January 30, 2017 | Posted in: Video Games


Want to make levels in CoD Infinite Warfare?  Always be working on challenges which require you to change your class and be outside your comfort level.  Scavenger and Tac Resist are hardly my first choices for Perk 2.  Complete the challenges and never have to use them again is my philosophy.

What game mode offers the best XP?  A winning game of Domination worth 33,490 XP.  Okay Team Deathmatch lovers, show me Your evidence your preferred Game Mode offers better XP over the course of 10 prestige levels. Factors like winning the match and performance (Score Per Minute) are huge factors … running around with the same gun and the same perks and the same attachments and the same Scorestreaks putting up 35/10 with 4 captures and 6 defends every game and you’re going to make prestige levels quickly.

I’m an average player in performance.  Nothing special, currently .92 K/D,  1.0 Win/Loss Ratio, mostly because I’m making these prestige levels solo.  Playing match after match after match of Domination, the best XP game mode Regardless of CoD Release.  It always has been.

In the video, 33,490 XP in a single game of Domination … I finished Tier 5 of Scavenger with the HVR, maybe the best gun in the game, certainly at the top of the SMG tier although the Erad is far sexier because it’s an energy weapon.  You want to make prestige levels … neither one of these guns are going to leave you feeling shorted.

In the second half of the game, I switched to Akimbo Kendall 44s.  During this half of the domination game, I’m working on several challenges simultaneously.  Career pistol kills … sigh … 750 … a K/D ratio takes a hit completing these challenges, although I was 24/16 in this particular game.  I got 2 Nosebreaker Medals, Akimbo and Auto Sear Attachment Kills, to go with Cold Blooded Perk 2 progress and continuing to try and progress on Tac Resist.  Not a lot of players using the “stunning” tactical equipment, it’s by far the most difficult challenge of the tier.  I need more Death From Above Medals because jumping and sliding AND killing … Let me tell you why it’s difficult … it requires a gaming “rotation” to execute … jumping, aiming, And shooting … it’s difficult to do 3 things at the same time and move your left thumb … improving at jumping and sliding is going to improve your K/D and SPM, you’re going to make prestige levels faster.

I’m just someone who likes to make Master Prestige in CoD games.  Why not write about them and make YouTube Videos?  I already have the channel with Azeroth Content.  I’ll always be a gamer and look forward to seeing how my content Ends Up in Google Page Rankings.  GreenGoblin HD, you have sexy hits.  You’re sharing Beta a month before the release but you don’t have the “blog” to accompany.

I want to get clicks because the content is relevant and helpful.