March 7, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes the opening scenes of the game and first area walkthrough. Players new to the game will benefit in learning in five minutes what took me two hours.

Elden Ring appears to be all the rage

Thanks to my friend for publishing. Elden Ring, released on February 25, 2022, is apparently the hottest game these days. I’ve never heard of it, never played it, never played any of the forerunners so I figured I would purchase the game and play.

The opening movie is cool as the art work is fabulous and I gather we’re suppose to find the ring shards, assemble the ring, and become the Elden Lord. There’s apparently multiplayer but naw I’ll play the game, make some videos, and maybe some people will watch. And, there’s no real maybe about it. People will watch as the video below showed up to 104 people the minute the video was published. Maybe I make the videos and he publishes the words.

I spent an hour and a half making it through the Stranded Graveyard to Limgrave where the game really starts. The video below takes you through the steps getting to Limgrave including defeating a boss named Soldier of Goldrick as quickly as possible. I died several times trying to defeat him and let’s just say watch the video and used your ranged attack. I missed gesturing to to the tree and will have the opportunity to do so again because I’m going to die at this new dungeon and resurrect inside the cave of knowledge, and correct a mistake.

Learn and Practice Combat in the Stranded Graveyard

In the cave, practice the different combat moves especially jump attack and charge attack. Learn the ranged spell. When selecting your keepsake, choose the keepsake adding hit points, the crimson amber medallion, the first choice. When fighting the Soldier of Goldrick, the first time you face him, as the “boss” of the starting point, simply used your ranged attack called Glinting Arc. He dies in a few hits

Sites of Grace and Graveyard Save Points

These are mini save points and rest points to restore hit points and mana. There are also tasks you can perform like recharging flasks which are clutch. Also learn how to insta use these items in your inventory. This certainly isn’t a walkthrough and I haven’t even learned to gesture.

In the Stranded Graveyard, before you traverse the mist to fight Soldier of Goldrick, you’ll have a chance to “save” yourself at this graveyard marked by a statue and this is where you will resurrect if Soldier of Goldrick kills you.

Limgrave Awaits

The reward for writing 500 words is playing the game more. There are a number of directions to travel and I chose to avoid unnecessary combat until I reached some kind of point on the map to “defeat”. There’s a dungeon to the east of Limgrave and I’ve already spent some time dying … a lot … apparently in Eldin Ring, you die a lot. I can attest this to be the case.