March 8, 2022 | Posted in: Elden Ring

This post describes an outdoor area players will encounter when emerging from the games starting point in the Cave of Knowledge. The ruins are a good place to earn runes, learn combat, deal with adds, and not to open every chest.

Limgrave – The First Step

You’ve successfully traversed the Stranded Graveyard and Cave of Knowledge and arrive in Limgrave. Where to go first? Well, visit the closest Lost Site of Grace and turn your attention northeast where you’ll come upon a mini dungeon known as the Dragon Burnt Ruins. This seems to be the first “point” on the map to be marked.

First Sword Stone Key

You’ll find a sword stone key outside in the ruins near the small encampment with several mobs. Once defeating the mobs, and the annoying dogs, you’ll enter a small room with a corpse to loot and defended by a rat who is easy to defeat. The corpse contains a sword stone key, but, apparently, you need more than one sword stone key to open the grave in the Cave of Knowledge so don’t bother traversing back to it after obtaining this sword stone key.

Flying Dragon Agheel

Lying northwest of the Dragon Burnt Ruins is an encampment of mobs. When approaching the mobs, Flying Dragon Agheel will swoop down and kill the mobs and then proceed to kill you over and over. Below is a video of failing epically to this optional boss.

Onto other parts of Limgrave

After spending some hours exploring and trying to defeat the dragon burnt ruins, and dying, a lot, to mobs and the boss, Flying Dragon Agheel, I decided to explore other areas of Limgrave. Elden Ring is frustrating as you die, a lot. And here’s my first #protip regarding Elden Ring. Avoid unnecessary combat. And, this is not a rush the mob and kill it game by any means.