March 30, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post shares information about Volcano Manor containing a boss dropping one of two Great Runes required to enter the capital city and begin the second phase of the game. Players are offered three choices of getting to the Manor either on foot or via two different quest lines.

On Foot and Horse

Players can make their way through fairly intuitive to find sites of grace in Altus Plateau until the Bridge of Inquity site of grace informs players they’ve now entered Mt. Gelmir. Getting to volcano manor via horse and foot requires ladder climbing and finding two sites of grace along the way. The first site of grace is known as the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite. As players move into a hostile campsite with fearsome carts, the left wall can be hugged through the second set of broken fences where players will find a ladder to ascend. The first site of grace on the path to Volcano Manor is to the left when players are finished climbing the ladder

Second Site of Grace (Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite)

After touching the site of grace at the first campsite, players will have to navigate their way to the second site of grace on the path via horse and foot to Volcano Manor. There are more ladders to climb and players should expect some combat along the way. Players should keep looking for ladders and a bridge to cross with the next site of grace, the ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite on the other side.

Final Step to Volcano Manor Site of Grace

Players will utilize the spirit spring with Torrent to jump to a plateau where a field boss awaits. The Full Grown Fallingstar Beast will charge players as they utilize an escape route to the right involving a short jump on Torrent to continue towards the manor and getting inside to the site of grace players will use to begin the dungeon.

Field Boss Fight

The full grown falling star beast drops smithing stones you’ll need for weapon upgrades. While combat can be avoided, he could be a nuisance as players learn the outreach to ride and jump in order to avoid the fight.

Rya’s Quest (Find Her Necklace)

This is the easiest path to Volcano Manor. Rya is found in Liurnia of the Lakes and the necklace is purchased from a npc at the boil prawn shack for 1,000 runes. Apparently, you can kill the NPC and purchase the necklace for 1,000 runes from the Twin Husks in Round Table Hold. After obtaining the necklace, Rya can be found in the Lux Ruins in Altus Plateau. There’s information about finding her atop the Grand Lift of Dectus but she’s not there she’s in Lux Ruins.

Inside Volcano Manor Dungeon

Once players access the starting dungeon site of grace, a key must be obtained from a NPC sitting in the chair. Players will take the drawing room key and make their way through dimly lit passages to the dungeon’s first save point located at Prison Church. There’s a side corridor with loot and an illusionary wall disappearing after players strike the wall with their melee weapon.

Guest Hall Site of Grace

After saving dungeon progression at Prison Church site of grace, players will want to make their way to the next save point known as the Guest Hall site of grace. There’s a shortcut involving roofs and ledges avoiding a lot of combat and players will make their way inside a structure with the next save point downstairs.

Getting to the Mini Boss

The Godskin Noble unlocks the site of grace known as Temple of Eiglay and allows continuation through to the boss of the dungeon. There’s a shortcut skipping a lot of mobs involving rooftops and some ledges. There’s a few mobs on the way not to be taken lightly by players wishing to progress in Volcano Manor.

Godskin Noble

I failed a few times on the mini boss but eventually got him with relative ease.

Volcano Manor Magma Wyrm

The magma wyrm is located down in a lift where players are given choices to take the lift up to the Godskin Noble mini boss or descent and fight a magma wyrm. The wyrm drops a dragon heart upon death.