November 6, 2015 | Posted in: World of WarCraft

Mythic Hellfire Assault, the first boss of Warlord of Draenor’s latest, and last raid of this expansion, is a clinic in the most basic aspect of playing World of Warcraft … turn on enemy nameplates.  I started this website to teach amateurs to play the game with enemy nameplates in the ON position.

Mythic Hellfire Assault is an add priority fight … Hulking Beserker > Warlock, except when Metamorphasis occurs, then the warlock is the priority.  Siege engines need to be downed quickly.

The challenge in Mythic, opposed to Heroic/Normal is a formation change.  Half the raid to the right, half the raid to the left, maintaining add priority.  A transport and crusher will appear after the first raid split, you’ll use Time Warp, and make sure you down the crusher (huge damage on the cannons) and transport (spawns lots of adds).  The mini bosses then appear, watch your feet for the fire … you’ll down the mini bosses, down the adds in the right priority, then split again … rinse and repeat.

We downed this mythic boss in less than 25 pulls.  Maintain your add priority and mythic bosses die a lot faster and easier with enemy nameplates in the ON position.

That is all.