly mother lives (my spiritual mother abounds all around me) and you’re looking at property, there are six different churches allegedly honoring God. The Son divided us. Tryna pray to One God, the Mother, and the Star. Equally.

A Trinity Healing Synergy

There is a synergy in the Trinity of the Star, the Mother, and the Father. Honoring the three of them somewhat equally will create a channel. A channel where Anyone can heal if there aren’t too many blockages.

Tune your mind to the healing channel I’m describing.

Your number one blockage, baby dad, is like a stopped up drain in a gigantic bath tub . Clogged with a decade plus of toxins. Slowly but surely, day by day, the drain is being unclogged by your elegant actions and the bathtub full of crap is slowly receding. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly to the point where one day the drain is going to be unclogged like someone took a five foot long screwdriver and punched a whole right in the middle of the blockage and it pours down the drain and disappears forever.

You’ve opened your pathways for healing losing 120 pounds in two years. imho, this is the last pathway needing cleared before you can be Fully Healed … in mind, body, and spirit.

I bow before your dignity, your grace, your elegance, and your determination Angel. And, of course Angels have to fly free, duh. Flying is difficult when you’ve been caged so long Angel. Of course your body is gonna hurt after flying the freest you’ve flown this past weekend. Per the usual, I have zero questions and want to live in my own mental imagery of one of Her Angels truly soaring for the first time in a long time. The way you did when you were young and without children. Of course your body hurts from flapping your new found wings and Soaring. Free.