Elden Ring Best Class – Mage

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This post shares 180+ hours of experience playing pure mage in Elden Ring. The Astrologer starting class is the clear choice for those wishing to play pure mage and at level 225, Faith remains seven and Arcane remains nine, the starting values for Astrologer, because a mage neither casts healing spells or concerns themselves with bleed damage. Journey 2 experiences are being shared.

Elden Ring Best Spell – Comet

What is the best spell in Elden Ring? For the Astrologer Mage, with 80 intellect and 60 mind, and Azur’s Glintstone Armor, the clear choice is Comet. Players can obtain the Comet Spell in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. The zone’s legacy dungeon will always be significant in the game because the boss encounter with Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is often the second Great Rune obtained by players to unlock Leyndell, Royal Capital and progress in the game. Players are tasked with obtaining Godrick the Grafted’s Great Rune and here’s astrologer mage defeating Margit and Godrick in Stormveil Castle in Journey 2. The melt with Comet is real.

Elden Ring Best Weapon

The best weapon for the astrologer mage is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff. Hours of gaming time were spent comparing Lusat’s Staff with Azur’s Glintstone Staff with Lusat’s Staff emerging as better. However, Azur’s Staff will continue to scale beyond intelligence third soft cap of 80. A choice was made to leave Intelligence at 80 to increase other stats like Endurance and Dexterity. Eventually, Intelligence will reach 99 and further comparisons can be made on these two mage weapons of choice. Journey 2 Comet with Lusat’s Glintstone Staff against the bosses in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Again, the melt is real.

Elden Ring Best Armor

For the Elden Ring Mage utilizing Comet, Azur’s Glintstone Armor increases damage by 15% but the spell also costs 15% more mana to cast. You can see the melt on Journey 2 game progression legacy dungeons. A personal preference was developed for the Preceptor’s Set increasing Mind by 3 based on aesthetics and weight because Azur’s amor cannot be altered. The Preceptor’s set can be greatly altered to reduce weight as a pure mage carries no melee weapon and has a light load. Sometimes the shield is shed because mages don’t use shields. However, there are boss encounters where the shield must be utilized like in Volcano Manor and against the Fire Giant required to progress in the game. Journey 2 Fire Giant was low key melted utilizing the Preceptor’s Set.

Elden Ring Best Talismans

For the Astrologer Mage, the four best talismans are Viridian Amber Medallion +2 increasing Stamina, Cerulean Amber Medallion +2 increasing mana, Radagon Icon increasing casting speed, and the Graven Mass Talisman increasing spell damage. At level 225, with 55 vigor, the Crimson Amber Medallion +2 increasing health is also viable instead of the Radagon Icon. The author read a blog post about the twin gargoyles in Sofria Aqueduct, a encounter missed in Journey one. Here’s the astrologer mage utilizing comet in this duo boss encounter.

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Elden Ring Astrologer Mage Best Gear

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This post share information regarding the astrologer mage class, the best gear to find and equip, ideal attributes, and the best spell combinations for an Elden Ring mage. The mage is driven by high intellect for spell damage and mind for a hefty mana pool. Players driving points into Faith, Arcane, Strength beyond 18, Dexterity beyond 15, are playing a hybrid class not a mage.

Mage Attribute Points

At level 147, these are the attribute stats for the toon I’m playing

Vigor (25), Mind (50, 280 fp/mana), Endurance (25), Strength (20), Dexterity (15), Intelligence (75), Faith (7), Arcane (9).

Not a single attribute point has been spent on Faith or Arcane because the toon is a Mage trying to maximize ranged damage. Strength (18) and Dexterity (15) are required for the Uchigatana, perhaps the best mage melee weapon, due to it’s speed and bleed damage proc. Two additional attribute points have been placed in Strength because there is some scaling with casting staves.

Astrologer is the ideal starting class for mage because of the starting Intellect of 16. There’s nothing preventing other classes from playing mage because the class is focused on high intellect and mind.

Mage Best Weapons

The mage is all about casting spells and casting spells quickly. The clear choice for the best staff for players primarily utilizing sorceries is Azur’s Glintstone Staff found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria legacy dungeon in Lake of Liurnia. The weapon scales primarily with Intelligence and some with Strength. As long as the weapon is continuing to scale, additional points are going to be placed in Intelligence to maximize spell damage. Another choice for the best staff in the game is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, however, Azur’s staff stacks with the Radagon Icon further increasing casting speed. Here’s the Elden Ring mage against Morgott the Omen in Leyndell, Royal Capital with the boss being absolute Melted on the encounter’s first look.

Mage Best Armor Set

The mage class wears what amounts to cloth armor. Players wearing any armor set besides cloth are not playing a mage, they are playing a hybrid. The mage wears cloth armor for weight reasons because Endurance is the fourth stat of priority in building an ideal Elden Ring mage. The Snow Witch Armor awarded part way through Ranni’s Quest can get players through the end game and is a highly desirable armor set for aestics reasons. The quest line requires players to defeat Starscourge Radahn in Redmane Castle and you can watch the mage class handling this fight after less than ten looks at the fight.

Another choice for mages regarding armor is Alberich’s Armor Set found in Leyndell, Royal Capital. When the garment set is altered at a site of grace, players drop 1.6 weight, making clutch mage barrel rolls slightly quicker.

Mage Best Talisman Slot Equipment

Players will eventually be able to equip four items in this slot. For the mage, the gear is simple. Stargazer Heirloom raising intelligence by 5 (giving this toon 80 Intelligence), Crimson Amber Medallion +1 (raising health by 56 points), Graven-School Talisman increasing spell damage, and Radagon’s Icon increasing casting time and stacking with Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

Best Mage Spells

Glintstone Pebble serves the mage well during all phases of the game and is a starting spell for the Astrologer. The Astrologer becomes a mage when Intelligence and Mind are selected as the two primary attributes to level mercilessly. The tertiary attribute is Vigor and the final attribute of some focus is Endurance. Comet, a sorcery obtained in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, is Glintstone Pebble on steroids. With 50 Mind and 28 Endurance, I can cast Comet six times before using a mana potion and waiting for Stamina to recharge. Comet Azur, obtained by finding Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Altus Plateau, when combined with Terra Magica, and a physick preventing spells from costing mana offer the mage boss melting capabilities. However, the setup and stationary nature of the spell combination of Comet Azur, give the mage a disadvantage. There’s also a wind up on Comet Azur before the spell casts and if the boss moves, players will have to stop casting, reacquire the target, and wind the spell up again.

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Elden Ring Best Boss Fight

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This post shares opinions regarding the best boss fight (so far) for Elden Ring players. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is as challenging as it is creepy. There are two phases to the encounter with children crawling on the ground breathing fire at you and humming a lullaby. Players should learn some tactics for defeating Phase 1 of the boss of Raya Lucaria Academy especially playing Astrologer Mage.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

I’ve got phase one down. One witnesses clutch Astrologer Mage barrel rolls to avoid damage because because my load is medium. The children singing the lullaby are surrounded by a gold shield destroyed in one hit. Once a player breaks three gold shields on three different children, the boss will fall to the ground and can be attacked. Melee weapons, even for an Astrologer with 18 strength and 15 dexterity, are most effective when the boss becomes vulnerable to attack. My other stats as Astrologer are Intelligence 57, Mind 40, 20 Vigor, 16 Endurance, 9 Fatih, and 7 arcane combined with the strength and dexterity numbers listed above and I’m roughly level 95. This, I believe, is a pure mage build at this point in the game and I have not put a single point into Fatih or Arcane. One of the things helping me, tremendously, is I went and got the Uchigatana from Deathtouched Catacombs an item I never picked up when I cleared the dungeons more than 50 levels ago. Attacking the boss melee in phase 1 is the way to go.

Ranni’s Quest

Earning the Snow Witch Armor Set, awarded part way through the quest line, sets players up to tackle Raya Lucaria Academy if the dungeon has not already been completely cleared. I defeated a boss in the academy, Red Wolf of Radagon, and thought the dungeon was complete. I had no idea the best boss I’ve seen playing dark age of Camelot for four years and world of warcraft for too many years awaited at the end of the dungeon. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is difficult and I’m making a point to play this game solo. I beat Godrick on the first try, I beat Radahn within 15 pulls, Margit the Fell took several pulls and I didn’t even activate the NPCs for that encounter because I’m total noob.

Raya Lucaria Academy

The dungeon really has two parts with a mini boss. I did not know this and have been stuck on Ranni’s quest for some time. The quest line takes one through natural leveling progression. The first part of the academy up to the mini boss is fairly easy once players learn to navigate the spell casting mages and their little ambush leading to the Red Wolf of Radagon. Once the mini boss is defeated, the real challenge begins opening the path from the debate parlor site of grace to the boss. I died so many times trying to obtain Azur’s Glintstone Staff one of the best staves in the game for Astrologer Mages.

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Elden Ring Clutch Secret Paths

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This post assists players in Elden Ring in three different locations fairly early in the game. Direct routes in all three locations referenced offer various challenges (difficult zones to clear, difficult mobs to defeat for loot, and dungeons needed for various reasons, including quests. The secret paths help players die less and dying is something one does often in this game.

Liurnia of the Lakes Secret Path

Stormveil Castle is rough. I can’t imagine waiting to accomplish tasks in the early game main zone, Liurnia of the Lakes. Of course there is a secret passage to bypass Stormveil Castle Completely. The Liurnia of the Lakes secret passage is pretty easy to find and intuitive to follow. There’s a few mobs to fight on the way, wolves namely, but you can get to the first site of grace in Liurnia of the Lakes, Liurnia Lake Shore.

As with any new zone, finding the map fragments are helpful to start finding locations for a new tier of loot, beyond Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula, without having to beat Margit the Fell and Godrick the Grafted.

Ainsel River Secret Path

Inside this underground dungeon, after clearing ridiculous mobs, and trying to progress forward, you’re greeted with a large creature throwing purple boulders at you. Progressing in the dungeon this way is too difficult. Luckily, there’s a clutch secret path. You don’t have to fight the ridiculous mobs in the ruins “courtyard” of the dungeon. Run past them, scale some rocks, and you’ll be able to approach and defeat the creature throwing purple boulders from a different angle. I maybe should tried melee on her but I’m a mage.

Altus Plateau Secret Path

I don’t want to assault a place in Caelid for the other half of the medallion to activate and use the Grand Lift of Dectus to get to Altus Plateau, I need instant gratification and the miner’s bell 2 plus runes from a fresh zone. The underground dungeons, part of The Snow Witch Armor Set Quest, rewarded part way through Ranni’s quest, should be lit up with sites of grace. Time for Altus Plateau via another clutch secret path.

There’s a boss fight to get through to the plateau, a Magma Wyrm.

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Elden Ring Snow Witch Armor Set (Quest)

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This post describes the steps in Elden Ring a player must complete to earn one of the most desirable armor sets in the game. Players will be challenged by boss fights, difficult traversing of rigorous terrain (rooftops, ledges, etc.), needing only a portion of dungeons meaning players get lost, and die, a lot.

Best Astrologer Armor

Mages wear cloth in the world I game. The Astrologer’s set, beginning mage armor in Elden Ring, is first replaced by the Sorcerer’s Set farmed in Royal Academy Cave and Raya Lucaria Academy from the mages. I farmed these two dungeons and ended up with everything except the helmet. The Snow Witch Armor seems like a good set to get next because it’s a reward during Ranni’s Quest.

Ranni’s Quest

You first meet Renna in the Church of Elleh very early in the game. If, for some reason, you didn’t interact with her, I’m not sure if you have to go back and interact with her again to get her to move to her tower in an area known as the Three Sisters. To begin Ranni’s Quest, you’ll have to navigate Caria Manor and defeat the Caria Manor Boss, Royal Knight Loretta.

When entering the Three Sisters area, don’t be a noob like me and try to get into the tower straight ahead. Ranni’s Tower, the tower you want, is to the left. There will be a lot to do in starting the quest making sure you talk to all the NPCs, making sure to exhaust all dialogue.

Siofra River Well to Meet Blaidd

It’s pretty easy to find on the map in Limgrave. You take a lift down to the dungeon and navigate your way to another lift, taking the lift up. You’ll see stairs as you emerge from the second lift and Blaidd is up a path to the left of the stairs. Some of the information on where Blaidd was standing wasn’t exactly correct. He’s up there look to the left of the stairs when you ascend via lift to the second level of Siofra River Well. You eventually have to go back to Ranni and visit Seluvis and Sellen and return to Siofra River Well to unlock the next part of the quest … Redmane Castle and Starscourge Radahn, a difficult boss fight I solo’d around level 85.

Starscourge Radahn

Good luck. Defeating him reveals a site of grace along the beaches of Caelid if you were ever wondering how to get down there. Also, you may have to talk to NPCs to actually start the boss fight, namely the “announcer” when you enter Redmane Castle for the festival.

Nokron, the Eternal City

After defeating Radahn, a star falls causing a gigantic crater revealing the path to Nokron, the Eternal City, a place you pretty much have to clear in order to progress in Ranni’s quest, and, along the way, be awarded the Snow Witch Armor Set. Getting to the first site of grace in Nokron was fairly intuitive. There was loot along the way and carefully navigating cliff and ledge jump points. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the first site of grace and the dungeon’s boss fight comes along quickly.

Nokron, Eternal City – Finger Slayer Blade

After defeating the Mimic Tear boss fight, you’ll ride across the bridge and exit to the left and try to avoid any combat as it is unnecessary, completely, to complete this portion of Ranni’s quest and be awarded the Snow Witch Armor Set as a reward for basically half way progress through Ranni’s quest line. Try to stay to the left and you’ll happen across the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace and begin an adventure of jumping roofs and ledges and falling and dying. You’re trying to get to the Night’s Sacred site of grace and make your way to a chest with the item required and progress in the quest for Snow Witch Armor Set

Inverted Carian Study Hall

When you return to Ranni to give her the Fingerslayer Blade, continue to exhaust dialogue and Ranni will give you the Carian Inverted Statue. Travel to Carian Study Hall and place the statue on the table and the study hall will be inverted. Defeat Miriam, navigate your way down, carefully, and make your way to the Liurnia Bridge site of grace. I won’t even tell you how many times I died getting the run on Inverted Carian Study Hall captured below.

There’s a troll on the bridge but I just rode past him to collect the Cursemark of Death and Stargazer Heirloom.

After collecting the loot in Inverted Carian Study Hall, fast travel to Ranni’s tower, but, the Snow Witch Armor is in Renna’s tower to the north. It was quite the reward but a bit anticlimactic.

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Elden Ring Boss Fights as Astrologer Mage

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This post describes and shares video of various boss fights in Elden Ring while playing the mage of Elden Ring, the Astrologer class. The boss fights depicted are necessary for game progression to become the Elden Lord and complete various quests and is designed to help players with strategy, tactics, and playing the game from a ranged damage perspective.

Elden Ring Boss Fights You’ll Need for Something

Margit the Fell unlocks Stormveil Castle. Godrick the Grafted is the boss of Stormveil Castle and drops one of two Great Runes required to enter the capital city and begin phase two of the game. Royal Knight Loretta is the boss of Caria Manor which unlocks Ranni’s quest via the Three Sisters, towers where Ranni, and others, are located after defeating Royal Knight Loretta. Gael Cave is a random optional dungeon showing the boss fight. Full Grown Fallingstar Beast in Mt. Gelmir drops both kinds of smithing stones level 6 and, while he doesn’t quite block player’s path to Volcano Manor, the field boss is a nuisance.

Margit the Fell

Margit is a boss, considered optional, but you have to defeat him to gain access to Stormveil Castle, a dungeon with a lot of stuff to do including defeating Godrick the Grafted, a boss. I eventually defeat Margit the Fell, probably around the ten minute mark of the video.

Godrick the Grafted

Godrick is the boss of Stormveil Castle and one of the bosses you need for a Great Rune. Once again, spirit ashes are a must, I’m again using wolves. This is a phased fight where I’ll dawn the arm of a dragon and breathe fire at you. Playing Astrologer, it was easy to stay away from these attacks. I did one shot Godrick on the first try. Luck I guess.

Leonine Misbegotten – Castle Morne Boss

Well, you fight the spirit of Leonine Misbegotten. Clutch spirit ashes in the form of wolves and ranged damaged result in a one shot of the boss on the first try. There’s a quest line here involving Edgar and Irena, who you meet in Weeping Peninsula. The quest has different outcomes depending on when you defeat the boss of Morne Castle and acquire the Grafted Blade Greatsword.

Caria Manor Boss

You’ll need to defeat the Caria Manor Boss if you want access to Ranni’s quest, which, as a Sorcerer, I want because Loretta’s Great Crossbow sorcery is apparently clutch at long range although the range seems the same as Glinting Pebble and takes longer to cast. Also, Ranni’s quest awards the Snow Witch Armor Set which I want.

Starscourge Radahn

Players have to defeat this boss of Castle Redmane as part of Ranni’s quest and to be awarded the Snow Witch Armor Set. Described as “one of the toughest encounters in the game” I think this boss fight fails in comparison to the difficulty of Rannala, Queen of the Full Moon in Raya Lucaria Academy. Both count as bosses to slay for Great Runes to unlock the second phase of the game.

Full Grown Fallingstar Beast

Players will encounter the field boss after a site of grace called Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite via spirit spring to jump with Torrent. Or, there’s a ladder. I wonder how long it takes to climb the ladder I never bothered trying to find out. Players should try to land as close to the edge of the plateau because the boss has large aggro range.

Borealis the Freezing Fog

Once players progress through Leyndell Capital, defeating Godfrey and Morgott the Omen along the way, players will make their way to the Mountaintops of the Giants. While making a half loop to the various sites of grace and finding the zone map fragments, players will encounter a dragon. Borealis the Freezing Fog can be avoided and, apparently, a lot of sites recommend bypassing the field boss. Here’s Astrologer Mage handling the encounter with relative ease.

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Elden Ring Astrologer Gameplay

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This post describes and shares Astrologer gameplay in Elden Ring and offers guidance in the early stages of gameplay especially in the first two zones one will fully explore (Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula). Boss fights, map fragment locations, dungeon walkthroughs, and some game puzzle solving are described all from the Astrologer point of view.

Elden Ring Astrologer – Ranged Gameplay

When I played world of warcraft, I played frost mage. Parsed at in 99th percentile world wide against a boss named Operator Thogar back in the day. When playing Elden Ring, I feel like I’m playing world of warcraft, in a way, without all the drama of a guild who can’t down Mythic bosses because they lack skill. Frost mage in wow was ranged dps so I picked a ranged class in Elden Ring, Astrologer. I downed Margit the Fell, the first “boss” before you can enter Stormveil Castle, solo.

Elden Ring Astrologer – Early Game Play in West Limgrave

The first thing anyone should do in Elden Ring is get the spirit horse Torrent. This is accomplished when you visit your third lost site of grace. A movie will automatically start with Melina giving you a whistle to summon you Torrent who’s clutch in helping you get out of trouble. You’ll discover Dragon Burnt Ruins, one of the first places to make some levels and practice combat. You’ll discover Church of Elleh with a vendor and a place to upgrade your weapons using smithing stones. And, you’ll find Grove Side Cave, the first “optional” dungeon called Grove Side Cave.

Apparently, if you’re playing Samurai, you’ll want to defeat the boss of Grove Side Cave as soon as a possible. You’ll find Gatefront Ruins, a place to clear and learn combat, and find the West Limgrave map fragment which will fill in your map in the game. Each zone has a map fragment to discover. The east limgrave map fragment is pretty easy to find and you’ll have the entire map for Limgrave, the starting zone of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Limgrave Best Dungeons to Complete

The dungeons in Limgrave are, apparently, optional. However, Limgrave Tunnels is a dungeon you want to complete because you’ll find smithing stones. Elden Ring’s most recent patch made it easier to find early game smithing stones level one and smithing stones level 2. You’ll want to complete Murkwater Catacombs and Deathtouched Catacombs for Grave Glovewort and Ghose Gloveworth to upgrade spirit ashes.

Elden Ring First Zone to Explore – Weeping Peninsula

Weeping Peninsula lies to the south of Limgrave and is a good place to early game level. I guess you could go to Liurnia of the Lakes to the north as you can bypass Stormveil Castle and access Liurnia of the Lakes via a secret path. Hit Ordys’s Rise, solve the three wise beasts puzzle and you’ll get a Memory Stone.

Weeping Peninsula Dungeons to Complete

Apparently, Elden Ring dungeons are optional but you’ll want early game smithing stones and glovewort. You’ll want to complete Morne Tunnel for smithing stones. You’ll want to complete Tombsward Catacombs and Impaler’s Catacombs for glovewort.

The other “optional” minor dungeons may have loot you want and dungeons are a great place to farm runes and learn the mob fights to the boss making sure you can clear the mobs to the boss like a pro. Some bosses I have absolutely melted as ranged. Some bosses I died to a lot and can’t really imagine playing melee in this game as it must get add crazy. Earthbore Cave or Tombsward Cave may contain items or crafting materials.

Godrick the Grafted

He’s the boss of Stormveil Castle. I one shot him at level 73. Astrologer ranged game play at it’s finest.

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Elden Ring Where to Find Memory Stones

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This post describes Memory Stones and places to find these items crucial to players with an Astrologer build in Elden Ring. Boss fights, solving of puzzles for dungeon access, merchant, and dungeon walkthroughs are essential to help players navigate an extremely difficult and challenging game and be awarded the item increasing number of spells used in combat.

Increase Number of Spells with Memory Stones

Memory Stones increase the number of spell slots on your instant use bar. With a sorcerer’s staff equipped, each Memory Stone increases the number of spells you can “carry” and cycle during a fight. This is the first Memory Stone I found, increasing my number of spell “slots” to three. I could have found this Memory Stone when I first entered Weeping Peninsula during levels 20-25 but, instead, I found my first Memory Stone past Level 70. Giggle. Don’t be like me.

Oridys’s Rise Memory Stone

I came to this “dungeon” but couldn’t find wise beasts two and three so I went onto other things in Elden Ring, like dying. You die so much in this game. After some googling, I figured out the three wise beasts and was disappointed there was no actual dungeon with a boss and felt silly I found my first Memory Stone at Level 70. The Oridys’s Rise three wise beast puzzle is actually pretty easy once you know where to look and what to look for.

Where to find the Oridys’s Rise Memory Stone

The memory stone is located in a chest at the top of the tower.

Raya Lucaria Academy

Raya Lucaria Academy is a good place to farm mages for the sorcerer’s armor set. Also, when you defeat the boss, the Red Wolf of Ragadon, a Memory Stone will drop. You can also purchase a Memory Stone from the Twin Husks vendor in Round Table Hold. This encompasses the three Memory Stones I’ve found increasing my usable spells in combat to five.

Lenni’s Rise

There’s a memory stone at the top of Lenni’s rise located in Caelid. I can’t remember how to get to the location’s site of grace but it probably involved a lot of running away from mobs. There’s a spirit spring jump to an open balcony taking me a few times to figure out. The video below shows how to make the jump and get your memory stone like a pro.

Tetsu’s Rise

A memory stone lies at the top of Tetsu’s Rise in Lakes of Liurnia using the Sorcerer’s Isle site of grace. Similar to Oridys’s Rise in Weeping Peninsula, there’s a “find three wise beasts” puzzle to unlock the tower. The video below shows you where the three glowing turtles are located and I remember them being pretty easy to find when you knew where to look.

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Elden Ring Unlocking Sorceress Sellen

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This post describes the steps and location necessary to unlock Sorceress Sellen, an important sorcery vendor and someone you must visit during Ranni’s quest awarding the Snow Witch Armor Set part way through the quest. Having access to Sellen helps Elden Ring players progress more quickly to the items they desire.

Waypoint Ruins

Soceress Sellen sells new Glinting Spells clutch for casters, especially Astrologers. She is located in the Waypoint Ruins in Western Limgrave. Below, you can watch how to get to Waypoint Ruins and earn a bunch of runes along the way.

Field Boss – Mad Pumpkin Head

As a caster, hitting him in the head does little damage. However, by using Glinting Arc and Spirit Ashes, which are clutch during any boss fight, I downed the boss with ease. A room opens up and Sorceress Sellen is located inside.

Ranni’s Quest

Ranni’s quest, and the Snow Witch Armor Set, require interaction with Sorceress Sellen. The quest proceeds rapidly if things like Sorceress Sellen already being unlocked are accomplished.

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Elden Ring Tombsward Cave Walkthrough

March 14, 2022 | Posted in Elden Ring | By

Published for a friend

Publisher’s Note: I bare no liability for publishing this clown playing Elden Ring

Pro Leveling Tip

Run a dungeon several times learning to defeat the dungeon mobs efficiently so you have maximum health, mana, and potions for the boss fight.

Tombsward Cave – Watch Your Step

You’ll get poisoned in Tombsward Cave. The mobs shoot poison arrows and I have not learned how to negate poison effects other than run back to the site of grace, rest, and run the dungeon mobs again. A mob will drop from the ceiling on top of your head dealing damage so take it slow and let the mob fall to the ground.

Tombsward Cave Boss Walkthrough (Miranda the Blighted Bloom)

I melted the boss on the second try. I play Astrologer and this is an extremely close quarters fight. Using Glinting Arc probably would have worked better as there are a few smaller blooms. Beware the lightning bolts but this boss was on easy mode. At level 48, I have 16 strength and 13 Dexterity to use a Claymore and got sexy on Miranda the Blighted Bloom melee style to finish her. Upon death, Miranda the Blighted Bloom drops the Veridian Amber Medallion increasing your stamina when worn.

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