November 21, 2015 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

Want to make gold in Warlords of Draenor?


Player crafted gear … the iLvl is 685 and on my server, heavily populated Thrall, the gear sells for 11k to 13k gold.  People are purchasing iLvl when they ding 100 for their alts, craft your gear in sets of 3, the maximum allowable player crafted gear a toon can equip.

Patch 6.2 allows player craftable gear up to iLvl 715, however, I’m not farming Fel Blight.  I’m going to operate five level 3 barns for the Savage Blood, 1o professions for sorcerous earth (purchase the rest, it doesn’t eat into profit too bad, I’m paying 300g for a stack of 20).

Blacksmith – craft iLvl 675 weapons.  Craft one handers two at a time … crafted daggers on thrall are selling for 25k – 28k for the pair … people are inpatient and there’s a lot of people with a lot of gold in this game.

You don’t want to be crafting items that are trash drops in the current raid tier, for example, belts and boots.  Attempt to craft pieces available on later bosses, for example, plate pants because for plate wearers, the last boss of Highmaul drops the loot you want.

Inscrpition – the crafted staff sells for 13k – 14k on Thrall.

Reroll properties with your extra materials … no one likes versatility.  Research the class, hunters for mail armor (shaman’s as well), and learn the stat priority and try to make the gear you’re trying to sell match.

Keep your Level 3 barns as full as possible.  Farm those savage bloods.

And do your follower missions.