EMP 44 Bubbling Brew, New CoD WWII SMG

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Here’s some video on the new SMG, the EMP 44 Bubbling Brew.  I purchased the new weapon with my 100,000+ armory points because I’m master prestige 517.  353 SPM, 1.64 W/L, 1.16 K/D.  Yep, I’m terrible at CoD WWII.

I need to use a weapon for 1,000 kills before deciding if the weapon is good or not.  I don’t start making judgments until I’ve unlocked Advanced Rifling, Weapon Level 8 so I can run Quickdraw, Grip, and Advanced Rifling as attachments.  This video is the first time I used the EMP 44 with those three attachments.

A note on Hardpoint for you competitive players out there.  Your anchor should be watching this video for a clinic on running Hardpoint anchor on Sandbox,  Your team’s hardpoint bitch?  Expeditionary with two satchel charges to cover the pinch.  You’ll win more games.

I don’t play CoD WWII competitively because I’d rather make levels and win games.  I’ve played some 5,000 games of Hardpoint, I probably know more than you about the game mode.  This video and post are designed to both entertain and enlighten.

A note on making YouTube videos.  I could care less if you subscribe.  I care about hits.  My little channel you’ve never heard of has a 14,000 hit video and a 7,200 hit video plus several 1,500+ videos.  I care about hits because hits are legitimate.  I don’t really focus on editing; I merely upload ten minutes or so of gameplay.  Do you want to be a better Hardpoint anchor for your rated team?  Watch all ten minutes and how I flow the map for each hill.

The blog post is important because it adds legitimacy and I’m a writer who has to self-publish every once in a while.  I write for this dumb news outlet because it’s easy and I’m not as ashamed to share my work on their site because they’ve been working hard to improve their legitimacy.   You’re welcome.  Here are a couple of links to my work.



Links on my website make my website more legitimate and the tagged website more legitimate.  Hello Mr. Manfredi, you do a good job cleaning up USA site.  And you help me be a better writer.

I need about another 150 words.  500-word website posts with a video add legitimacy and Google is cracking down because we can’t have foreign agents using the world wide web subverting world governments.  Mr. Zuckerberg, your website is propagating divisive ideas, stereotypes, lies, the list goes on and on.  You have a higher standard to uphold on your website Mr. Zuckerberg.  You need to be more accountable.

422 words.  I’ve decided to play Red Dead Redemption II and make videos.  I’m gonna most likely sit Black Ops IIII out, at least until Red Dead bores me.  450 words, I’ve surpassed 2,000 characters, a video, and two links to other sites.

It’s about as legitimate as one can be on-line.

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CoD WWII Best Class Set Up

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What is the best class set up in CoD WWII?  I offer an opinion because I have a blog and you don’t.

Division:  Expeditionary

Primary Weapon: Combat Shotgun

  • Attachments: Steady Aim / Advanced Rifling

Secondary Weapon: Machine Pistol

  • Attachment:  Extended Magazines

Basic Training:  Saboteur

Lethal: Satchel Charge

Tactical: Stun Grenade

Flaming Shotgun Shells are already OP and you’re adding the devastation of two satchel charges, because you’re playing Expeditionary you can throw equipment faster and further … plus the all annoying stun grenade.  This is THE rage quit Class Set Up.

Hip fire Combat Shotgun kills lead to rage quits by themselves … throw in all the stunning and satchel charging, because you’re playing Expeditionary, you resupply lethals and tacticals, not by running over the body, but by running over the Red Sack on the ground.

I play mostly solo HardPoint, Master Prestige Level 215.  324 SPM.  1.56 W/L Ration.  1.13 K/D.  Yep, I’m terrible at CoD WWII, just watch my videos.

Below is a short video showing the class set up

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Some Amazinglyleet COD WWII Weapon Variants

November 11, 2017 | Posted in Video Games | By

Prestige 1, Level 38.  9 days after launch.  Perhaps I’ve played CoD WWII more than you and have more expertise and experience than you.  In no way, shape or form, am I better than you.  I play terribad CoD.


What is the best gun in CoD WWII?  What is the best SMG?  What are the best attachments?  page rank me google, I have YouTube Videos and entire separate web pages with information.

What is the best Variant in CoD WWII?  What is the best LMG?

What is the best shotgun?  It’s certainly not the Expeditionary Prestige Weapon, Sawed-Off Shotgun.

What’s the best gun in CoD WWII?

I’ll make my votes for the MP-40.


What is the best rifle?


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