Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Walkthrough

March 12, 2022 | Posted in Elden Ring | By

This post shares information about an early “optional” dungeon in Elden Ring. The dungeon doesn’t seem optional when considering this, like Limgrave Tunnels, is a great place for smithing stones to upgrade weapons and shields.

Pro Leveling Tip

One of the best leveling tips I can give as mid 30s is discover all the dungeons in an area and run the mobs multiple times. Before progressing to the boss, level up so you risk as few runes as possible when failing to the boss multiple times. I discovered all the dungeons in the Weeping Peninsula and fast travel between the dungeons, clearing the mobs multiple times to make runes and level.

Stones For Upgrades

Smithing stones improve your weapons. You can use the smithing stones at the anvil located at the church of Elleh which you will visit quickly when starting in Limgrave at the first step. Morne Tunnel is located in the Weeping Peninsula which is one of the first areas you will discover to the south of Limgrave and is apparently designed for levels 20-30.

Boss Fight

The boss of the tunnel dungeon is Scaly Misbegotten and playing as Astrologer, the boss never hit me once. Glinting Pebble is go to spell for Astrologer. Scaly Misbegotten drops the Rusted Anchor, a weapon Astrologer can’t really use because all my leveling points are going to Intelligence (more damage on spells) and Mind (more mana).

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