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26 Kills, 22 Deaths 5720 Score, Loss, 520 SPM
45 Kills, 15 Deaths, 5365 Score, Win, 490 SPM

Examine the two photos above. Game Mode Hardpoint. Now, make a judgment on the better player, i.e., who is better at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Surely you’re making your judgment on K/D because YOU think K/D is what makes YOU good at Call of Duty. 5720 score (RastaJay57) compared to 5365 score (scrub who Thinks he’s good because his K/D was 3.0. Bruh, you got outscored by nearly 400 points. How are you going to make a logical argument, in this particular game, you’re better than RastaJay57 when you were OutScored by 400 points? Call of Duty is about Score Per Minute and Win/Loss Ratio while K/D is what it is.

33 Kils, 24 Deaths, 5285 Score, Loss, 500 SPM
46 Kills, 15 Deaths, 4620 Score, 440 SPM

Examine these two photos above and ask yourself, “Which player is better at Call of Duty in this particular match?” The second photo is a good example of some kid playing an OBJ game and not playing the OBJ because he Thinks the 3.066 K/D is what makes him good at Call of Duty. Dude, you got outscored by 600 points, how in the world can you possibly, logically, think you’re better at Call of Duty based on this one particular match.

These two examples have my team losing which could be the deciding factor. However, 3.0666 K/D guy, your 22 seconds on the hill did Nothing to help your team win and you were outscored by a player with 12 less kills.

K/D means little, I contend K/D means Nothing. In this example, it means you, with your 3.066 K/D were never near the objective, you were simply playing an OBJ game because it’s easier to get a lot of kills.

I have literally hundreds of examples of how a superior K/D was outscored because RastaJay57 plays the OBJ and plays to win.

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