November 18, 2015 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

Barrage always targets a healer meaning your Formation can control the direction of barrage.  Adjust accordingly.  You can learn and share things on this wonderful thing known as the internet.  Mythic Cross Realm is teaching 17-19 person heroic spank teams the difficulty of mythic progression.  They’re able to find the 1-2 PuGs through group finder.  Oh so many of you going to learn how far you have to elevate your personal game to down mythic bosses.

YouTube makes writing easier.  The video is worth so many words.  I desire Mythic Progression, all the way to Archimonde, this tier.  It’s so difficult.  Requires so much excellence.  Ranged DPS.  I’m filling a role.  Visions, Flamethrower, Orbs, Maiden Boat Phase … I’m mobile ranged dps, every bit as good as your beloved hunters and useful for mythic progression.  I want to progress with you, I have to learn the encounters through dying.  My past group downed Mythic Assault within 30 pulls …. Mythic Reaver, we took the expected 50 pulls to win the encounter.  I left that group because mythic cross realm is here and I have the necessary skill set playing Frost Mage in Mythic Hellfire Citadel for the group to progress.  Mythic Kormok showed the weeknesses of a team I joined 8 weeks ago when I personally started this tier.  Mythic Cross Realm is finally here.  There are some talented people, melee dps, healers, tanks, ranged dps, using the Group Finder tab because there aren’t enough teams of 20 to join on their server or the few teams they have with Heroic Progression are full.  We’re looking to be absorbed into mythic progression teams and we don’t have to be on the same server.  Warlords of Draenor has been a true game changer

Mythic Reaver is difficult, you can’t get by barrage, it’s a death.  And the bombs have a priority.  Enemy nameplates in the ON position for mythic progression.  Watch the video. watch the video I have for mythic assault … add priority in mythic progression is all the more important.

Below is a screenshot for the wonderful website Warcraft Logs that collects boss encounter Data.  Love you.  NPC Damage Done for Heroic Iron Reaver during Air Phase … bomb damage … that’s me RastaJay fourth on the list in total damage done.  It’s a measure beyond total DPS.  I’m here to down bosses, not win a DPS contest … you win arcane mage, you’re better than me because 91st percentile arcane damage is virtually triple 91st percentile frost mage on Heroic Kilrogg.  Come on blizzard … spec inbalance.  I saw an arcane mage with glyphs other than mastery.  Come on.  Arcane Mages glyphing Multistrike and Haste?

I digress.  Reaver Air Phase is about positioning, each group takes a quadrant of the room and handles the bombs in their assigned area on mythic difficulty.  You get away with a lot on Heroic and the mythic fights requiring a formation change, splitting the raid combined with Add Priority … you need the 25 wipes to learn the changes on mythic versus heroic regarding Mythic Hellfire Assault.  You can’t get hit by barrage, ever.  You have to be alive going into the Air Phase.  Battle rez is there, people make mistakes, I haven’t been alive during my two mythic reaver kills … I lived long enough and we progressed both weeks.

Screenshot (9)

You should understand the mechanics of Artillery … it takes a long time for it to actually explode even if you get caught in the brown slow you down swirls.  30 yard range …. don’t panic, just make sure there isn’t a lot of people around you and be in the assigned area for the mechanic.

I learned Barrage always targets a healer.  So position your healers accordingly in your Mythic Reaver Formation and you can control the direction of barrage.  Stunning information on the encounter.

Ranged DPS trying out with a 9/13 (m) group through the benefits of Open Raid.  Thank you for those great boss kills on the lower level and look forward to being part of the group for the Upper Bosses tonight at 9pm EST.

I can commit and I wantz the gearz.  Multstrike yummy.  6 BIS pieces iLvl 717 … purple parsing frost mage all over HFC.