Elden Ring Best Class – Mage

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This post shares 180+ hours of experience playing pure mage in Elden Ring. The Astrologer starting class is the clear choice for those wishing to play pure mage and at level 225, Faith remains seven and Arcane remains nine, the starting values for Astrologer, because a mage neither casts healing spells or concerns themselves with bleed damage. Journey 2 experiences are being shared.

Elden Ring Best Spell – Comet

What is the best spell in Elden Ring? For the Astrologer Mage, with 80 intellect and 60 mind, and Azur’s Glintstone Armor, the clear choice is Comet. Players can obtain the Comet Spell in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. The zone’s legacy dungeon will always be significant in the game because the boss encounter with Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is often the second Great Rune obtained by players to unlock Leyndell, Royal Capital and progress in the game. Players are tasked with obtaining Godrick the Grafted’s Great Rune and here’s astrologer mage defeating Margit and Godrick in Stormveil Castle in Journey 2. The melt with Comet is real.

Elden Ring Best Weapon

The best weapon for the astrologer mage is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff. Hours of gaming time were spent comparing Lusat’s Staff with Azur’s Glintstone Staff with Lusat’s Staff emerging as better. However, Azur’s Staff will continue to scale beyond intelligence third soft cap of 80. A choice was made to leave Intelligence at 80 to increase other stats like Endurance and Dexterity. Eventually, Intelligence will reach 99 and further comparisons can be made on these two mage weapons of choice. Journey 2 Comet with Lusat’s Glintstone Staff against the bosses in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Again, the melt is real.

Elden Ring Best Armor

For the Elden Ring Mage utilizing Comet, Azur’s Glintstone Armor increases damage by 15% but the spell also costs 15% more mana to cast. You can see the melt on Journey 2 game progression legacy dungeons. A personal preference was developed for the Preceptor’s Set increasing Mind by 3 based on aesthetics and weight because Azur’s amor cannot be altered. The Preceptor’s set can be greatly altered to reduce weight as a pure mage carries no melee weapon and has a light load. Sometimes the shield is shed because mages don’t use shields. However, there are boss encounters where the shield must be utilized like in Volcano Manor and against the Fire Giant required to progress in the game. Journey 2 Fire Giant was low key melted utilizing the Preceptor’s Set.

Elden Ring Best Talismans

For the Astrologer Mage, the four best talismans are Viridian Amber Medallion +2 increasing Stamina, Cerulean Amber Medallion +2 increasing mana, Radagon Icon increasing casting speed, and the Graven Mass Talisman increasing spell damage. At level 225, with 55 vigor, the Crimson Amber Medallion +2 increasing health is also viable instead of the Radagon Icon. The author read a blog post about the twin gargoyles in Sofria Aqueduct, a encounter missed in Journey one. Here’s the astrologer mage utilizing comet in this duo boss encounter.

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Elden Ring Astrologer Mage Best Gear

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This post share information regarding the astrologer mage class, the best gear to find and equip, ideal attributes, and the best spell combinations for an Elden Ring mage. The mage is driven by high intellect for spell damage and mind for a hefty mana pool. Players driving points into Faith, Arcane, Strength beyond 18, Dexterity beyond 15, are playing a hybrid class not a mage.

Mage Attribute Points

At level 147, these are the attribute stats for the toon I’m playing

Vigor (25), Mind (50, 280 fp/mana), Endurance (25), Strength (20), Dexterity (15), Intelligence (75), Faith (7), Arcane (9).

Not a single attribute point has been spent on Faith or Arcane because the toon is a Mage trying to maximize ranged damage. Strength (18) and Dexterity (15) are required for the Uchigatana, perhaps the best mage melee weapon, due to it’s speed and bleed damage proc. Two additional attribute points have been placed in Strength because there is some scaling with casting staves.

Astrologer is the ideal starting class for mage because of the starting Intellect of 16. There’s nothing preventing other classes from playing mage because the class is focused on high intellect and mind.

Mage Best Weapons

The mage is all about casting spells and casting spells quickly. The clear choice for the best staff for players primarily utilizing sorceries is Azur’s Glintstone Staff found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria legacy dungeon in Lake of Liurnia. The weapon scales primarily with Intelligence and some with Strength. As long as the weapon is continuing to scale, additional points are going to be placed in Intelligence to maximize spell damage. Another choice for the best staff in the game is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, however, Azur’s staff stacks with the Radagon Icon further increasing casting speed. Here’s the Elden Ring mage against Morgott the Omen in Leyndell, Royal Capital with the boss being absolute Melted on the encounter’s first look.

Mage Best Armor Set

The mage class wears what amounts to cloth armor. Players wearing any armor set besides cloth are not playing a mage, they are playing a hybrid. The mage wears cloth armor for weight reasons because Endurance is the fourth stat of priority in building an ideal Elden Ring mage. The Snow Witch Armor awarded part way through Ranni’s Quest can get players through the end game and is a highly desirable armor set for aestics reasons. The quest line requires players to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Redmane Castle and you can watch the mage class handling this fight after less than ten looks at the fight.

Another choice for mages regarding armor is Alberich’s Armor Set found in Leyndell, Royal Capital. When the garment set is altered at a site of grace, players drop 1.6 weight, making clutch mage barrel rolls slightly quicker.

Mage Best Talisman Slot Equipment

Players will eventually be able to equip four items in this slot. For the mage, the gear is simple. Stargazer Heirloom raising intelligence by 5 (giving this toon 80 Intelligence), Crimson Amber Medallion +1 (raising health by 56 points), Graven-School Talisman increasing spell damage, and Radagon’s Icon increasing casting time and stacking with Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

Best Mage Spells

Glintstone Pebble serves the mage well during all phases of the game and is a starting spell for the Astrologer. The Astrologer becomes a mage when Intelligence and Mind are selected as the two primary attributes to level mercilessly. The tertiary attribute is Vigor and the final attribute of some focus is Endurance. Comet, a sorcery obtained in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, is Glintstone Pebble on steroids. With 50 Mind and 28 Endurance, I can cast Comet six times before using a mana potion and waiting for Stamina to recharge. Comet Azur, obtained by finding Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Altus Plateau, when combined with Terra Magica, and a physick preventing spells from costing mana offer the mage boss melting capabilities. However, the setup and stationary nature of the spell combination of Comet Azur, give the mage a disadvantage. There’s also a wind up on Comet Azur before the spell casts and if the boss moves, players will have to stop casting, reacquire the target, and wind the spell up again.

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Elden Ring Best Weapons (Lusat’s Glintstone Staff)

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This post describes how to obtain one of the best staves players can acquire in Elden Ring for Astrologer Mage class and sorcerer’s in general. Players will have to navigate Sellia, Town of Sorcery lighting three towers to unlock magically sealed doors, and defeat a boss duo.

Sellia, Town of Sorcery

Players will unlock at site of grace near the entrance to the town known as Sellia Under the Stairs. From there, players will run up some stairs and enter the ghost town with the task of lighting three towers to unlock doors to loot and the boss. Defeating the boss gives players access to a chest containing Lusat’s Glintstone Staff.

Lighting the first two towers requires travel on gigantic roots and rooftops with some key jumps without much room for error or players will fall to the ground and have to start over. The town’s mobs, ghosts, including casting mages, will vanish from site, and there’s a few tough melee mobs. Playing Astrologer is limiting in this venue and I had to rely on the sword in most cases.

Lighting the third tower is the easiest and once this is accomplished players will have access to the boss fight.

Nox Sorceress and Nox Priest Duo Boss Fight

I summoned my +6 wolf ashes and spanked the duo from ranged with Glintstone Stars because the boss duo has a tendency to dodge Glinting Pebble. Boss fights from ranged are somehow easier and playing Astrologer Mage is not popular because of the low number of hit points because leveling points are put into Intelligence and Mind. For every three intelligence points, players should invest two in mind creating a 60 intelligence 40 mind split. Also, Astrologer Mage is wearing cloth armor, like the Snow Witch Set, due to low endurance and the importance of keeping the load medium for clutch barrel rolls resulting in poor damage negation.

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CoD Infinite Warfare Master Prestige Grind

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Want to make levels in CoD Infinite Warfare?  Always be working on challenges which require you to change your class and be outside your comfort level.  Scavenger and Tac Resist are hardly my first choices for Perk 2.  Complete the challenges and never have to use them again is my philosophy.

What game mode offers the best XP?  A winning game of Domination worth 33,490 XP.  Okay Team Deathmatch lovers, show me Your evidence your preferred Game Mode offers better XP over the course of 10 prestige levels. Factors like winning the match and performance (Score Per Minute) are huge factors … running around with the same gun and the same perks and the same attachments and the same Scorestreaks putting up 35/10 with 4 captures and 6 defends every game and you’re going to make prestige levels quickly.

I’m an average player in performance.  Nothing special, currently .92 K/D,  1.0 Win/Loss Ratio, mostly because I’m making these prestige levels solo.  Playing match after match after match of Domination, the best XP game mode Regardless of CoD Release.  It always has been.

In the video, 33,490 XP in a single game of Domination … I finished Tier 5 of Scavenger with the HVR, maybe the best gun in the game, certainly at the top of the SMG tier although the Erad is far sexier because it’s an energy weapon.  You want to make prestige levels … neither one of these guns are going to leave you feeling shorted.

In the second half of the game, I switched to Akimbo Kendall 44s.  During this half of the domination game, I’m working on several challenges simultaneously.  Career pistol kills … sigh … 750 … a K/D ratio takes a hit completing these challenges, although I was 24/16 in this particular game.  I got 2 Nosebreaker Medals, Akimbo and Auto Sear Attachment Kills, to go with Cold Blooded Perk 2 progress and continuing to try and progress on Tac Resist.  Not a lot of players using the “stunning” tactical equipment, it’s by far the most difficult challenge of the tier.  I need more Death From Above Medals because jumping and sliding AND killing … Let me tell you why it’s difficult … it requires a gaming “rotation” to execute … jumping, aiming, And shooting … it’s difficult to do 3 things at the same time and move your left thumb … improving at jumping and sliding is going to improve your K/D and SPM, you’re going to make prestige levels faster.

I’m just someone who likes to make Master Prestige in CoD games.  Why not write about them and make YouTube Videos?  I already have the channel with Azeroth Content.  I’ll always be a gamer and look forward to seeing how my content Ends Up in Google Page Rankings.  GreenGoblin HD, you have sexy hits.  You’re sharing Beta a month before the release but you don’t have the “blog” to accompany.

I want to get clicks because the content is relevant and helpful.

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CoD Infinite Warfare Best Guns

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What is the best Gun in Cod Infinite Warfare?

Theories and opinions will always vary greatly.

My opinion … it depends on play style and the game mode of choice.  I’m a rusher having played approximaely 1,000 games of Domination reaching Prestige Level 7.  I play Domination because there’s an objective and spawns are somewhat controlled.  Team Deathmatch, or Team CampMatch as I prefer to call it, doesn’t suit my play style because the games are too short.  I want to play for 15 consecutive minutes, rack up 30-40 kills, and have ample opportunity for ScoreStreaks.  I end up with around 10,000 XP when I win.

Above is an opinion on the best gun in CoD Infinite Warfare.  The Erad.  “Rusher” play style favors SMGs and ShotGuns over Assault Rifles because of movement speed.


Above, the SMGs currently available listing the HVR and Erad as the two best.  Shotguns?

It doesn’t get any better than the Rack 9 Smoothbore, phenomenal range, usually one shot, one kill.  I wouldn’t recommend missing and I prefer to call this Gun the Rage Quitter.

So there you go, an opinion on the best guns in CoD Infinite Warfare.  Now google, page rank me.  Watch my videos.  Maybe you can “like” them.

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