April 22, 2018 | Posted in: Video Games

I recently completed the diamond camouflage Multiplayer challenge for shotguns, unlocking diamond for all of them.  I thought I would offer an expert opinion, beyond that of a Master Prestige (currently) level 270, and the massive amount of time I’ve spent since November playing the most recent version of Call of Duty, on what I think are the best shotguns currently in the game.

Here’s my rank order of the best shotguns in CoD WWII.

#4 – Sawed Off Shotgun

The double barrell shotguns rank at the bottom for me because you get two shots and it’s pistol time because they load mighty slow.  Recommended attachments:  Steady Aim/Advanced Rifling/Incendiary Shells, the huge changes in the most recent patch included making the flaming OP’d shells an attachment rather than an Expeditionary Division ability.  I’ve been really enjoying Saboteur as Basic Training choice, been in love with throwing satchel charges, stun grenades, getting two of each and most importantly being able to resupply the equipment.

Click below to see game play utilizing the Sawed Off Shotgun.

#3 – Luftwaffe Drilling – I rank the Luftwaffe Drilling ahead of the sawed off shotgun because of range and an easier one shot one kill.  Both double barrel shotguns have the disadvantage of two shots before reload and although the sawed off shotgun loads faster, the Luftwaffe Drilling has incredible range, especially when married with advanced rifling as an attachment.  Recommended Attachments:  Steady Aim/Advanced Rifling/Incendiary Shells.

Click below to see game play with the Luftwaffe Drilling

#2 Toggle Action – An easy choice for second place and strong competition for first overall, especially with the April 17th huge patch change giving a default of three attachments.  It’s really fun to empty an entire 8 round clip into opponents comprising of incendiary shells, especially on a map like Shipment 1944 … if you can take the time to load them … The semiautomatic Toggle Action offers good range and accuracy and with Advanced Rifling as an attachment can offer two hit kills.  Recommended Attachments:  Steady Aim/Rapid Fire/Incendiary Shells

#1 – Combat Shotgun – An easy choice for me as the one shot one kills at devastating range when coupled with Advanced Rifling, Saboteur (satchel charge kills) is the #1 rage quitting class in the game.  It’s often my goal when I play against another Master Prestige player to make them rage quit.  It’s often my goal when playing against an organized team of 3, 4, even 5 opponents to make them rage quit.  This is the gun … when used with Saboteur and absolutely #Pro satchel charge that makes them quit.  Recommended Attachments:  Advanced Rifling/Steady Aim/Rapid Fire.

I hope you found this information useful and interesting.  I spend a lot of time playing this game, the retired life … and let’s face, a 45 year old Master Prestige (sometimes) wrecking kids with Shotgun, Expeditionary, Saboteur, and Satchel Charges should always be high value entertainment.