October 9, 2013 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

One of the most interesting aspects of World of WarCraft, at least to me, is the fact it’s basically two games in one … PvE and PvP.  I make comments that I’m one of the most complete players in WoW because I down 25 man bosses and have all the PvP gear, and some halfway decent achievements, like 1750 in 2s, 1550 in 3s, 1700 in rbgs, in PvP.  I also make constructive arguments that I know my class better than someone who only does PvE, the thesis of the argument being if you are strictly a PvEr, then you are only playing HALF the game of WoW and therefore only HALF as skilled at your class as you could be if you played 100% of the game … this would include PvP.  But, so many people just don’t have the mentality, personality, guile, and other attributes to be on the receiving end of something like this:

Because getting better at PvP and getting 1550 in Arena 2 v 2 requires being defeated an awful lot and learning how to COMPLETELY play your class.  It requires interface optimization.  It requires practice.  It requires knowing the other guys class.  And in Mists of Pandaria, it requires a second set of gear … so World of Logs PvEr … the kind of guy who puts up top 20 numbers in the world, you really wanna impress me?  Get the 1550 achievement in 2s and maybe then you’ll be half as complete as I am because I have the same achievement (1550) in Arena 3s.  PvEr, you don’t even have what it takes to get the gear required to even begin doing arenas to even TRY for the achievement because you gotta slug it out in random bgs for the honor and you’re already 4 weeks behind for Arena Season 14 because guys like me already have the weapons and you can’t handle the beating you’re gonna take.

I raid and down 25 man bosses.  Artificial Intelligence on a sequence of events you can anticipate.  It’s a whole different story when a free thinking human being is shooting back AND you have to communicate with your partner.  So PvEr, make your excuses … I don’t like WoW PvP, it’s imbalanced, whatever, until you have 1550 in 2s, you only know HALF your class capabilities.  Facts are facts and don’t argue.  And, it’s okay to be jealous.  I too pull 300k dps in Siege of Orgrimmar.  Where’s your 2v2 1550 arena achievement?