January 11, 2019 | Posted in: Video Games

I’m Prestige 8, I’ve played approximately 1,100 games of Hardpoint, my SPM is 376 and my W/L is 1.42, all pug.

Someone on your ladder team has to run anchor in this game mode

I’m providing several videos of the different maps where I perform all three functions of winning a Hardpoint ladder match … anchoring, capturing and defending, and spawn control (slaying). You’re trying to climb the ladders as a rated player and you have to win this game mode.

The best class set up? I like the SG12 with Extended Magazines I and II plus Max Load with the Strobe Light operator mod. Pre-nerf, so fun to play for four prestige levels and post-nerf, it’s still OP’d. Ghosts, Black Ops 3, and WWII, I made master prestige playing shotgun, for the most part, mixed in with SMGs because of my hyper-erratic rushing play style.

Wut, you don’t have diamond?

Your Hardpoint team must effectively perform the three functions, especially anchor. There are times you’re anchoring and want to go capture the hardpoint but you have to wait until your team starts spawning in the desired location, preferably two teammates spawning.