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This post describes the steps in Elden Ring a player must complete to earn one of the most desirable armor sets in the game. Players will be challenged by boss fights, difficult traversing of rigorous terrain (rooftops, ledges, etc.), needing only a portion of dungeons meaning players get lost, and die, a lot.

Best Astrologer Armor

Mages wear cloth in the world I game. The Astrologer’s set, beginning mage armor in Elden Ring, is first replaced by the Sorcerer’s Set farmed in Royal Academy Cave and Raya Lucaria Academy from the mages. I farmed these two dungeons and ended up with everything except the helmet. The Snow Witch Armor seems like a good set to get next because it’s a reward during Ranni’s Quest.

Ranni’s Quest

You first meet Renna in the Church of Elleh very early in the game. If, for some reason, you didn’t interact with her, I’m not sure if you have to go back and interact with her again to get her to move to her tower in an area known as the Three Sisters. To begin Ranni’s Quest, you’ll have to navigate Caria Manor and defeat the Caria Manor Boss, Royal Knight Loretta.

When entering the Three Sisters area, don’t be a noob like me and try to get into the tower straight ahead. Ranni’s Tower, the tower you want, is to the left. There will be a lot to do in starting the quest making sure you talk to all the NPCs, making sure to exhaust all dialogue.

Siofra River Well to Meet Blaidd

It’s pretty easy to find on the map in Limgrave. You take a lift down to the dungeon and navigate your way to another lift, taking the lift up. You’ll see stairs as you emerge from the second lift and Blaidd is up a path to the left of the stairs. Some of the information on where Blaidd was standing wasn’t exactly correct. He’s up there look to the left of the stairs when you ascend via lift to the second level of Siofra River Well. You eventually have to go back to Ranni and visit Seluvis and Sellen and return to Siofra River Well to unlock the next part of the quest … Redmane Castle and Starscourge Radahn, a difficult boss fight I solo’d around level 85.

Starscourge Radahn

Good luck. Defeating him reveals a site of grace along the beaches of Caelid if you were ever wondering how to get down there. Also, you may have to talk to NPCs to actually start the boss fight, namely the “announcer” when you enter Redmane Castle for the festival.

Nokron, the Eternal City

After defeating Radahn, a star falls causing a gigantic crater revealing the path to Nokron, the Eternal City, a place you pretty much have to clear in order to progress in Ranni’s quest, and, along the way, be awarded the Snow Witch Armor Set. Getting to the first site of grace in Nokron was fairly intuitive. There was loot along the way and carefully navigating cliff and ledge jump points. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the first site of grace and the dungeon’s boss fight comes along quickly.

Nokron, Eternal City – Finger Slayer Blade

After defeating the Mimic Tear boss fight, you’ll ride across the bridge and exit to the left and try to avoid any combat as it is unnecessary, completely, to complete this portion of Ranni’s quest and be awarded the Snow Witch Armor Set as a reward for basically half way progress through Ranni’s quest line. Try to stay to the left and you’ll happen across the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace and begin an adventure of jumping roofs and ledges and falling and dying. You’re trying to get to the Night’s Sacred site of grace and make your way to a chest with the item required and progress in the quest for Snow Witch Armor Set

Inverted Carian Study Hall

When you return to Ranni to give her the Fingerslayer Blade, continue to exhaust dialogue and Ranni will give you the Carian Inverted Statue. Travel to Carian Study Hall and place the statue on the table and the study hall will be inverted. Defeat Miriam, navigate your way down, carefully, and make your way to the Liurnia Bridge site of grace. I won’t even tell you how many times I died getting the run on Inverted Carian Study Hall captured below.

There’s a troll on the bridge but I just rode past him to collect the Cursemark of Death and Stargazer Heirloom.

After collecting the loot in Inverted Carian Study Hall, fast travel to Ranni’s tower, but, the Snow Witch Armor is in Renna’s tower to the north. It was quite the reward but a bit anticlimactic.