April 5, 2018 | Posted in: Video Games

What is the best class set up in CoD WWII?  I offer an opinion because I have a blog and you don’t.

Division:  Expeditionary

Primary Weapon: Combat Shotgun

  • Attachments: Steady Aim / Advanced Rifling

Secondary Weapon: Machine Pistol

  • Attachment:  Extended Magazines

Basic Training:  Saboteur

Lethal: Satchel Charge

Tactical: Stun Grenade

Flaming Shotgun Shells are already OP and you’re adding the devastation of two satchel charges, because you’re playing Expeditionary you can throw equipment faster and further … plus the all annoying stun grenade.  This is THE rage quit Class Set Up.

Hip fire Combat Shotgun kills lead to rage quits by themselves … throw in all the stunning and satchel charging, because you’re playing Expeditionary, you resupply lethals and tacticals, not by running over the body, but by running over the Red Sack on the ground.

I play mostly solo HardPoint, Master Prestige Level 215.  324 SPM.  1.56 W/L Ration.  1.13 K/D.  Yep, I’m terrible at CoD WWII, just watch my videos.

Below is a short video showing the class set up